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Chicken Inn Menu, Pricing, Locations & Review (2024)

4 March 2024|Nairobi Fast Food & Snacks

Chicken Inn is a popular fast food brand from Zimbabwe and operated by Simbisa Brands Kenya. They specialize mostly in chicken, and chicken products, especially burgers. In this post, we will look at individual menu items, pricing, and reviews for each.

Comparison: Chicken Inn or KFC?

Chicken Inn Chicken & Chips
Chicken Inn Chicken & Chips

This comparison is logical because both KFC and Chicken Inn are popular fast-food chains offering chicken and related products in Nairobi and across Kenya.

In my opinion, I believe the chicken quality at Chicken Inn surpasses that of KFC, but KFC’s breading and secret recipe outshine Chicken Inn.  

Ultimately, the better choice depends on what you prioritize most. 

If you value juicy chicken and don’t mind thick breading, preferring Chicken Inn over KFC would be wise. 

However, if you favor KFC’s flavorful breading despite their occasionally dry chicken, then KFC  would be your preferred option.

Talking chips, while I personally despise both of them, Chicken Inn’s fries are worse, making KFC a better option

In terms of pricing, Chicken Inn and KFC cost right about the same; for instance, A 3-Piecer from Chicken Inn that comes with coleslaw and chips is KSh 670, while the equivalent from KFC; the Streetwise 3 that is 3 piece chicken and chips costs the same.

Again Chicken Inn’s menu offering is limited to almost half as much as what KFC offers, if you are all about variety and trying different things then KFC takes the win

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Chicken Inn Menu Items

Chicken Inn Menu
Chicken Inn Menu- Two Rivers
Chicken Inn Menu Nairobi
Chicken Inn Two Rivers
Chicken Inn Kenya Menu
Chicken Inn Kenya Menu

1. Fried Chicken Pieces

Chicken Inn 3 Piecer

The chicken pieces are Chicken Inn are known as Piecer(s) while in KFC it is Streetwise, so generally a 3 Piecer means the menu has 3 pieces of chicken and sides, and it is the same nomenclature over there at KFC (with Streetwise).

The Chicken Inn chicken option is just like what KFC offers in two variations; original or hot and spicy which translates over from KFC as; regular and zinger.

Chicken Inn chicken prices:

  •  1 Piece: KSh 290
  •  1 Piecer + Regular Chips: KSh 480
  •  2 Piecer + Regular Chips: KSh 540
  •  3 Piecer + Regular Chips+ Coleslaw: KSh 670
  •  6 Piece Family Meal; (+ 2 Chips + 2 Coleslaws) : KSh 1,300
  •  8 Piece Bucket; (+Mega Chips): KSh 1,700

2. Burgers

Chicken Inn Burger
Chicken Inn Burger
  •  Sticky BBQ Chicken Burger: KSh 590
  •  Chicken Burger: KSh 690
  •  Double Chicken Burger: KSh 830
  •  Double Chicken Burger with Cheese: KSh960

Unless you are lactose intolerant, on a budget, or monitoring calorie intake I think it’s better to order burgers that have cheese in them, cheddar is one of the best cheeses for burgers.

Chicken Inn charges a significant upcharge to options in cheese which is not very cool, but that is how it is done everywhere lately. 

Also, their burger variety is not that impressive and so is the quality. They only serve chicken burgers, makes sense this is a chicken establishment, but beef options would go a long way too.

3. Salads

Chicken Inn Coleslaw
Chicken Inn Coleslaw
  •  Coleslaw Salad: KSh 120
  •  Green Salad: KSh 150
  •  Crunchy Chicken Salad: KSh 530

Coleslaw is the most common type of salad here, makes sense it is the most affordable too. If you don’t know what coleslaw is; it is basically cabbage shreds slathered with mayo, sometimes with shredded carrots.

Green Salad is made with green lettuce, tomato, and cucumber, then drizzled with a sauce

Crunchy Chicken Salad is made with lettuce, chicken strips, and vegetables including tomatoes and cucumber rings.

4. Chips

Chicken Inn Chips
Chicken Inn Chips

Chips come free as a side in the Piecer menus, or you can get them as extras by buying them individually. The portions you get are more than what you get at KFC.

  •  Regular Chips: KSh 230
  •  Large Chips: KSh 280
  •  Mega Chips: KSh 420

5. Wraps

Chicken Wrap
Chicken Wrap
  •  Chicken Wrap: KSh 630
  •  Sticky BBQ Chicken Wrap: KSh 660
  •  Chicken Filla: KSh 700
  •  Chicken Filla + Regular Chips: KSh 880
  •  Chicken Filla + Regular Chips + Soda: KSh 940

6. Drinks

Drinks are ridiculously priced here, so if it is a take-out order, just buy the same drinks from the supermarket at half the price.

  •  500ml Soda: KSh 160 (Supermarket Price: KSh 75)
  •  2L Soda: KSh 430 (Supermarket Price: KSh 190)
  •  500ml Dasani Water: KSh 135 (Supermarket Price: KSh 35)
  •  Minute Maid 400ml: KSh 210 (Supermarket Price: KSh 85)

Fast food places make a lot of money from selling soda thanks to their insane markups. They actually make more money from soda than from their food

It’s similar to how movie theaters make more money from selling snacks than from selling tickets. 

They charge high prices for soda because people are okay with paying them. When people choose where to eat, they usually care more about food prices and quality than about the price of drinks.

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Chicken Inn Locations

Chicken Inn Outlet
Chicken Inn Outlet
  •  CBD: Moi Avenue, Kenyatta Avenue, Tom Mboya Street.
  •  Malls: Garden City, TRM, Two Rivers, Greenspan Mall, Westgate Mall,
  •  Other Locations: Shell Mirema, Kasarani, Ring Rd. Parklands, Shell Ngong Rd(Has a drive-thru), Embakasi, Industrial Area, Shell Yaya, Ola Westlands, Kobil  South B, Waiyaki Way, Mbaghathi Way, Kobil Langata, Enterprise Rd. and more.

Ordering Chicken Inn online can be done via;

  1. Uber Eats
  2. Glovo
  3. Bolt Food

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