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The 5 Best Built-In Oven Brands in Kenya (With Prices)

As much as reliability is the biggest factor in purchasing any appliance, it is even bigger than before when considering built-in appliances…because it is part of the house so your kitchen will be probably designed around that specific appliance… that being said it means you need the highest reliability confidence from whatever brand of oven you are investing.

Here are the top 3 renowned brands that are the most reliable from consumer feedback over the years for built-in ovens.

Just because a brand name is big doesn’t mean it will be good for every appliance, for instance, I can recommend LG and Samsung fridges but I will advise you to stay away from their inbuilt ovens. Yes, they are fancy but not as reliable as other options.

The best brands for ovens have been historically German brands, for this list there are Miele and Bosch, the third recommendation would be GE but it is hard to find in the Kenyan market, well unless you are shopping for ex-UK units then go for it!

Feel free to buy secondhand to save money as ovens don’t have many issues, your local electrician can fix any problem that occurs: well unless you have a fancy one with fancy circuit boards that would need total replacement in case of an issue…also ovens don’t have many moving parts that wear out with use.

Most oven failure issues are in a blown switch, thermostat, or a simple fuse. Plus they are cost-effective to repair if doom comes

3. Ariston

Price Range: KSh (64,000-144,000)

Ariston Oven

This is the best option if you are on a budget, while inbuilt ovens are generally expensive compared to free-standing ones, Ariston models start at as low as KSh 64,000

Ariston might not be a household name like some of its competitors, but don’t let that fool you. This Italian brand packs a punch when it comes to built-in ovens.

With a focus on okay average design and reliable performance, Ariston ovens are a solid choice for any kitchen.

Ariston Cookers in Kenya can be found at Hotpoint Appliances (click to check individual prices)

2. Bosch

Price Range: KSh (71,000-287,000)


Ah, Bosch. The name alone inspires confidence, and for good reason. This German giant has been setting the standard for kitchen appliances for decades, and their built-in ovens are no exception.

With innovative features and rock-solid reliability, a Bosch oven is a worthy investment for any home chef.

The pretty thing with Bosch is they have a wider price range with over 10 models to choose from, starting at KSh 71,000 they make a good brand, and even one of the fanciest apartments in GTC Westlands is fitted with Bosch ovens.

Bosch Cookers in Kenya can be found at Hotpoint Appliances (click to check individual prices)

1. Miele

Price Range: KSh (280,000-397,000)

Miele Oven

Taking the top spot on our list is none other than Miele. Sure, they might come with a hefty price tag, but trust us when we say they’re worth every shilling.

Miele ovens are the epitome of German engineering, with unmatched performance and durability. Simply put, once you go, Miele, you’ll never look back.

Miele is the most expensive to purchase but has the lowest cost of ownership, I never heard anyone have a single problem with a Miele unit, they just last forever… I mean that is what you expect by spending that much money on an oven.

If you are in the 0.1% of Kenyans that can afford this just go with it, and you will be sure never to purchase an oven again in your lifetime.


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