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The 3 Best Microwave Oven Brands in Kenya,(With Prices)

This post is on the best microwave oven brands you should consider if you are in the market for one, recommendation of each brand is based on what they do best.

This is one of those appliances you shouldn’t spend alot of money on, just buy whatever is cheapest, the expensive models aren’t more reliable, and you pay for the extra gimmicks and technology that is it, microwaves from the 90s are still going strong.

Almost every other microwave is made in Japan, regardless of brand, and is of strictly good quality, Toshiba is one of the top options but is not on this list as it is not sold new in Kenya unless you go the ex-UK route.

You don’t need anything with bells and whistles, just high power and good craftsmanship. I’ve not known anyone to have a microwave that failed that fast. It’s a simple machine with next to no moving parts.

Features you might wanna look out for include a built-in convection oven, which has been a great thing to have. It just takes up a lot of counter space with increased size.

Do You Really Need a Microwave?

I have been the biggest advocate for air fryers, so I don’t think microwaves would be useful for me, I find that an air fryer even reheats food better than a microwave which is designed to do that, if you find your leftovers don’t heat properly or turn rubbery after microwaving then try getting an airfryer instead.

However, if you strictly want a microwave:

Here are the top brands, whatever you choose outside this list just make sure it’s not a Samsung, I would not recommend that one to anyone.

Samsung is just good with refrigerators, any other appliance type from ovens to washers and dryers, just stay away and don’t make an expensive mistake.

3. LG

Best for Smart Features

Best for Aesthetics

Price Range: KSh 18,000-KSh 65,000

LG Microwave

LG 42L NeoChef SOLO Microwave (Stainless Steel)

LG microwaves take the crown in terms of visual appeal if you’re aiming for a kitchen with sleek aesthetics. Being available in Kenya, LG offers the widest range of models and types compared to other brands on this list.

Whether you’re looking for a solo microwave, one with a grill, or even a convection microwave, LG has got you covered.

Their design theme is all about minimalism, boasting touch inputs and buttons instead of clunky knobs, resulting in a clean and modern look.

But it’s not just about looks with LG. They pack in some fancy tech features too, like the Anti-Bacterial EasyClean™, making cleaning the insides of the microwaves a breeze, doubling the efficiency compared to standard models.

Depending on your budget, some LG models come with smart features like self-diagnosis and smart inverter technology. Plus, you can expect top-notch finishes with quality stainless steel, adding durability and a touch of elegance to your kitchen setup.

2. Bosch

Best for Build Quality

Price Range: KSh 20,000-KSh 29,000

Bosch Microwave
Bosch FEL053MS1M Microwave Oven Grill, 25L – Black

Bosch is the most consistent appliance manufacturer across different appliances, with all of them having stellar quality, unlike Samsung and LG where the quality and reliability between appliances is just day and night,

While Bosch microwaves don’t have the fancy technologies of LG ones or aren’t as sleek and modern; they just have better and more sturdy build quality and stainless finish, no plastics here so you know it is gonna handle abuse without fail

1. Panasonic

Best for Reliability

Best Inverter Technology

Price Range: Ksh 24,000- KSh 35,000

Panasonic Microwave
Panasonic NN-CT65MMKPQ Microwave, 27L – Stainless Steel

You can’t get a better microwave than from Pansonic, and yes, they make the best microwaves you can buy not just in Kenya but in the entire world.

So, why are Panasonic microwaves the ultimate champs? Well, let me break it down for you.

First off, let’s talk tech. Panasonic’s got this killer inverter technology, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer. Picture this: you’ve got some butter that needs softening or some meat that’s been chilling in the freezer and needs a quick defrost.

With Panasonic’s inverter magic, you’re looking at 50% power action. What does that mean? It means your food gets the TLC it deserves, getting all nice and softened without any risk of overcooking or uneven heating. Talk about a gentle touch!

Panasonic doesn’t just play around with inverter tech, they practically own it. Yep, they’ve got the patent locked down tight. Sure, they might share the love by licensing it to some other manufacturers, but let’s be real when you’re talking inverter microwaves, Panasonic’s the real deal.

Some of these Panasonic models aren’t just your regular ol’ microwaves. Oh no, they’re like the Swiss Army knives of kitchen appliances.

We’re talking broiler convection and air fryer functions packed right in. That’s right, your microwave isn’t just for reheating leftovers anymore.

There you have it, the best microwaves in Kenya are Panasonic and can be bought from Hotpoint Appliances, or anywhere you can find them in stock

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