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Different Delamere Yoghurt Flavors

All 7 Delamere Yoghurt Flavors Ranked; Worst to Best

Delamere is the oldest and most popular yogurt brand in Kenya since 1927. This post is a review of 7 of its flavors, ranking them from the worst to the best.

Delamere Yoghurt Flavours
Delamere  Yoghurt Flavours

These yogurts are on the midrange premium tiers, and on the extreme end we have brands like Dairyland, Laki Laki, and Bio which make even better yogurts than Delamere, and they are even more expensive.

Subsequently, Delamere is better than the common average brands like Ilara, Brookside, and Fresha, its yogurts are thicker and use real flavors instead of artificial flavors and that is the appeal of any premium yogurt over the ordinary ones.

This ranking is based on personal tastes, so it may change from person to person; take it how you will. All yogurts were tasted cold, and the mouth rinsed between the flavors.

7. Pear Caramel

Delamere Yoghurt | Pear Caramel
Delamere  Yoghurt | Pear Caramel

Might be a little biased here, but I hate caramel, and I think it is the worst thing ever, I don’t know what else to say but it’s just disgusting, it is bad in candy and even worse in yogurt

I don’t think that the sweetness itself is why I dislike caramel, it smells weird and has a gross consistency.

Nevertheless, I  tasted the pear caramel yogurt and it was disgusting, like really.

6. Choco Chips

I love chocolate, even love chocolate ice cream, but the idea of chocolate on yogurt sounds really disgusting, it tastes like thin pudding, and the chocolate itself here is so bad that it tastes like molten candle wax.

Yoghurts are more fruit-flavored so anything besides that will definitely taste off.

5. Vanilla

Delamere Yoghurt | Vanilla
Delamere  Yoghurt | Vanilla

Plain and boring but good, tastes nothing like the actual vanilla tho, and so do all yogurts. It is not punchy, or less punchy as I remember it from years ago, clean tasting tho.

I feel like even ice cream tastes better in vanilla than yogurts can.

Vanilla is probably the most laid-back flavor from Delamere, I don’t mind that actually; sometimes I like subtle flavors so that you get to taste the real yogurt texture and taste.

4. Strawberries

Delamere Yoghurt | Strawberry
Delamere  Yoghurt | Strawberry

This is the most common Delamere flavor and was the pilot one during the launch of the premium series.

It is what advertises the brand for using real fruit as it uses real strawberries and actually has dried strawberries in every yogurt sip.

Strawberry is okay, it’s just that it is generally sweeter than other flavors, and is pink, and I don’t take strawberry and banana flavors seriously.

3. Lemon Biscuit

Delamere Yoghurt | Lemon Biscuit
Delamere  Yoghurt | Lemon Biscuit

When life gives you lemons, Delamere makes lemon biscuit yogurt. SMH

This is probably the craziest and weirdest flavor on the list, and I love crazy because it made it to the top 3 of my favorite flavors.

The idea of having lemon in dairy is unheard of because you know it is gonna curdle the milk and make it sour. 

And again how are lemons and biscuits even related? I mean they aren’t iconic duos in the flavor world that are universally known to pair well; say salt and vinegar, or sour cream and onion. Anyway, whoever came up with or formulated this flavor, you’re a real one.

I don’t know how they did it but this yoghurt is everything but sour. It has a lemony signature taste and that’s it, the most annoying thing about lemon biscuit is the intense aftertaste. It is so bad and sticky that you just can’t ignore it, thanks to the lemons.

2. Pineapple & Coconut

Delamere Yoghurt | Pineapple & Coconut
Delamere  Yoghurt | Pineapple & Coconut

This one splattered on my face when opening to review it, so I know I will hate it a little.

Even though it is a paring of pineapple and coconut, pineapple is the dominant flavor here, really bold that it dwarfs the coconut.

Just like how banana taste overpowers a smoothie of 15 fruits just because you added the tiniest bit of banana.

Coconut on the other end is subtle and you can smell it but can’t taste it; just like a pizza delivery guy and a….

Speaking of Pizza: The 12 BEST Nairobi Pizza Spots According to Kenyans on Reddit

This yogurt consistency is however more on the thinner and watery side than other flavors, I wonder what flavors have to do with consistency, but hey there’s that.

There are occasional pineapple pieces and shreds of desiccated coconut I guess that is a little pointless, I mean yes they are evidence that the yogurt is real fruit, but they are basically tasteless- I prefer the strawberries and other berries but not pineapple mini chunks and coconut threads, at least the coconuts add a crunchy texture.

1. Wild Berries

Delamere Yoghurt | Wildberries
Delamere  Yoghurt | Wildberries

Wild berries is the best Delamere flavor, and that is a fact. (Source: Trust me, bro.)

It is just perfect, thick, and complex thanks to the different berries here creating an explosion of flavors. Yes, I don’t like strawberries that much, but wild berries are the peak flavor.

It comprises strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries, maybe the 3 flavor-packed options is what makes it bolder than the rest with two blended flavors? Perhaps.

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