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The 5 Best Electric Kettle Brands & Models in Kenya

While many electric kettles perform adequately, my personal experience with a budget model has been satisfactory. However, if you’re seeking superior durability and reliability akin to a lifelong investment, it’s worth exploring other options featured in this list for all best models in Kenya for every budget.

I recommend prioritizing stainless steel kettles with metal spouts to mitigate any potential risks of plastic contamination when exposed to boiling water.

Personally, I remain skeptical of “BPA free” claims. Investing in a quality kettle is particularly advantageous for tea enthusiasts like myself, as nothing quite matches the satisfaction of a perfectly brewed cup.

While some may argue for the convenience of dispensers, their heating capabilities pale in comparison to the efficiency of a dedicated kettle.

Let’s get to the brands, and as usual these are personal reccomendation, im not affiliated with any brand or appliance store; so none of them had any input in making of this post.

Get whatever feels right for you and from anywhere you can for the lowest price

5. Sayona

Price: KSh 1,800

For the past three years, this cordless kettle from Sayona is what I use and has performed admirably with almost daily use.

It quickly reaches the desired temperature and includes an automatic shut-off safety feature, ensuring peace of mind. Its aesthetic appeal is also noteworthy.

Priced at just KSh 1,800, this 1750W kettle with a 1.7L capacity offers excellent value for money. Even at entry-level, it includes a thermostat for automatic shut-off, which is quite impressive.

While it may lack fancy features, it gets the job done efficiently. As expected at this price point, it features a plastic build. However, I’m considering upgrading to a metallic build in the future, confident that it will provide longevity for years to come, perhaps even a decade.

4. Von

Von is as good as Sayona but has better materials and sturdier build quality, plusyou have more models and price ranges to choose from

These two make the best budget options, the other 3 options are midrange to premium offering with budgets over KSh 7,000 and they are all stainless steel bodies as opposed to the plastics in Von and Sayona

3. Kenwood

Model: Kenwood ZJM10 Kettle 1.7L – Silver

Price:KSh 7,000

Kenwood ZJM10 Kettle 1.7L - Silver
Kenwood ZJM10 Kettle 1.7L – Silver

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Kenwood is a reputable brand that consistently earns its place in the lineup of best appliances across various categories, from blenders to mixers in any blog post in this website. Kenwood offers entry level appliances in the sturdier and premium category of home appliances.

The Kenwood kettle offers a compact solution with its 1.7L water capacity, ideal for smaller households or quick tea breaks. Despite its smaller size, it doesn’t compromise on performance, boasting a powerful 2200W motor for rapid boiling.

Its wireless base, capable of rotating 360°, adds convenience, allowing for easy placement and retrieval from any angle. The removable filter ensures clean, crisp water every time, while the fast boil system ensures you’re not kept waiting when you need that hot cuppa urgently.

2. Black & Decker

Model: Black & Decker JC450-B5 Kettle Stainless Steel – 1.7L

Price: KSh 7,400

Black & Decker makes very good small appliances especially coffee makers and toasters, so it is easy to reccomend them for Kettles, incase you have never heard of it, it is an American brand and you know how quality US brands are

It packs 2200W in power which is one of the highest you can get in this list meaning rapid boiling, capacity is 1.7L which is still little, 2L is the standard

It is a stainless steel build so you know it is gonna handle abuse without failing on you, even from several accidental drops unlike plastic and glass builds

It is beautiful with a pyramid like shape looks sturdy and importantly has a stainless steel spout, it resists corrosion and doesnt degrade from hot water like a plastic one, or hive bacteria

Overal, this is is a good quality build making it a good investment, it has a see through body so that you can tell levels, cheaper stainless steel kettles dont have this provision, having it here is a nice touch

Considering the top option has the same specifications and costs almost double this, I think this is the best value kettle if you are on the premium market

1. Philips

Model: Philips HD9339 Metal & Glass Kettle

Price: KSh 12,000

Philips HD9339 Metal & Glass Kettle
Philips HD9339 Metal & Glass Kettle

Philips is 2200W powered thus one of the most powerful makes, be sure it will boil your water faster than any other kettle rated lower than this, it is 1.7L in capacity not the biggest slightly underwhelmimng, a 2L jug size would be appreciated considering the price for this very kettle which is insane for just a Kettle

It has easy refiling through the spout which is a nice touch, and it is all glass with cup indicator for precise boiling of the water,

Overall, I would say this kettle is just as good as others you just pay more for the premium build quality and material, be sure this is one of those kettles that will last a long time well assuming you dont drop it down as it is all glass.

I would reccomend a stainless steel model from Philips over this however, this is just for the aesthetics and sophisication

The kettle is curvy with rounded edges giving it a premim look and feel, from the handles to the spout


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