The BEST Dish Washing Liquid Soaps in Kenya

1 February 2024|Home & Living KE

This post is a discussion of the popular dishwashing detergents and how different they are formulated, to find the best recommendations for your use case.

We all hate washing dishes, but it doesn’t have to be like that forever, you can make the experience more pleasant by just tweaking a few things, using a good detergent for instance will make the whole process smoother and enjoyable. 

Trust me one part of hating doing dishes apart from the nasty food particles you touch, is the stubborn stains that you have to scrub off, the scrubbing part is the soul-sucking part of the dishwashing experience.

To enjoy doing dishes use other life hacks including; using warm or hot water mixed with detergent, and letting the dishes sit for 10 minutes before coming to wash them, everything will be falling off, even the stubborn stains.

The other way is to wash as you clean, this way you won’t have a load of dishes to clean after. 

Say you used a mixing bowl, while whatever you are cooking is simmering, just run water from the tap over it with a little detergent and it will be clean in seconds instead of waiting for the leftovers to stick to the bowl making it a nightmare to clean hours later!

And for the ugali sufuria, just add water to the brim after cooking and let it sit for hours, the crust will be soft and scrub off easily.

Dishwashing Pastes vs Dishwashing Liquids

Dish Washing Pastes
Dish Washing Pastes

Liquid dishwashing detergents are known for their superior grease-fighting abilities, making them the preferred choice for those looking to effortlessly tackle dirty dishes. Despite being pricier, their efficiency often justifies the extra cost

On the other hand,  paste detergents are more budget-friendly and economical, but they might fall short in lathering off stubborn grease.

Below are the featured brands;

4. Pride

Pride Dish Washing Liquids
Pride Dish Washing Liquids

Pride has been a top option for being effective and cheap, this has been the case for a while, but currently not anymore, quality has tanked a little, and it is watery; meaning you will have to use more of it for the same effectiveness; now but still good enough.

The selling point is; that it is actually a multipurpose liquid detergent even tho we all use it for washing dishes, also it is gentle on your hands, it just comes in one lemon variant with that fresh smell, and it has minimal ingredients.

3. Morning Fresh 

Morning Fresh Dish Washing Liquids
Morning Fresh Dish Washing Liquids

Unlike Pride, Morning Fresh and the rest of the detergents are on the thicker side of consistency, while It is effective, and has 4 varieties, it is the most expensive brand in this list while not offering the best results, but still decent enough tho, its fragrances are not that good however, they smell chemicals and not the fruits freshness scent like other brands

It also advertises as being gentle on the hand, honestly, I have never encountered any dishwashing detergent that dries your hand out or peals your skin, unlike washing powders.

2. Velvex

Velvex Dish Washing Liquids
Velvex Dish Washing Liquids

Velvex Platinum is the cheapest, and yet the thickest dishwash liquid in this list. This makes it the best value since just a single drop or two is enough foam to wash all your dishes, so it will generally last longer. 

The formula is good and it reduces scrubbing by 50% according to them.

Velvex is really decent, I love the orange one it has a nice scent while being effective in cleaning and costs way less than everything. 

It is just KSh 90 for a 500ml bottle while 400ml of Morning Fresh and Sunlight cost 195 and 180 respectively, that is double the amount if you ask me!

Velvex is what I personally use since value is my shopping point for anything.

1. Sunlight

Sunlight Dish Washing Liquids
Sunlight Dish Washing Liquids

Sunlight is at the top of the list for two reasons; It smells the best, heavenly for the lemon one, and it is the most effective, using Sunlight you don’t even need to scrub, just a wipe, and it’s all sparkling, it just cleans like magic.

The smell is so good that it will motivate you to do the dishes,fresha and real lemon juice are used in the formulation that is why.

Also, as stated, it is the best in removing dirt, especially the stubborn grease, so sunlight is the best option if you just want the best regardless of the cost. For me, the difference in effectiveness between Sunlight and Velvex is minimal so that is why I prefer velvex for half the price.


In the scene of dishwashing detergents, the battle between liquid and paste rages on. While preferences may vary, the top brands in the market offer distinct advantages. Whether you opt for the budget-friendly Velvex, the versatile Pride, or the premium Sunlight, the key is finding a detergent that aligns with your priorities—cost, effectiveness, or fragrance.

The dishwashing experience doesn’t have to be a chore when armed with the right detergent for your job.

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