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Miele model H4240 B SS

The 10 Best Cooker+Oven Brands in Kenya (2024)

23 October 2023|Appliances & Utensils

This guide is on the 10 reputable brands you should consider if you are out there planning to shop for a new cooker or oven, all the brands featured have a cook-top and an oven compartment. This post will help you narrow down your purchase decision both for free-standing options and inbuilt ones.

Appliances lately are less reliable compared to the same back in the 60s and 70s, they just don’t last that long, while there is no perfect brand the following are the better ones generally, that last long without major issues.

This list is based on reliability as the ranking factor meaning the top options are the most reliable generally. You should expect 15 to 20 years out of these before a need to replace them.

Cookers and ovens unlike most appliances last long. Gas cookers+ovens last even longer than the electric ones which are prone to failure in the circuit boards. So for maximum reliability, gas cookers are your best bet.

Electric cookers used to be the best economical option but the electricity prices have doubled so I can’t say the same now. 

To get the best of both worlds consider a primarily gas cooker that has at least one electric hot plate so that in case your gas cylinder is out, (as Kenyan houses are not fitted with gas supply pipes), you can now be at the mercy of KPLC, and praying hard while facing North; they don’t cut off power before your meals are done.

I hereby present you the brands that I personally recommend, as always no affiliation with any of the brands. Just shop for whatever you are happy with.

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10. Haier

Haier Cooker

Haier cookers are probably the best options for budget shoppers. You get more features for the same low price you pay compared to other competing models. While they don’t pack the most advanced features, top-notch aesthetics, and the best build quality, they are okay for the price.

Reliability is just average and is good enough as cookers don’t fail that much like other appliances, just take good care of them, regular cleaning, and follow manufacturer guidelines.

Prices start at KSh 28,000 where you get a 50*60 unit with all 4 gas burners and no electric option. The oven itself is gas also and is probably not lit.

Since Haier doesn’t make high-end options the most expensive offering is a 60*90 (HCR6050EES) cooker with all 5 gas burners and an electric oven for KSh 87,000

Another cheaper configuration would be a 60*90 (HCR6042DES) that has 4 gas + 2 electric burners that have a separate oven and grill with a rotisserie function for KSh 82,000

Visit Haier Kenya

9. Ramtons 

Ramtons Cooker

Our trusty Ramtons, I have said it before and I will again. Kenyans just love and trust Ramtons, they will buy an appliance just because it is a Ramtons. The reason is because their appliances are built so strong and can handle abuse without failing, while also being affordable.

For build quality, Ramtons cookers are no exception. They are really rigid and sturdy with average to good reliability.

Note that Ramtons cookers are notorious for shattering the oven glass sometimes, so keep that in mind

Ramtons falls behind in aesthetics for most models, I feel like they are more of a functional brand, and they are not trying to be what they are not.

Also, most Ramtons cookers lack advanced features even in their high-end options, but again Ramtons is for those who are shopping for durability and not features.

Repairs are effortless as Ramtons is a Kenyan brand, so part availability won’t be an issue and neither will the cost. The warranty offered is 1 year by the manufacturer

The cheapest free-standing option from Ramtons is KSh 29,000 and it is an all gas 4 burner with a 50L gas oven.

The model pictured above is actually the best from Ramtons(RF/498): a 4gas+ 2electric with an electric oven. It goes for KSh 97,000

Check out more models from Ramtons

8. Von

Von Cooker

Von would be your best option if you love the sturdiness of Ramtons but want better aesthetics and finishes. Ramtons generally don’t care about aesthetics and finishes, as long as it works it’s fine.

Von offers sleeker cookers at affordable prices if your budget is not the high-end options which are all sleek by default. Reliability is average to good.

Von also offers many models meaning there will be something for every budget, without overstretching.

The cheapest model from Von is VAC5F140PB, which is only brown in color and goes for KSh 27,500. It is a 4 gas burner with a gas oven which is pretty standard as all other brands for this same price.

They have 12 models spaced equally up to the highest-end option, model VAC9F042WX, which goes for KSh 94,000. This is the exact model featured in the image above

It is a 4 gas burner and 2 electric plates which is just normal for this price budget. The burner and electric plates orientation is just neat and symmetrical with burners on the outer sides and electric plates sandwiched  between

The oven however has two heating elements; top and bottom this will ensure your food bakes or grills evenly, a much-appreciated functional feature.

The warranty offered is 1 year for all Von cookers.

7. Mika

Mika Cooker

Mika is the only brand you should be looking at if you want the cheapest free-standing cooker. While all those other brands start at around KSh 28,000 the cheapest offering from Mika is just a mere KSh 22,000 which is a steal considering Mika is a good reputable brand.

The reliability of Mika is good

Being so cheap doesn’t mean it has any trade-offs compared to base models from Haier, Von, or Ramtons…NO.

It is just a 4 gas burner just like the others, with a gas oven that actually has a lamp and a rotisserie turn spit. Oven basics are provided including wire racks and trays; it is also an auto ignition with a push button thus making this model MST55PIAGDB/SD the best value cooker right now as it is on sale.

The only bummer for me is the brown color option which is super dull for most aesthetics, but at this price point aesthetics shouldn’t be a factor but bare-bone functionality.

Between this cheapest model and the most high-end, Mika has a whooping of 30 models to choose from. This is my favorite thing about Mika, they have a variety of models, not just in cookers but all appliances generally.

This means you will always find a unit priced to your budget and with options to choose like color and finishes making it the easiest brand to shop from.

Their most expensive model is MST90PU41HI/FOW which goes for KSh 99,500. It is the most expensive flagship model from the previous brands, let’s see if it is any special to justify that.

It has 4 gas burners (and they are all different), one is a wok burner and is designed to hold the curved bottom of a wok. A wok is basically a karai used in Chinese cuisine

This is an impressive feature to have if you cook Asian foods like fried rice, stir-fries and all those kinds of foods! For me, this feature alone will sell me this Mika model as I ditch the rest.

It doesn’t stop there, it has adapters to support different kinds of pans too, say cast iron and whatnot, making it the most versatile model so far for different cooking styles

It has one electric hot plate which is decent, I don’t feel like anyone would need two hot plates anyway. 

It is auto ignition with an electric oven and grill with 10 plus functions. Oven accessories are provided; wire racks and different baking utensils.

Another reason to love Mika is they give a 2-year warranty while all previous models give one. This will give you a better peace of mind.

6. Samsung

Samsung Cooker

Samsung is a giant in consumer electronics but not very that in the home appliance scene. The only excellent offering in home appliances is refrigerators which are very modern and energy efficient, the ones with ice makers are unreliable just like any fridge brand with an ice maker

For cookers, they are okay with good reliability, not excellent, however, as you would expect from the Samsung name brand.

The cookers are very sleek probably one of the top in terms of that, they have innovative technology and precise temperature controls. If you want a modern and techy kitchen then Samsung is your best option in this entire list.

However note that the more techy an appliance is the more the failure points and thus a high risk of breakdowns.

Parts replacements are very expensive for Samsung cookers, so keep that in mind if you plan shopping for Samsung, again models are limited and options are only on the high end.

This specific model is NY90T5010SS and it goes for KSh 115,000.

It is 90*60 in dimension with 5 gas burners and actually has that impressive wok burner from Mika. It however doesn’t have an electric hot plate which is a downer for this price point. So if your gas runs out, you’re ordering takeout that day.

The oven is electric however with both bottom and top heating elements and oven accessories provided.

For the price this Samsung model is disappointing and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, and it’s like you’re just paying for the Samsung name.

For a cheaper price of KSh 99,500, I feel like the Mika model is way better and for less.

Also, Samsung is just 12 month warranty while Mika has 24 months. The only good thing about this Samsung is the better finishes and aesthetics.

This is the only model from Samsung that is actually available in Kenya. Being rare with no variety means repairs and replacement parts availability locally may be tricky.

5. Ariston

Ariston Cooker

 Ariston is not a very cheap brand in Kenya, their cheapest model starts at KSh 75,000 and the most expensive is at KSh 115,000. So if you are a budget shopper just look at previous brands.

Reliability is actually good to excellent, that is why they are priced higher than average.

Looking at their cheapest model, A6TG1FC(X), it features a 4 gas burner with one of them being a wok burner, so no hot plate here which is a bummer for this price point.

One burner supports a neat cast iron, the oven is gas, however. Electric ovens are just better and more consistent than gas ovens, so this is another bummer. For KSh 75,000 you can get better offerings from previous brands, especially Mika and Von. I wouldn’t recommend this model from  Ariston, it just has zero value.

Their expensive model is C911N1(X), it goes for the same price as Samsung above and it offers a better value than the Samsung.

It has 4 gas burners and 2 electric plates, the Samsung one didn’t have any electric plates. It has an enamel panel and nothing else special. 

All  Ariston cookers have a 12-month warranty. They have good reliability and that explains the steep price for their models.

4. Simfer

Simfer Cooker

 Simfer is a slightly budget-friendly option to Ariston with the same good reliability.

Their cheapest model, 6312NEI starts at KSh 67,000, and it is a better value than the cheapest model from  Ariston.

It has 3 gas burners, (one with a wok support), and an electric plate, Ariston had all gas burners. It has the same enamel panel just like in Ariston.

Their most expensive model is at KSh 97,000 and has 5 gas burners and no electric plate which is disappointing. It is 90*60 in dimension, with a top and button heating element in the oven. For this price, this is definitely not a good value.

3. Beko

Beko Cooker

 Beko just like  Simfer is a Turkish brand and they both have the same budgets and the same good reliability.  Beko however has a wider range of different appliances, unlike  Simfer who specializes in cookers and ovens.

The starting price of the cheapest Beko model, FSET63110DX, is lower than Simfer’s at KSh 63,000. It has 3 gas plus 1 electric burner with an electric oven. Nothing else is special except for the steam cleaning function, which is a premium feature.

However, avoid using the steam cleaning feature as it increases the internal temperature so high, past 300 degrees Celsius, and this will degrade and stress your oven components over extended steam cleaning cycles. Instead, just hand clean for longer durability.

Their best model, GE12121DX, starts at KSh 99,995 and offers the same 4 gas and 2 electric burners, which ensures versatility in case your gas cylinder runs out. Features are just the same as their cheapest option and so are the build quality and finishes.

2. Bosch

Bosch Cooker

If I was shopping for a new cooker, it would definitely be a Bosch.

They just have a perfect balance of everything, build quality, aesthetic finishes, reliability, advanced features, and all the good German Engineering.

Bosch reliability is not even considered good or very good, but just excellent. It is one of those brands that may outlive you. This makes Bosch cookers the best option for inbuilt appliances, The luxury GTC apartments in Westlands for instance are fitted with Bosch cookers.

However, they are a high-end brand and not on everyone’s budget. If budget is not an issue for you go to Bosch. But make sure your Bosch cooker is made in Germany and not in Asia. Parts may require a wait time to get but breakdowns are so rare to nonexistent.

The cheapest option is actually neat and balanced, it goes for KSh 78,000. It has 3 gas and 1 electric burner, the energy efficiency is rated an A, and all the 3 burners are different; one for economy, the other for high-speed cooking, and the last one for standard normal cooking.

Oven capacity is large at 62L with essential 4 cooking functions, supports bottom and top heating, with oven trays and accessories provided.

The second cheapest option is KSh 87,000 and it doesn’t have a traditional cooktop of burners and hot plates, it’s all induction. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy this as it is so rigid; and will make your life difficult in cooking some things, not to mention you would require utensils that support induction cooking.

The highest-end options cost between KSh 200,000 and 210,000. They are all gas burners with at least 5 burners and feature hybrid ovens that can utilize either gas or electricity. This ensures you get the best of both worlds, what the gas oven is best for and what the electric one is best for, with no other advanced features.

Highest-end models offer the worst value, entry-level to middle-of-the-road models are the recommended ones for matter since reliability is the same across the entire brand.

Bosch Cookers are available at Von Hotpoint Appliances

1. Miele

Miele Cooker

Bosch is pretty highly recommended, but if you have infinite money they just go all the way and get the best of the best, Miele it is actually pronounced as Meela

Yes, it is from German just like Bosch, but Miele is on another level of German Engineering. 

Miele is just over-engineered to handle any abuse and also the units are over-tested before they are sold, this is the only cooker brand that you shouldn’t expect to fail ever, in case it does parts are super expensive and hard to get but that is almost impossible considering no reported issues from consumers, they just keep going strong 20 years later

They also have quirky functions in most models like steam assist

While the initial cost is high, it is a good investment and almost a once-in-a-lifetime purchase

The warranty for Miele cookers is 2 years and the starting price is KSh 280,000, with the most expensive model at KSh 397,000


 Simfer vs  Beko cooker: Both are reputable Turkish brands, however,  Beko is generally the better brand across equivalent models when compared to  Simfer. Beko models have more features and versatility for the same budget.

Are Eurochef Cookers good? Eurochef is an Italian brand, so you know the cooker build quality is decent. Eurochef is more on the budget spectrum with no advanced features, if you don’t mind that then it is a good choice to get good reliability out of it.

Bjs Cookers: I’m trying to be mature here, I’m really trying. Bjs cookers are from Turkey, and appliances from Turkey especially cookers and dishwashers are really good, just like  Simfer and  Beko. Bjs reputation is good the only issue will be part availability in case you need repairs past the warranty.

Elba Cookers in Kenya: Elba is an Italian maker of midrange to high-end cookers. I’ve seen an Elba cooker run 15 years and still counting so Elba is definitely a decent and recommendable brand. It is on the pricier side but it is reliable and sturdy, so it is a good investment.

Armco Cookers: Armco cookers are quality and reliable just like all Armco products. Armco used to be called Sanyo back in the days but got rebranded to the current name. If you’re familiar with the Sanyo brand, and its reliability then that is exactly what Armco is currently. 

Armco is a big brand so their cookers and ovens are commendable as you can get easy warranty services and repairs or parts availability after warranty is over.

Armco cookers shine on the high end, at a budget of around KSh 75,000 is when you see good bargains for the price compared to other brands.

Armco is one of the most efficient brands for cookers and ovens  since it follows EU standards and regulations

Are Nunix Cookers Good? Nunix is a cheap and budget brand, offering functionality to customers at the cheapest price possible. 

Being a budget brand means parts used are cheap, and general manufacturing as well. This by itself means you expect a higher failure rate from Nunix cookers compared to other more expensive brands.

Considering a cooker is not an appliance you replace after 5 years, I wouldn’t recommend Nunix for the long term, as you will probably replace most parts along its lifespan. 

Yes, it is for budget consumers, but even as a budget customer, it is better for you if you get budget models from reputable brands above, even if it will cost you a little extra, it is totally worth it in the long run.

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