You are currently viewing The Best Fridges for Every Budget in Kenya:(20k-380k) in 2024

The Best Fridges for Every Budget in Kenya:(20k-380k) in 2024

This post is a compilation of the best-value fridges for all budgets starting from the budget options up to the high-end offering.

Finding the right fridge that has a balance of your budget and features you love is tricky, there’s always a trade-off. However, I have done the homework and scoured the internet so that you don’t have to. 

General prices of fridges in Kenya range from KSh 25,000 to KSh 380,000 typically

After considering the price and the features, I hereby present to you the best value fridges for every amount you are willing to spend, that are on the market currently deserving your hard-earned paper.

 If you want a general guide to selecting a fridge by features, layout, and technology I have a comprehensive post that you’d love. 

It entails different features that you might love to have in your fridge, and types of fridges and answer the majority if not all questions you might be having.

Now after reading that you have the understanding of the features you need, set a budget and we are ready to cruise baby.

Generally, entry levels aren’t the best value and so are the high ends. Mid-range fridges offer the best value. 

The fridge prices in Kenya are volatile just like everything lately, I will make an effort to update this as regularly as humanly possible.

Let’s get you a fridge, shall we? The winner is decided on the basis of general value, that is the functionality to price comparison

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1. Budget Fridges

Top Freezer Refrigerator
Top Freezer Refrigerator

These options offer the basic functionality of why a fridge was invented. To preserve your food  And they do it just fine, don’t have high expectations here tho, no fancy quirks and flashy aesthetics. You get what you pay for.

We have 3 tiers for the budget category, I’m gonna pick the best and resonate why the chosen model stands out from its competition.

(a) KSh 20,000-30,000

At this budget expect to get a mini fridge of about 90L capacity, which is adequate for one person, especially campus students.

 It can store up to a week’s worth of food. For more than one person, or one person who stores a lot please move over to the next tier. It is recommended 100 to 150 L fridge capacity per person. This is below the lower edge but it gets the job done.

Models Compared

  •  Von VARM-11DHW: 90L: (KSh 26,000)
  •  Bruhm BFS-90MD: 90L: (KSh 27,000)
  •  Ramtons RF/(210,246, and 256): 90L: (KSh 25,000)
  •  Mika MRDCS50(XDM and SBR): 92L: (KSh 25,500)
  •  Hisense RS-12DR4SA: 92L :(KSh 28,500)


All these models are priced similarly with a narrow range between KSh 24,500 and 26,000 and are all lockable so that your roommate doesn’t steal your leftover pizza, or whatever you don’t wanna share you greedy animal.

  •   All other brands offer 90L, Mika and Hisense does 92L, 
  •  Mika is the only one with ice and egg trays making it a better deal as you won’t need to buy those separately,
  •  Ramtons fridges offer adjustable shelving, and can holders while that doesn’t seem like an option in other brands
  •  Mika is rated at 60W while other brands are at 90W, thus Mika is the most energy efficient in terms of power draw.
  •  Von models boast a tropical condenser not mentioned in other brands; it is specifically designed to operate in hot and humid conditions, this is beneficial and it will be the best performing if you are in a hot region.
  •  All brands offer a 1-year warranty but Mika does that for additional 2 years on the compressor.

Winner: Mika MRDCS50(XDM and SBR)

Better warranty coverage, better energy efficiency, free trays and 3L more capacity. The only con is the non-adjustable shelving units. The -XDM model is black while the -SBR is silver.

Runner’s Up: Ramtons RF/(210,246, and 256)

(b) KSh 30,000-40,000

At this price range, you have ascended from mini-fridges to a single-door relatively sized fridge. However, some brands offer double doors in this range. Capacity will be bumped up to between, 120 and 180L

Models Compared

  •  Bruhm BFS 150MD: 158L: (Ksh 37,000)
  •  Ramtons RF/(171,173,177): 128L: (KSh 37,000-38000)
  •  Hisense REF(120DR):120L: (KSh 36,000)
  •  Hisense REF(176DR):176L: (KSh 40,000)


  •  Hisense and Bruhm’s models are single doors while all Ramtons’ models are double doors; with individual doors for the fridge and freezer compartment.
  •  Bruhm model offers the best value for capacity per shilling
  •  Both Hisense models have the most aesthetic exterior finishes if that is your thing, LED lighting and they operate at <38dB noise level, anything below 40dB is considered a silent fridge. 

Winner: Hisense REF (176DR) 

The 176DR is the best value since you get 56L more capacity and a water dispenser built in for just an additional KSh 4,000 from the 120DR. And for a little more you get the best overall value compared to other manufacturer models.

Runner’s Up: Bruhm’s BFS 150MD

(c) KSh 40,000-50,000

In this range, you mostly looking for a double-door fridge and the expected capacity will range between 136L to 213L.

Models Compared

  •  Von Vart (18DMY): 138L: (KSh 44,000)
  •  Von Vart (19DHY): 136L: (KSh 42,500)
  •  Von Vart (22DHS): 144L: (KSh 44,500)
  •  Von HRD (19DHS): 166L: (KSh 44,000)
  •  Von HRD (23DHS): 185L: (KSh 46,000)
  •  Ramtons RF/(130): 213L: (KSh 41,000)
  •  Ramtons RF/(238): 173L: (KSh 46,500)
  •  Ramtons RF/(243),(244): 213L: (KSh 47,400)
  •  Hisense REF(154DR): 154L: (KSh 47,400)


  •  Most Ramtons models offer the best capacity-to-price ratio in this price category, which is your main buying point of a fridge at a budget point. 
  •  Von Vart, Hisense, and all Ramtons models are double doors except for Von HRD models which are single door. 
  •  However, if you want to go with Von, the single-door models offer more capacity than the double-door Von Vart for the same prices. Also, the single-door models have a 5-year compressor warranty while the double doors have a 2-year compressor warranty.
  •  Hisense model is the most aesthetic and beautiful in finishes and it costs the cheapest in the category, 

Winner: Ramtons RF/243 or RF/244

Runner’s up: Von HRD 23DHS

2.Mid Range Fridges

A Mid range Samsung Refrigerator (Bottom Freezer)
A Mid range Samsung Refrigerator (Bottom Freezer)

In this category, we start seeing big names in the game like Samsung, Bosch, Whirlpool, and LG entering the chat. 

This category is the sweet spot between affordability and functionality; meaning this is where you get the best value, and not in categories higher than this. 

Personally, this is the range where I will be shopping. Starting from KSh 50,000 to 110,000.

I have further sub-categorized the range to get the best fit for everyone as the range is so wide.

(d) KSh 50,000-70,000

In this bracket, all listings are double doors with all top-mount freezers. Features like no frost start surfacing here, this feature means no defrosting is required as ice won’t accumulate around your foods.

Inverter compressor technology is also available in some models which ensures efficiency in reducing power use. Capacity wise expect from 196L to 220L

  •  Hisense REF(203DR): 203L: (KSh 57,000)
  •  Samsung RT26HAR2DSA: 203L: (KSh 68,000)
  •  Ramtons RF/239: 196L: (KSh 58,900)
  •  Von Vart (25NHS): 220L: (KSh 67,000)
  •  Mika MRDCD261SBR: 261L: (KSh 63,000)


  •  Mika offers the most insane capacity to shilling rate. If capacity is your thing, can’t go wrong with Mika 
  •  Hisense, Ramtons, and Samsung have no frost thus will save you the pain of defrosting manually
  •  Inverted compressor technology is used in Hisense and Samsung thus offering slightly efficient units
  •  Samsung features cool packs that absorb heat from the freezer in case of a power outage and will keep your food frozen for up to 8 hours without power. This is a very important feature, especially with KPLC reliability issues.
  •  For finishes and aesthetics, can’t go wrong with either Samsung, Hisense, or Mika. All have ergonomic recessed handles that offer a minimalist and modern touch in contrast to Ramtons and Von which have bulky traditional handles.
  •  Most manufacturers offer a 5-year warranty on the compressor, Mika however offers two. Samsung offers 10-years
  •  Hisense has a 90° door design, the door opens up to a right angle and thus manages space very well as most models open their doors up to 180°. For Hisense, it can be usable in tight places and on walls.
  •  Hisense and Samsung offer easy slide shelves, the shelves can slide out on pulling making accessibility easier for even items stored at the back saving you back pains

Winner: Hisense REF(203DR)

Runner’s up: Samsung RT26HAR2DSA

(e) KSh 70,000- 90,000

At this price bracket all models are frost-free, most have recessed handles, inverter compressors, and some models are convertibles. Capacity ranges between 187L to 320L

  •  Hisense REF (320DR): 320L: (KSh 75,000)
  •  Armco ARF-NF298(SL): 251L: (KSh 70,300)
  •  Bosch KDN30N12K5: 280L: (KSh 90,000)
  •  Bruhm BRD 249TENI: 250L: (KSh 70,000)
  •  Samsung RT28K3032S8, 231L: (KSh 77,000)
  •  Samsung RT31K3082S8, 253L: (KSh 85,000)
  •  LG GN-B202SQBB, 187L: (KSh 78,000)
  •  LG GL-C252SLBB, 234L: (KSh 90,000)
  •  Von Vart 36-NHS, 251L: (KSh 71,000)
  •  Von Vart 39-NHS, 241L: (KSh 78,000)
  •  Von Vart 41-NHS, 261L: (KSh 83,000)
  •  Mika MRNF297DS, 297L: (KSh 90,000)


  •  Hisense is the best deal here in terms of capacity offering to price at 320L the competitor Mika, with 297L costs a whooping KSh 15,000 more. It should be a no-brainer here if you want a high-capacity refrigerator as other models cost almost it has 70L less in capacity.
  •  LG and Samsung have the best warranty deals for 10 years on the compressor, while the rest offer an average of 5 years
  •  Hisense offers super-cooling not mentioned in other models. Super cooling involves cooling below an item’s freezing point without solidifying the item.
  •  Multi airflow is introduced in this price bracket from models like; Armco, Samsung, and  LG. It involves strategic placements of air vents ensuring even cooling through.
  •  Bosch and Samsung have cool packs discussed before. In Bosch, they retain cooling for up to an impressive 30 hours without power as long as doors are not opened. Bosch also features 4-star freezing that pushes freezing capability to -24°C
  •  Humidity control in vegetable boxes is available in Von and LG models enabling you to select desired moisture for storage of your fruits and veggies.
  •  Twist ice trays are a feature found in Von and Mika models; 
  •  Von models are convertible refrigerators meaning temperatures in each compartment can be adjusted. You can convert your entire refrigerator into a freezer by adjusting temperatures or making the refrigerator section a freezer and the freezer section a refrigerator as you desire. This is a pretty tight feature
  •  Samsung models have an inbuilt stabilizer that protects the unit from power surges and voltage spikes, this eliminates the need for external devices like fridge guards
  •  The 234L LG model features Self Diagnosis which works by communicating your fridge to an LG mobile app to troubleshoot and get suggestions on fixes

Winner: Hisense REF (320DR)

Runner’s up: Bosch KDN30N12K5

If you are going for Samsung models, get the smaller 231L as it offers more value. The 22L extra capacity is not worth the 8,000 extra as other features are the same across.

However, if you are shopping LG, get the bigger 234L as the KSh 12,000 extra offers 47L more, and you get the Smart Diagnostic feature that will help you troubleshoot without calling in a technician.

(f) Ksh 90,000- 110,000

Nothing revolutionary in this bracket, just the same features from the previous but bumped up, or features that were specific in some models are now household to most brands. However, bottom-mount freezer layout models start appearing here.

  •  Hisense REF510DR 510L (KSh 110,000)
  •  Bruhm BRD 425TENI 450L (KSh 99,900)
  •  LG GN-B272SQCB 254L (KSh 93,000)
  •  Samsung RT34K5552S8 302L (KSh 102,900)
  •  LG GC-B369NLJM 306L (KSh 110,000)
  •  Ramtons RF/331  378L (KSh 99,250)
  •  Von VART-47NHS 341L (KSh 96,000)


  •  At this point, it is a cliche that Hisense offers insane capacity compared to the competition. 510L when the following is 450L from Bruhm and 378 from Ramtons
  •  Hisense and Von 341L are the only models with a water dispenser fitted. For Hisense, the dispenser type is a  4.2L water tank and doesn’t require plumbing to a water source. Von offers a 2L dispenser capacity.
  •  Von 341L is a reversible door refrigerator meaning hinges can be swapped to the other side so that your fridge can open in the direction you desire. That is like super cool literally, It also has a 4-star freezing rating that we saw in a Bosch model earlier.
  •  LG 306L is the first model with a bottom-mounted freezer on the list if that is what you are shopping for. It also packs LG’s in-house fancy technologies trademarks  like Linear Cooling™ which helps maintain the taste, color, and smell of produce  by handling temperature fluctuations while DoorCooling+™  offers more cooling to the door after it has been opened
  •  Samsung 302L introduces a convertible freezer which we first saw in Von models earlier, and a power cool model we saw on Hisense earlier. A convertible Freezer can be converted into a fridge to store even more fresh produce by releasing 88L capacity. The power-cool technology offers 31% faster cooling and freezing. Samsung 302L also features cool packs to cool for up to 12 hours and has an external temperature control panel.

Winner: Samsung RT34K5552S8 302L

Runner’s up: Hisense REF510DR 510L

3. High-End Fridges

Side by Side Samsung Refrigerator
Side by Side Samsung Refrigerator

In this category, the layout designs change, mostly side by sides, french doors, and premium wide bottom freezers. Capacity wise expect up to 600L.

These types of refrigerators are ideal for big families of 4 adults and over.

e) KSh 110,000- 140,000

Mostly dominated by top and bottom-mount freezers with few side-by-side listings. Capacity ranges are 341L to 517L

  •  Mika MRNF465XDMV 465L (KSh 130,000)
  •  Ramtons RF/332 517L (KSh 120,000)
  •  Ramtons RF/319 430L (KSh 120,000)
  •  Bosch KDN43VL2K5 365L  (KSh 115,000)
  •  LG GN-B332PXGB 335L (KSh 120,000)
  •  Von VART-56NHS 425L (KSh 121,000)
  •  LG GC-B459NQDZ 341L (KSh 128,000)
  •  LG GN-B392PLGB 395L (KSh 137,000)


This is a boring bracket, nothing revolutionary here just the same features as before only bundled with more capacity.

I would personally skip to the next price bracket (140k to 180k)  where offerings are just better.

Just the LG 341L  comes with LG’s SmartThinQ™ a technology enabling you to control your fridge from a mobile app; controlling temperatures, energy monitoring, and food management. It also has an A++ energy efficiency rating.

 A+ indicates  10% more efficiency than standard A efficiency. For this case, A++  means the fridge is 20% more efficient.

LG 341L is the only bottom freezer model, while Ramtons 319L introduces us to side-by-side models

Winner: LG GC-B459NQDZ 341L

Runner’s up: Ramtons RF/332 517L (Update: Sold Out)

f) KSh 140,000- 180,000

Most models are side by side in layout, with some bottom-mount and others top-mounts. Single-door fridges are back again but in a slim and minimalist profile. The Capacity offered is between 323L and 562L.

  •  Armco ARF-NF758SBS(SL) 562L (KSh 142,300)
  •  Ramtons RF/265 527L (KSh 149,500)
  •  Mika MRNF2D562SSV 562L (KSh 160,000)
  •  LG GC-FB507PQAM  519L (KSh 160,000)
  •  Samsung RZ32R744532 323L (KSh 180,000)
  •  Samsung RB33T307029 339L (KSh 175,000) 
  •  Von Varz 20HNK 429L (KSh 144,000) 
  •  Samsung RT60K6341SL 460L (KSh 155,000) 
  •  LG GC-B569NQCM 462L (KSh 156,000) 
  •  LG GL-F652HLHU Top Mount Freezer 438L (KSh 155,500)
  •  LG GC-FB507PQAM 519L (KSh 160,000)
  •  Mika MRNF2D562SSV 562L (KSh 160,000)


  •  Armco and Mika  offer the largest capacity at 562L, followed by Ramtons 527L then    LG 519L
  •  Samsung offers slim aesthetic minimalist single-door fridges with different color customization in the 323L and 339L models. The 323L is optioned in pink, navy blue, and white. It is a single-door fridge and has a door alarm in case your door is not closed properly, also it features reversible door hinges for maximum customization and door orientation twists. 339L however, is a double-door fridge with a freezer bottom mounted. It has a wine rack and a dairy compartment.
  •  LG introduces HygieneFresh™ and FreshBalancer™ technologies in 438L and 462L models. HygieneFresh™ deodorizes and removes bacteria up to 99.99%. FreshBalancer™ ensures optimum moisture automatically for fruits or veggies

Winner: LG GC-FB507PQAM 

Runner’s up: Samsung RB33T307029 339L

g) KSh 180,000- 220,000

Models at this price range start reducing to just 3 available at the time of writing. Capacity ranges are 540 to 619L

  •  Bosch KGN86AI2N5 619L (KSh 218,000)
  •  Samsung RS54N3A13S8/UT 540L (KSh 200,000)
  •  Bosch KAN93VIFPG 580L (KSh 215,000)


  •  Bosch 619L is a bottom freezer while the rest are side by side. It is rated for A+ efficiency meaning it is 10% more efficient than the standard A rating.
  •  Bosch 619L and 580L have holiday mode which helps conserve energy when the fridge will be empty and prevents odor. Raise the temperature in the fridge compartment while lowering the freezer’s temperature to freeze frozen foods. 

Winner: Bosch KGN86AI2N5 619L

Runner’s up: Bosch KAN93VIFPG 580L

4. Super High-End Fridges

Samsung Smart Refrigerator
Samsung Smart Refrigerator

Here is where smart fridges feature and all the gimmicks and quirks offered. All the modern available technology is dumped here to the point it is not even a refrigerator anymore. Efficiency, aesthetic finishes, and smart features all define sophistication.

Smart features include voice assistants, wireless connectivity, and entertainment; all offered through a touchscreen screen interface on the door.

h) Ksh 220,000- 300,000

We don’t have a smart fridge featuring yet at this price range. Capacity offerings are mostly in the 600L+ range.

  •   LG GC-B257JLYL 649L (KSh 226,000)
  •  Samsung RS64R5111M9/UT 617L (KSh 280,000)
  •  Bosch KAI93VIFPG 562L (KSh 265,000)
  •   LG GC-L257JLXL 634L (KSh 278,000)
  •  Samsung RS62R5005M9 647L (KSh 225,000)


No new features, same across. Bosch however features a water ice and crushed ice dispenser all connected to a tank and can be dispensed with a button. Samsung introduces vacation mode that was in previous Bosch models.

Winner: Samsung RS62R5005M9 647L

Runner’s up: LG GC-B257JLYL 649L

i) KSh 300,000- 380,000

All models featured here are smart refrigerators.

  •  Hisense REF522DR 522L (KSh 315,000)
  •  LG GC-X247CSAV 601L (KSh 352,000)
  •  LG GC-X257CSES 635L (KSh 380,000)


LG models have LG’s InstaView and Knock Twice technologies while Hisense has just smart features of connectivity and inventory only. LG models have self-diagnosis SmartThinQ™, which could come in handy for these sophisticated units. UVNano™ in the 635L works in the water dispenser to kill bacteria up to 99.9% every hour.

Winner: LG GC-X257CSES 635L 

Runner’s up: LG GC-X247CSAV 601L (Update: Sold Out)

Where to Shop

Listed are appliance outlets that I personally trust and would recommend. 

  1. Carrefour Supermakets: Ramtons, Samsung, TCL, Von, Hisense Bruhm, Beko, Ohms, Haier, Royal and more. You can shop both online or visit a physical outlet.
  2. Hotpoint Appliances: Widest SKUs in stock especially if you are shopping premium brands. They have Samsung, LG, Bosch,Beko and Von. You can shop either online or visit a physical store.
  3. Jumia: Offers general models across Bruhm’s, Mika, Hisense, LG, Samsung, Von, Armco, and more. Exclusively online shopping.
  4. Ramtons Website: Exclusively Ramtons products
  5. Hisense Kenya Website: Exclusively Hisense products
  6. Mika Appliances Website: Exclusively Mika Products 


Please be cautious of electronic shops on Lithuli Avenue, they may have the best deals but your chances of getting scammed are so high. It is probably the sketchiest place to shop for appliances.

If you are not scammed outright, they start selling you everything separately or if not that, getting a refund or exchange is downright impossible; unless you involve the police.

Yes, there are genuine stores along Lithuli Avenue but take that with a grain of salt.

Personally, I would also be skeptical about Instagram shops, please don’t get scammed. Beware of fake copycat Instagram accounts of reputable appliance stores, and if you have to buy from IG, just don’t pay before delivery. And if they insist then there is your red flag.


  1. After establishing the brand and model you are going for, compare it across different retailers to find the best price. Just make sure you are getting it from somewhere reputable with after-sales services and a return policy.
  2. Take into account delivery charges when shopping. Shop from the nearest place so that you pay less or even get free delivery. It will be even more convenient for you if you need to return your purchase.
  3. Some brands like TCL and Haier are not covered, they are good it is just that they were out of stock. Haier fridges are good too as the brand is trusted in the appliance industry they offer budget models mostly with good value, but they are very noisy so take that into consideration. 


This article is for educational and comparative purposes only and should not be considered expert advice. It is just a guide to help you narrow down your research and make your own choices.

Pricing fluctuates all the time so keep that in mind; keep watch on sales to get even better value

There is no affiliation with any mentioned brands or stores, it is all personal and non-biased opinions weighed on value offering basis and reputation

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    I came across this blog like maybe one week ago and I must say I really love your content. Very well researched and great reviews overall. I must say I have even started looking at some brands differently (LG, what a surprising disappointment). I am as well surprised to discover impressive Brands such as Beko and Panasonic which normally I would not have given a second thought.. So thank for this eye opening Blog. Just a quick one how come you haven’t done a review on TV Brands/Sets (really interested in this one) and Sound Bars/ Home Theatres.. Oh and I was also surprised the Brand Moulinex never made it in any category…Am now heavily invested in your opinion(s)!! Keep up the good work!

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      Generally on subject of brands Samsung is great for consumer electronics like TVs and phones but terrible in most home and kitchen appliances(except for entry level and mid-range fridges, they are okay but on the higher end spectrum they get less reliable-especially the one with ice dispensers), so brand matters on a specific appliance

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