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Buying Guide: The 4 Best Dishwasher Brands in Kenya

Hey there! So, you’ve finally decided to level up your kitchen game with a dishwasher? Congrats! Trust me, it’s not just about having sparkling clean dishes; it’s about reclaiming precious time and upgrading your quality of life. Plus, who doesn’t love the feeling of fresh, perfect utensils that they did not clean?

But before you dive headfirst into the world of dishwashers, let’s talk about some key things you should consider. And again, as much as a brand doesn’t matter in most home appliances, in dishwashers it does, some brands clean better than others regardless of the models.

Having freshly cleaned utensils is such a satisfying feeling, especially when they come out much cleaner than if washed by hand. Plus, it’s a bonus knowing that using a dishwasher also saves water.

Dishwasher Features Recommendation

Noise Levels

First off, let’s talk noise. Nobody wants a dishwasher that sounds like a posho mill grinding away in the background. Opt for models with lower decibel levels, especially if you plan on running them overnight.

Same thing if you are in the market for a fridge, since it runs 24/7, 365 you don’t want those loud hums that can drive you crazy.

If you want numbers you should be looking at in the specification sheet then here you go:

Noise rating (<40 dBA, barely audible; <50 dBA, quiet; >50 dBA, very audible), so just consider <50dB, the lower the number the better.

Generally, newer models are more silent, when buying ex-UK, you might wanna consider the noise levels.

Other Bells and Whistles

  • Stainless steel tubs are where it’s at for quicker drying and easier cleaning.
  • Sanitize feature – perfect for pet bowls alongside your dishes
  • Third rack for extra utensils
  • Controls on top: childproof and minimal design, also for easy reach
  • auto air dry, gentle on your dishes, and energy efficient than condensation drying
  • And if there’s one feature I swear by, it’s the self-opening function. Trust me, it’s a game-changer when you’re not around to unload.
  • The most important feature to choose – a self-cleaning filter model or a manual clean filter model. I prefer a self-cleaning model manual is yucky, but again Also if you can, get one with a manual clean disposal. I have a self-cleaning one and it can get nasty

Now let’s get to the brands, whatever you eventually get whether on this list or not, just stay away from Samsung. They get nearly all of their warranty claims on that brand because the computer in them breaks down.

Also, it was really hard to get parts for them, so repairs take longer.

4. Rantoms

Best Budget Option


If you’re just dipping your toes into the world of dishwashers and want something super basic, Ramtons is your go-to. It’s the cheapest option out there, coming in at under KSh 60,000.

But let’s be real, it’s pretty bare-bones. Sometimes it doesn’t get everything spotless, and you might find yourself reaching for the dish soap instead.

Still, if you’re on a tight budget and need a brand-new dishwasher, Ramtons gets the job done without burning a hole in your wallet: Costs less than half of the standard dishwasher budget, so while it may not be the best it has a reasonable value

Check Price & Features at Ramtons Kenya

3. Beko

Best Value Option

Beko BDFN15430G Dishwasher 14PS - Grey
Beko BDFN15430G Dishwasher 14PS – Grey

If you’re on a budget and looking for solid performance without breaking the bank, Beko is a reliable option, especially if you’re not keen on shelling out more than KSh 90,000. Performance-wise, it outshines competitors like Von and Ramtons, offering dependable cleaning power.

However, let’s keep it real – while Beko gets the job done, it might not be the most user-friendly option out there. Its interface might not be as intuitive as some of the higher-end brands. That said, when it comes to build and mechanical quality, Beko holds its own with a sturdy construction that ensures durability.

Check Prices on Hotpoint Appliances

2. LG

Best for Smart Features

LG QuadWash™ | TrueSteam™ 14ppl Dishwasher, 3 Racks, Inverter DD, Silver

LG QuadWash™ | TrueSteam™ 14ppl Dishwasher, 3 Racks, Inverter DD, Silver

As of 2024, LG dishwashers in Kenya range from KSh 112,000 to KSh 195,000. And here’s the sweet deal – most models come with free detergent when you make a purchase.

When it comes to features, LG doesn’t mess around. All their models boast Inverter Direct Drive and QuadWash™ (Multi-Motion Wash Arms). Plus, you’ve got options like TrueSteam™ in some models and the top-of-the-line ones even come with Smart ThinQ™ technology.

  1. Inverter Direct Drive: This technology ensures a quiet and efficient operation by eliminating belts and pulleys. The motor is directly attached to the dishwasher’s spray arms, reducing noise and energy consumption while providing powerful cleaning performance.
  2. QuadWash™ (Multi-Motion Wash Arms): With four spray arms instead of the traditional two, QuadWash™ technology ensures thorough coverage and superior cleaning from every angle. The arms move in multiple directions, reaching even the toughest-to-clean spots for sparkling results.
  3. TrueSteam™: This feature utilizes high-temperature steam to effectively sanitize dishes, eliminating bacteria and germs for a hygienic clean. It’s perfect for households with babies or anyone concerned about cleanliness.
  4. Smart ThinQ™: LG’s Smart ThinQ™ technology allows you to control your dishwasher remotely using your smartphone or voice commands. You can start or stop cycles, monitor progress, and even download additional wash cycles for customized cleaning.

Color choices? You’ve got silver and Matte Black to match your kitchen vibes, i love both as they are minimalist

I gotta give it to LG – their top-of-the-line dishwasher with the steam function is a game-changer. It runs so quietly, you’ll forget it’s even there.

And let’s talk dominance – LG takes the crown with its impressive array of features, top-notch service, and competitive pricing. Seriously, investing in an LG dishwasher feels like money well spent.

Plus, compared to Bosch, LG tends to be better priced and offers a wider range of models to choose from. So, whether you’re looking for basic functionality or all the fancy extras, LG has got you covered.

Check out prices and available models on LG Kenya (Opalnet)

1. Bosch

Best for Reliability and Performance

Bosch Dishwasher, Kenya
Bosch Dishwasher

Bosch dishwashers? They’re the bomb. Seriously, they’re so quiet, you’ll be wondering if they’re even on. You’ll love how quietly they do their thing, plus the delay start feature is a game-changer.

Now, let’s talk about why Bosch is the real MVP:

  • Loads of space inside
  • Stainless steel lining that’s a breeze to clean
  • Spinners for both the upper and lower racks
  • Easy-to-remove trap
  • They run like a dream, super quiet
  • They’re eco-friendly, recycling water and saving you from the hassle of hand washing
  • And that sanitize cycle? Perfect for baby stuff

Even though other dishwashers might come with all these fancy wash cycles and gizmos, Bosch keeps it simple and nails it every time. No need for all the bells and whistles when you’ve got a Bosch doing the job right.

Oh, and here’s an exclusive – if the power goes out, Bosch will pick up right where it left off once the lights come back on. Talk about reliability!

But hey, gotta keep it real – getting service for Bosch might be a bit of a hassle in some places, but if you’re in Nairobi, you’re solid.

Check out Bosch (Home) Kenya


Unfortunately, you’re on your own when it comes to installing your dishwasher. If you’re lucky, your vendor might hook you up with a plumber who knows their way around dishwashers and can set it up for you, or if you are even luckier get free installation services from the vendor. But if not, well, you’re out of luck.

Setting up a dishwasher isn’t rocket science, but it’s not exactly a walk in the park either. You’ll need an inlet and an outlet, similar to what you’d find on a washing machine, but with a few differences.

So, if you’re feeling up to the challenge, roll up your sleeves and get ready to tackle some DIY plumbing.

Detergent & Salt Options

I’ve been sticking with Cascade detergent powder, along with some salt and rinse aid, and it’s been doing the trick just fine. It’s reasonably priced and gets the job done without any fuss. Personally, I find pods the easiest to use, but powder is super versatile. Gel, on the other hand, well, let’s just say it’s not my favorite.

Sure, Finish is pretty well-known, but it comes with a higher price tag, just like Crystal brand. They might have their reputations, but they’re definitely not the most budget-friendly options out there.

Oh, and here’s a little tip: if you don’t have hard water, you can skip the salt altogether. No need to spend extra on something you don’t need


In conclusion, dishwashers are undoubtedly a game-changer in the kitchen, offering convenience, efficiency, and sparkling clean dishes with minimal effort. While they may come with a hefty price tag, there are ways to make them more budget-friendly.

Firstly, consider your options wisely. Brands like Ramtons offer a more economical entry point into the world of dishwashers, while still providing basic functionality. If you’re willing to invest a bit more, brands like LG and Bosch offer a range of features and reliable performance.

Additionally, don’t overlook the potential savings from purchasing open box or scratch and dent models. These options can often be found at a discount, yet still come with warranties and provide brand-new performance.


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