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Review: The 20 Best & Reputable Appliance Brands in Kenya

11 October 2023|Appliances & Utensils

In this article are some of the appliance brands in Kenya that have demonstrated good reliability over time (generally), that you should consider while narrowing down your purchase decisions. 

With new brands popping left, right and center, appliance shopping is getting more overwhelming with countless brands to inspect, to get the best value or best suited for your needs. 

While there are factors that go in place when investing in a new appliance like; design, affordability, and value….reliability is overall the king. If your appliance is not reliable then other factors don’t matter really.

Remember while these brands are generally reliable, individual products and models may vary. For instance Samsung fridges are reliable, cookers and ovens are not so much.

So what is the essence of this post? To provide you with brand reputation info; so that you can combine that with the specific model reviews to make confident purchases.

This is a bias-free post as there is no affiliation with any brand mentioned

1. Bosch

Best Appliances: Cookers & Ovens, Refrigerators, 

Bosch Logo

Bosch is a name that resonates with quality and reliability. Their kitchen and home appliances are built to last, making them a good choice if you want peace of mind.

Bosch makes hands down the best dishwashers, and good cookers and ovens.

Bosch offers good reliability that it is the brand of choice to be fitted as inbuilt units in high end buildings and houses. The GTC apartments in Westlands for instance are fitted with Bosch appliances.

2. Nutricook

Best Appliances: Pressure Cookers, Air fryers, Egg Cookers

Nutricook Logo

Known for air fryers and pressure cookers, with a focus on healthy cooking. These appliances  help you prepare delicious meals with fewer calories.

Nutricook pressure cookers are a great alternative to the famous in- demand instant pots

They also have one of the best air fryers and electric pressure cookers in the Kenyan market currently.

Their products are premium hence come with a premium price tag, if you can afford them they are really a good investment.

3. Nutribullet

Appliances: Personal Blenders, Hand Blenders, Full Size Blenders, Juicers, & Air fryers,

Nutribullet Logo

For all your blending needs, Nutribullet is a go-to brand. Their  blenders are perfect for crafting smoothies and other blended beverages, ensuring you get your daily dose of vitamins and nutrients.

These blenders can be a bit pricey, but they are a good investment and keep going strong even after 10 years.

Note that the common Nutribullet blenders are made as personal blenders, they also offer big and commercial ones which are not so common.

Read more about Nutribullet and Magicbullet here

4. Von

Von Logo

Von offers a variety of home appliances, catering to different needs and  preferences. The quality may vary depending on the specific product, so  be sure to check reviews and features before you buy. 

But generally the build quality and reliability of the general brand is above average. Von caters to the budget and mid range consumers, with some few offering at the high end side as well.

5. Kenwood

Kenwood Logo

Kenwood is the king in the home food preparation scene; in the arena of mixers, blenders, and food processors. These appliances simplify food  preparation and add a touch of convenience to your cooking.

Reliability and build quality of Kenwood is not just above average, but good

Don’t hesitate on Kenwood appliances as they are good, they might not be the most affordable but remember the quality is top notch.

6. Philips

Philips Logo

A well-known brand with a wide range of home and kitchen appliances, including electronics and personal care items.

Philips has a good reputation in terms of reliability, but its items tend to be priced higher than average prices from other equally good brands.

Technology wise, they lag a little behind but that is forgivable as reliability is the most important factor and they nail that with sturdy build quality

7. LG

LG Logo

LG is a house hold name and probably the biggest in the home appliance scene, especially in Kenya

LG Washers and Dyers and EXCELLENT while refrigerators are good. The refrigerators are however priced higher for what they offer, and Samsung does to have better options for any same budget.

LG makes some good and premium microwave ovens that are commendable and with aesthetic finishes.

It is recommended to get LG products from authorized resellers for better services especially involving returns, warranty claims and repairs

Authorized Retailers for LG products in Kenya are:

Von Hotpoint

Opalnet (Exclusively LG Products)


8. Samsung

Samsung Logo

Samsung reliability is okay for the most part, but expensive when repairs or failures occur, especially out of warranty. 

Samsung refrigerators with ice makers are probably the least reliable products from Samsung with various failure reports, so you should avoid those.

Simple fridges from Samsung that are not packed with technology are built like tanks and will last years

The packing of more technology into appliances just creates new possible failure points, and this applies to all appliance manufacturers.

Washers and dryers are good but not excellently reliable as other brands for the same premium prices. Go with Bosch, LG and Whirlpool for these.

Samsung is just good at consumer electronics; phones, TV, monitors…but not exactly that for big kitchen & home appliances.

9. Ramtons

Ramtons Logo

Ramtons is a brand that offers a variety of home appliances, including  kitchen and laundry appliances. They aim to make your everyday chores a  breeze. Ramtons appliances are super affordable, and durable.

However, they don’t have the best designs, they are mostly outdated and generally louder operation noises for fridges for instance, durability is however excellent and reliability is good.

Ramtons is a good brand if you are budget shopping, while they have high end offerings in appliances, you are better off with other brands that have newer designs and better efficiency.

10. Hisense

Appliances: Refrigerators, Washers, TVs

Hisense Logo

Hisense is known for a wide range of electronics and appliances, including televisions and refrigerators. They provide quality and value  for your money.

Hisense makes the best value fridges in any price point, you simply get like twice the features for the same price in contrast to the competition for the same budget. 

They also offer washers which are also good value, since their product line is generally new and not mainstream, finding replacement parts may be a hassle in event of breakdowns currently, and since washers require maintenance, i would advise to skip on Hisense and go LG, or Bosch.

11. DeLonghi

Appliances: Toasters, Heaters and Coffee Makers

Delonghi Logo

DeLonghi offers various kitchen appliances, most notably coffee makers. If  you’re starting your coffee-making journey, their machines are a good  entry point. They’re quick, easy to use, and produce decent coffee.

Delonghi appliances are available at Von Hotpoint

12. Black & Decker

Black & Decker Logo

Black & Decker is a reputable brand for power tools and small kitchen appliances. They’re known for their durability and performance.

13. Panasonic

Appliances: Microwaves, Mixers, Water Dispensers.

Panasonic Logo

Panasonic is a well-established brand with a range of electronics and  home appliances, including microwaves and kitchen gadgets.

Panasonic has the best water dispensers and microwave ovens

They’ve been a  trusted name for decades for their indestructible nature, they are the Toyota’s of kitchen appliances.

Panasonic appliances are available at Von Hotpoint Kenya

14. Kitchen Aid

Best Appliances: Mixers

Kitchen Aid Logo

Kitchen Aid is synonymous with premium kitchen appliances, particularly  their stand mixers and accessories. These appliances add a touch of  elegance to your kitchen.

Kitchen Aid appliances are very expensive, like really but they are the best kitchen investment since they last generations, Kitchen Aid appliances are basically passed down generation to generation, they just keep going strong no matter the abuse or work load.

If you can afford Kitchen Aid mixers then don’t even think twice, just buy! 

15. Ninja

Ninja Logo

Ninja offers a range of kitchen appliances, including blenders, food  processors, and air fryers. They’re like the stealthy ninjas of the  kitchen world, making cooking a breeze.

Ninja appliances are premium and pricey but got really good reliability and customer feedback. I would personally vouch for the blenders, they are the best product from Ninja.

16. Beko

Beko Logo

Beko, a Turkish brand, produces a variety of home appliances, including  refrigerators, cookers, and washing machines. If you can find one, their  fridges are among the best, better than Samsung or LG generally

17. Whirlpool

Whirlpool Logo

Whirlpool is a well-known brand for appliances like refrigerators, washers and dryers. They’ve earned a reputation for excellence and  durability. While they also offer other appliances, those 3 are the main characters that truly stick out.

Availability of Whirlpool products is limited in Kenya, but the brand is so reputable in what it offers.

18. Simfer

Simfer Logo

Simfer offers a range of home appliances, including cookers and ovens.  This Turkish family-owned company delivers quality products and specializes in cookers.

If you’re in the market for a cooker or oven then; this is one of your best options alongside Ariston up next.

19. Ariston

Ariston Logo

Ariston is known for kitchen and laundry appliances, especially  dishwashers, cookers, and ovens. Their appliances are robust and built  to last for decades

While Ariston doesn’t make premium and stylish designs like Bosch, it is good value if you just want reliable ovens and cookers on a budget.

Best Appliances by Brand

Best Fridges: LG, Bosch, Beko Samsung, and Whirlpool

Best Cookers + Ovens: Bosch, Simfer, Beko and Ariston

Best Washers & Dryers: Bosch, Whirlpool and LG

Best Dishwashers: Bosch

Best Blenders: Ninja and Nutribullet

Best Microwaves: Panasonic and LG

Best Water Dispensers: Panasonic

Best Air Fryers: Nutricook 

Best Pressure Cookers: Nutricook

Best Mixers: Kitchen Aid


Selecting reliable appliances for your home can significantly impact  your daily life. The brands mentioned above have built their reputation  on quality, performance, and innovation. 

When making a purchase, consider your specific needs, read customer reviews, and compare  features to ensure you find the perfect appliance that aligns with your  requirements.

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