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Chicken Inn vs KFC: Which Chicken Restaurant is Better?

Today, we’re dipping into the delicious world of fast-food chicken with a head-to-head comparison of two heavyweights: KFC and Chicken Inn. (Sorry Galitos, we’ll invite you when we talk of grilled chicken):

Why these two? Well, besides being popular across Nairobi and Kenya, they both offer that crispy, golden goodness we all crave in fried chicken.

Chicken Inn Chicken & Chips
Chicken Inn 3-Piecer
KFC Streetwise 3

1. Chicken

Winner: Tie

Let’s start with the basics. When it comes to chicken quality, Chicken Inn takes the crown in my book.

Their chicken is juicy, succulent, and bursting with flavor. It’s like a flavor explosion in every bite!

KFC, on the other hand, almost misses the mark on juiciness, their chicken is always dry and spongy but hey, their breading and secret recipe is like culinary magic.

Chicken Inn breading is a joke, so thick and hard that sometimes it comes off the chicken, seriously it’s a hard breading it’s like you’re eating a shell, plus the spice balance is off, some bits salty others, not some salty others flavorless,

Neither of the two has the ultimate chicken experience. So, it’s a bit of a toss-up depending on what you prioritize – juicy chicken go to Chicken Inn, or flavorful breading then visit a KFC location.

2. Chips

Winner: KFC

Now, let’s talk chips. I’m not a huge fan of either, but if I had to choose, KFC’s fries take the cake. Chicken Inn’s fries? Well, let’s just say they’re not my cup of tea. Or should I say my plate of fries?

KFC fries are overrated, the only reason you act like you like them is that they’re thinly sliced, which is appealing, but the amount of regular chips is insultingly small, however, they are consistent in taste and texture.

Chicken Inn on the other hand has worse fries, they are inconsistent in texture, plus extremely oily and that is what throws them away for me, so KFC Wins, but if I were to recommend good fries then it would be at Baker’s Inn in Afya Centre, best fries I have ever had, despite being thick cuts.

3. Pricing & Value

Winner: Chicken Inn

Price-wise, both joints will set you back about the same amount. Take a 3-Piecer from Chicken Inn with coleslaw and chips for example – it’s around KSh 670.

And guess what? KFC’s Streetwise 3, which includes 3 pieces of chicken and chips, rings in at the same price.

So, it’s a tie in the pricing department, except in Chicken Inn you get free coleslaw with your order. So while pricing is the same, Chicken Inn gets better value for your money.

4. Menu Variety

Winner: KFC

But wait, there’s more! Variety is the spice of life, right? Well, if you’re all about trying new things, KFC’s got you covered. Their menu is chock-full of options, from classic chicken buckets to zesty wraps and everything in between.

Chicken Inn, on the other hand, offers a more streamlined selection. So, if you’re craving variety, KFC might be the way to go.


Overall Winner: KFC

So, there you have it, folks – the ultimate showdown between KFC and Chicken Inn. Whether you’re Juicy Chicken or Flavorful Breading, there’s something for everyone. But from comparisons, KFC is the overall winner for the overall experience.

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