The 3 Best Cooking Gas Cylinders in Kenya

25 January 2024|Home & Living KE

In Kenya, houses are not fitted with a gas supply, so it makes sense that portable refill gas cylinders are the popular choice of fuel especially in kitchens and establishments. This post discusses the best and safest gas cylinder brands that you should be investing in with the perks of going with each brand also highlighted.

Cooking gas has been on the surge of popularity, mass adopted even by low-income earners, replacing charcoal jikos that they have been using. 

This is attributed to tighter restrictions on charcoal burning, and gas prices getting relatively cheaper by being exempted from taxes.

Also, gas cookers are more efficient and have fewer emissions compared to using kerosene stoves, firewood, and charcoal.

Always refill your gas cylinders from certified agents, to ensure you are being replaced with a genuine cylinder, infact I personally go out of the way to refill mine at Petrol Stations, where you are sure you have a genuine cylinder, and the weight of your gas will be as advertised and will generally last you long.

Let’s get into the brands; Remember all brands are equally good and there is no better, just get whatever is near you.

3. Afrigas,(Shell)

Afrigas 13 kg
Afrigas 13 kg

In the third position, Afrigas by Shell stands out. Known for its commitment to quality, Shell, a prominent energy company, ensures the same high standards in its gas cylinders. 

Afrigas cylinders are a reliable option for households seeking a dependable and efficient cooking solution.

However, Afrigas hasn’t gained widespread popularity like the other two brands, possibly due to its limited presence. 

Shell petrol stations are typically situated along highways, distant from many residential areas. 

This geographical inconvenience discourages people from choosing Afrigas, especially when competing brands like KenolKobil (Rubis) are conveniently nearby.

Moreover, it appears that Afrigas may not be prioritizing the marketing of its gas cookers. Unlike their focus on promoting lubricants and engine oils, there seems to be a lack of advertisement for Afrigas. 

This marketing strategy gap might contribute to the brand’s comparatively lower adoption in the market.

Regardless, Afrigas is a reputable brand, and go for it if you can.

Afrigas Accessories, Gas & Cylinder Prices


  •   Gas + Cylinder: KSh 3,550
  •   Gas Only: KSh 1,380


  •  Gas + Cylinder: KSh 6,390
  •  Gas Only: KSh 3,090


  •  Gas + Cylinder: KSh 11,870
  •  Gas Only: KSh 5,770


  •  Gas + Cylinder: KSh 18,850
  •  Gas Only: KSh 10,250

Afrigas Regulator 13Kg: KSh 1,392

Afrigas Grill: KSh 406

Afrigas Burner: KSh 928

2. TotalGaz,(Total)

Total Gaz 6Kg
Total Gaz 6Kg

TotalGaz, a product by Total Energies, secures the second spot on our list. Total is a globally recognized brand; its gas cylinders are no exception to their commitment to quality and safety. 

When opting for  TotalGaz, you can trust that you are getting a reliable and genuine product.

Unlike Afrigas, TotalGaz is decently adopted, while not the most adopted overall, it is common, especially the 13Kg cylinder.

The good thing about TotalGaz and Afrigas is that since they’re not that common, they do not have much problem with counterfeits like K-Gas (which recently rebranded to RubisGas.

So at least there is peace of mind here, that you will get a subpar cylinder that may leak and set your house on fire.

The other attractive advantage of TotalGaz over other brands, is they offer more variety and sizes of the gas, they have 3Kg cylinders while Afrigas and K-gas don’t.

Total gas pricing in Kenya (2024)


  •   Gas + Cylinder: KSh 2,400
  •   Gas Only: KSh 980


  •  Gas + Cylinder: KSh 3,680
  •  Gas Only: KSh 1,380


  •  Gas + Cylinder: KSh 7,260
  •  Gas Only: KSh 3,160


  •  Gas + Cylinder: KSh 12,900
  •  Gas Only: KSh 5,400


  •  Gas + Cylinder: KSh 22,750
  •  Gas Only: KSh 11,250

1. K-Gas,(Rubis)

K-gas 13kg
K-gas 13kg

Topping our list is K-Gas, a product by Rubis, a brand known for its commitment to quality. 

K-Gas cylinders are widely used in households across Kenya, making them a popular choice. 

 Accessibility, competitive pricing, and enhanced product visibility make RUBiS-Gas the preferred cooking gas.

However, popularity comes with its challenges – K-Gas cylinders are among the most counterfeited due to the brand’s strong reputation.

They have 6, 13, and 35 Kg cylinders alongside accessories such as burners, regulators, hoses, and grills at their stations and authorized dealers.

K-gas also, offer commercial LPG supply for institutions and businesses like restaurants.

How to Check for Genuine K-gas Cylinder

K gas being the most popular brand, it makes sense that it is the most counterfeited, to ride on the good brand reputation;

To ensure you are getting an authentic K-Gas cylinder, follow these steps:

  •  Purchase from Certified Agents: Always buy or refill your K-Gas cylinder from certified agents to minimize the risk of counterfeits.Or just at their petrol stations
  •  Verify Seal and Branding: Check for the official seal and branding on the cylinder. Counterfeit cylinders may have irregularities in the logo or misspelled words.
  •  Weight Check: Genuine K-Gas cylinders will have the correct weight as advertised, ensuring you get value for your money.

What Size of Gas Cylinder Do You Need?

A 6 kg cylinder is generally sufficient for individuals or couples and can last up to three months with regular light usage or up to one and a half months with heavy usage.

For larger families of four or more, it is recommended to use a 13 kg cylinder, commonly used in conjunction with standing cookers. 

The 6Kg 6-cylinder also offers the convenience of accessories like burners and rings, allowing for direct cooking above the cylinder without the need for connecting tubes.

Gas Cylinder Accessories

1. Burner

K-Gas Burner

Price: KSh 500 to 1,000

A burner is an essential accessory for cooking with gas. 

It provides a  controlled flame for cooking purposes, allowing users to regulate heat levels based on their cooking needs.

2. Grill

K-Gas Grill

Price: KSh 500

A grill attachment is a circular metal that sits on top of your cylinder and transforms your gas cylinder into a versatile cooking tool by providing the surface area where your pots and pans can rest while the burner burns from below it.

A gas grill essentially supports and holds your utensils while cooking.

3. Regulator

K-Gas Regulator

A regulator is a crucial safety component that controls the flow of gas from the cylinder to the appliance. 

It ensures a steady and controlled supply of gas, preventing fluctuations that could lead to safety hazards.

4. Hose Pipe

K- Gas Hose Pipe

The hose pipe serves as a conduit, connecting the gas cylinder to the appliances, especially a standing gas cooker.

It allows for the seamless flow of gas from the cylinder to the burner or other gas-powered devices.

Hose pipes are typically made from durable materials like rubber or reinforced synthetic compounds. They need to be resistant to wear, tear,  and exposure to the elements to ensure long-term safety and reliability.

Gas Cylinder Accidents

 Gas cylinder accidents can be really dangerous, but there are ways to prevent them. Here are some things to watch out for and simple steps to stay safe:

 Gas Leaks:

Keep an eye on your gas cylinder, hoses, and connections.

If you see bubbles when you put soapy water on them, there might be a leak.

Store your gas cylinder carefully to avoid any damage.

Fire and Explosion:

Don’t put your gas cylinder near things that can catch fire, like stoves or electrical equipment.

Keep it away from heat sources and open flames.

Make sure the area is well-ventilated.

Incorrect Storage:

Store your gas cylinder upright, not lying down.

Keep them in a place where they won’t tip over.

Follow the instructions for storage that come with your gas cylinder.

Regulator Failures:

Check your regulator regularly for any problems.

If it looks damaged or not working right, get it fixed or replaced.

Make sure you’re using the right regulator for your gas.

Transportation Accidents:

If you’re moving your gas cylinder, make sure it’s secured well.

Follow the rules for transporting gas cylinders.

Check that your cylinder is in good shape before taking it anywhere.

Inadequate Ventilation:

Use your gas appliances in places with good airflow.

If you’re inside, make sure there’s enough ventilation.

Put gas detectors in places where air doesn’t move much.

Incorrect Handling:

Be gentle with your gas cylinder – don’t drop or bang it around.

Don’t drag or roll your gas cylinder.

Lack of Training and Awareness:

Learn how to use your gas safely.

Get trained on what to do in case something goes wrong.

Always be aware of the risks and how to stay safe.

Remember, if something does go wrong, have a plan in place. Know how to get out of there and who to call for help. And always follow the instructions that come with your gas cylinder to stay safe.

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