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The 7 Best Air Fryer Brands in Kenya (With Prices)-2024

30 July 2023|Appliances & Utensils

This post is a compilation of the best air fryer brands and models in the Kenyan market that are reliable and commendable.

Generally, all brands and models have the same working principle, use less oil to recreate foods we crave from the traditional deep frying that soaks up oil. 

Oil is heated up into droplets and circulated with hot air, these droplets of oil are what cook your food and give it a crisp.

The resulting food is lower in calories thanks to the less oil used, plus it reduces costs with the purchase of cooking oil

Read this post to learn more about the working mechanism and how air fryers operate An Air Fryer Will Literally Change Your Life.

1. Nutricook

Nutricook Airfryer
 Nutricook Airfryer

Price: KSh 16,000 and KSh 21,000

Capacity: 3.6L and 5.5L

Functions: 10 presets; French Fries, Chicken, Burger, Sausage, Samosa, Steak, Fish, Pizza, Broccoli & Cake

I consider  Nutricook the best overall air fryer brand in the East African market. This is thanks to its simplicity and intuitiveness to use. 

It is slightly priced higher than all other brands, but considering the functionality you get, it gives a good value to satisfy the purchase.

It has most presets ( predetermined cooking temperatures and time) so it makes the cooking experience hassle-free. It also has a pre-heat function so you don’t have to manually add cooking time.

Generally, build quality is solid and you can be assured of many years of service from this unit. The outside is stainless steel and the inside parts are dishwasher-safe nonstick coating for easy cleaning.

 Nutricook also has a unique function; shake reminder that will remind you mid-cooking to shake your food basket to allow for even cooking.

You can get  Nutricook air fryer at two capacities: 3.6L and 5.5L, while the bigger capacity allows you to cook bigger batches at a go, it takes up more counter space. So debate by yourself to find your compromise.

Nutricook air fryers are available at Hotpoint Appliances

2. Philips

Philips Airfryer
 Philips Airfryer

Price: KSh 24,000

Capacity: 4L 

Has knobs for temperature and a timer, with presets on the top part of the unit.  Philips air fryer is available in 4L capacity

While  Philips is a reputable and durable brand, it offers the worst value here. For the KSh 24,000, you can get a 5.5L  Nutricook or Kenwood model and have a 3k balance for buying other groceries. 

You will kill two birds with a stone here, save KSh 3,000 while getting 1.5L more capacity.

If you somehow have to get Philips, it is good enough with all removable parts and trays both non-stick and dishwasher safe. It is rated at 1400W  maximum power draw.

 Philips air fryer is available at Carrefour Supermarkets

3. Tefal

Tefal Air Fryer
 Tefal Air Fryer

Price: KSh 13,000 and KSh 16,000

Capacity: 3.5L and 4.2L


 Tefal is famous for many kitchen tools and appliances and most notably, the creators, innovators, and manufacturers of nonstick cookware like Tefal nonstick pans

In the air fryer game, they make reliable and compact models with space-saving in mind. 

The controls are however knobs like it is 1980s and no buttons or touch inputs like in most brands. I don’t think you get presets either on the 3.5L model. If that is a deal breaker you might wanna upgrade to the 4.2L(that has knobs too) or skip on Tefal entirely.

The 4.2L is not just an airfryer, but an air fryer with a grill.

But if you want a small, reliable, and compact air fryer that is also dishwasher safe, this would be my personal top pick for that shopping criteria

 Tefal is rated at 1430W which is in range with most brands. 

 Tefal air fryers are available at Carrefour Supermarkets

4. Kenwood

Kenwood Airfryer
Kenwood Airfryer

Price: KSh 16,000 and KSh 20,000

Capacity: 3.8L and 5.5L

Functions: 7 presets

This is a major contender to  Nutricook, especially budget-wise. But in terms of feature offering, it falls short making  Nutricook a better purchase from the value perspective

Power is rated at 1500W meaning 1 hour of running the unit continuously will consume about 1.5kWh, which is approximately KSh 45 to run the appliance for an hour.

Kenwood also offers a free recipe book to help you get started. I feel like you will generally find better air fryer recipes on the internet. The egg shape design makes it more compact taking up less space.

Kenwood is a reputable and reliable brand so get it if you can’t get your hands on  Nutricook for the same budget.

Kenwood air fryers can be bought from Hotpoint Appliances

5. Von

Von Airfryer
Von Airfryer

Price: KSh 14,200

Capacity: 5.5L

Functions: 8 presets

Von air fryer is  Nutricook style offering most of the good features and even the build quality. It offers all the goodness but at a significantly lower price. Consider the 5.5L you will save KSh 7,000 by going Von instead of Nutricook.

However, you will miss some quirks you will find in Nutricook like shake reminder and pre-heat functions. But since build quality is almost the same, I don’t think these two gimmicks are worth the extra KSh 7,000

Buy from Hotpoint Appliances

6. Sayona

Sayona Airfryer and Pressure Cooker
Sayona Airfryer and Pressure Cooker

Price KSh 14,500

Capacity: Max 6L

Functions: 5 airfryer presets, and 10 pressure cooker presets

Sayona was one of the first brands to introduce a 2 in 1 unit with a pressure cooker. This is the unit I personally use. I have a mixed bag of opinions about it, but generally, I love it and I will commend it.

Unlike other air fryers with a pull-out tray at the bottom, Sayona’s air fryer is based on a pressure cooker; an Instant Pot-style body, then its lid is the airfryer.

Being a 2-in-1 appliance means it is not as good as a dedicated air fryer. That is so obvious and expected. 

I feel like it is more designed to be a pressure cooker than an airfryer, both functions can be switched by using a separate lid for each.

Let’s talk about the good; it costs around KSh 15,000 and for that much, you are getting two appliances. That is not even a deal; it is a steal, killing two birds with one stone

Now for the ugly, the air fryer capacity is limited. Since air frying requires using the provided basket that should fit inside the bigger pressure cooker pot, the basket has to be smaller, limiting your capacity. You will have to cook in batches if you have a big family of more than two.

The one thing that gets under my skin is constant overheating, the unit doesn’t operate well near walls and should be operated in a ventilated space to avoid overheating and the crazy beeping when it does that.

Since it is not a pull-out tray,(it’s a top-down tray); it is not safe to handle and I have like 3 burn marks on my wrist when trying to reach for the cooked food since I am always starving.

But generally, looking at its versatility offering and the price I got it for? I shouldn’t be complaining it is a steal as I said! 

Get it if you can put up with its shortcomings…I mean you will get used to it, and you will get the best value ever. 

7. Ramtons

Ramtons Airfryer
Ramtons Airfryer

Price: KSh 13,200

Capacity: 3L

Functions: 8  presets

Ramtons is the perfect brand that is somehow trusted by the majority of Kenyans. It offers quality products at affordable prices too so that explains it.

However, this airfryer from them is not the best value, it offers 3L capacity which is probably the lowest in this list. Yes, it is cheaper than others but not by a big margin. Its body is plastic too so I can’t be sure about the longevity of this unit

It has overheat protection and non-stick removable parts. It is however not mentioned if the parts are dishwasher safe.

Just like all Ramtons products, it is backed by a 1-year warranty so pick it up if it suits your needs.

Buy from Ramtons Kenya

Summary of Air Fryer Brands in Kenya

Best overall:  Nutricook

Runner’s up: Von

Best Value: Sayona 2 in 1 

If you are on an extreme budget say below KSh 10,000 you can get options from Jumia that are generic brands starting from as low as KSh 6,000

Yes, you pay less for the same thing but you won’t get that reliable reputation from established brands featured, that have over and over proven themselves.

Cheers, and good luck with your new air fryer shopping!

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