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The 3 Best Toaster Oven Brands in Kenya, 2024 (With Prices)

When it comes to selecting a toaster oven in 2024, beyond considering your budget, prioritizing multiple functions is key, especially opting for features like convection cooking and additional perks.

Even if your kitchen is equipped with a full-size oven or a built-in model, a toaster oven remains an essential addition.

Its compact size fits neatly on your countertop, offering convenience that larger appliances can’t match. However, if you already own an air fryer, duplicating functions might not be necessary.

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The compact nature of toaster ovens makes them ideal for preparing small portions.

Sometimes firing up a large oven for a single serving seems excessive.

Moreover, having a toaster oven serves as a backup plan in case your primary oven malfunctions. Modern toaster ovens do more than just toast bread; they boast functionalities like toasting, broiling, air frying, baking, and even turbo convection features.

One drawback of toaster ovens is their cleaning process, which can be cumbersome compared to air fryers with non-stick coatings. Additionally, their steel exterior can become hot to the touch during operation.

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Given that toaster ovens offer versatility, selecting from reputable brands is crucial. Here are the top 3 recommendations:

3. Beko

Beko BMO7031B UK MIDI Oven, Black - 70L
Beko BMO7031B UK MIDI Oven, Black – 70L

Beko offers sizable capacity at competitive prices, with options like the 34L model priced at 12,000 and the 70L at 25,000. However, its maximum power output, with 650W for the 34L and 800W for the 70L, may seem underpowered compared to alternatives like Kenwood.

Despite its decent performance, the slow heating times may deter some users, so get this as your last option

Beko BMO7031B UK MIDI Oven, Black – 70L: KSh 24,995

Beko BMO3431B UK MIDI Oven, Black – 34L: KSh 12,495

2. Ramtons

While Ramtons may lack sleek aesthetics, it compensates with robust functionality, boasting 2,000W of power and reaching temperatures up to 250 degrees Celsius—sufficient for most home baking needs. Its high power ensures quick heating, despite its less visually appealing design.

The high power also means things like preheating are done as quickly as possible.

Ramtons has two models for toaster ovens

RM/587: Price KSh 18,700

Ramtons Toaster Oven RM/587
Ramtons Toaster Oven RM/587

The Ramtons model RM/587 boasts a 55-liter capacity, ample enough to accommodate a pizza of up to 14 inches in diameter. Its stay-on function allows for uninterrupted cooking sessions.

Equipped with a 3-pin square plug, it operates at voltages between 220 to 240 volts and frequencies of 50 to 60 Hz, delivering a power output of 2000 watts.

RM/607: Price KSh 29,000


The RM/607 model from Ramtons features a heat-resistant double-layer glass door design, enhancing safety during use. It includes a rotisserie function and a movable bake rack for versatile cooking options.

With a spacious capacity of 90 liters, it accommodates large meals easily. Equipped with both bottom and top heating elements, as well as stainless steel heating elements, it ensures thorough and even cooking.

Operating at 2,400 watts, this is the most powerful toaster oven on this list; it offers adjustable temperature settings for precise cooking control. Additionally, it comes with an enameled bake tray to simplify cleaning.

1. Kenwood

Kenwood MOM45 Toaster Oven - 45L, 1800W
Kenwood MOM45 Toaster Oven – 45L, 1800W

Kenwood stands out with its 1800W-2200W power range, rotisserie turnspit function, 56L capacity, and convection feature. Equipped with attachments like a drip pan, grill rack, crumb tray, rotisserie attachment, and forks for easy removal, it offers unparalleled versatility.

With functions including grilling, toasting, broiling, baking, and defrosting, Kenwood emerges as a top choice for those seeking comprehensive cooking capabilities in a toaster oven, it is, however, the most expensive here and if you are on a budget and want the best value, then just stick with Ramtons.

Kenwood MOM45 Toaster Oven – 45L, 1800W: KSh 21,495

Kenwood MOM56 Toaster Oven – 56L, 2200W: KSh 25,495

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