You are currently viewing The New KFC Kenya Menu Items & Prices: (Updated-2024)

The New KFC Kenya Menu Items & Prices: (Updated-2024)

Discover the Finger-Lickin’ Good  KFC Kenya Menu: Explore an array of menu items and their prices at  KFC Kenya. Get the latest offerings and their pricing in our comprehensive guide. 

KFC Chicken and Chips/Fries Bucket Meals
KFC Chicken and Chips/Fries Bucket Meals

KFC has multiple locations throughout the country, most notably in Nairobi and then other towns like Kisumu, Nakuru, Eldoret, and Machakos. 

The newest branch opened is in Kakamega at Shell Petrol station. There is no KFC in other major towns like Kisii, Nyeri, Bungoma, and Kitale yet.

Note that the menu is constantly evolving this could be due to; customer preferences, marketing promotions, competition, and ingredient availability.

The menu at a given time may also be different from two outlets of proximity, and some items are only available at specific branches. I generally found KFC Kimathi Street in Nairobi CBD has everything.

 KFC Kenya doesn’t have lasagna or pizza.

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KFC Kenya Streetwise Menu
KFC Kenya Menu | Burger and Wings
KFC Kenya Chicken Pieces Menu
KFC Kenya Wing Menu
KFC Kenya Burger Menu
KFC Kenya Menu
KFC Kenya Menu

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1. Fried Chicken Bucket

KFC Chicken Bucket
KFC Chicken Bucket

KFC Chicken  Bucket Prices:

  •  1 Piece: Ksh 250
  •  7 Piece: Ksh 1,500
  •  9 Piece: Ksh 1,900
  •  12 Piece: Ksh 2,400
  •  15 Piece: Ksh 2,800
  •  18 Piece: Ksh 3,150
  •  21 Piece: Ksh 3,600

This menu comes in various pieces and sizes, you can order from a single piece to the 21-piece bucket. The pieces are normally drumsticks or breasts. You have a choice of spicy or non-spicy. 

The more the pieces you buy, the more dramatic the price goes down. For instance, a single piece is KSh 250, and an individual piece from the 21 Piece bucket is just KSh 150

Chicken is made by first soaking the pieces in salty and spiced water in a brining process. This helps the chicken absorb salt and spices through the science of diffusion, it also helps with tenderizing. Chicken is then coated in a mixture of flour herbs and spices to create the external crunchy layer and then rested. Third is deep frying in pressure fryers at controlled temperatures and finally draining the cooked pieces on wire racks. 

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2. Streetwise

Streetwise is a meal pairing of chicken piece(s) and large chips(fries) or tortilla chips. It is the best value and most common menu In  KFC.

KFC Streetwise 7
 KFC Streetwise 7

KFC Streetwise Prices

  •  Streetwise 1: KSh 370
  •  Streetwise 2 Crunch: KSh 390
  •  Streetwise 2 Colonel Rice: KSh 470
  •  Streetwise 2 Large: KSh 550
  •  Streetwise 2 Dunked: KSh 580
  •  Streetwise 3: KSh 670
  •  Streetwise 5: KSh 1,200
  •  Streetwise 5 Crunch: KSh 1,100
  •  Streetwise 7: KSh 1,750

Streetwise 1,2,3,5 & 7: Streetwise 1 means one chicken piece and 1 chips, while Streetwise 3 means  3 chicken pieces and one chips. Therefore the number represents the chicken piece quantity. 

Streetwise 2 is the most popular option here, it is enough for one person as a single serving, while also being priced reasonably as a meal, in the KSh 550 price range, which most people are comfortable spending.

Streetwise 1 is the cheapest and most affordable menu option in  KFC Kenya but doesn’t offer a good value. It is recommended to get at least a Streetwise 2.

Streetwise 3
Streetwise 3

You can either choose the normal streetwise menu which is chicken with regular chips(fries), or get the streetwise crunch which is just chicken with tortilla chips. 

The Streetwise Crunch menu is significantly cheaper too.

3. Wings

KFC Zinger Wings
 KFC Zinger Wings

KFC Wings Prices:

  •  4 Sticky Wings: KSh 520
  •  8 Sticky Wings: KSh 890
  •  12 Sticky Wings: KSh 1,250
  •  4 Zinger Wings: KSh 490
  •  8 Zinger Wings: KSh 850
  •  12 Zinger Wings: KSh 1,200         
  •  3 Crispy Strips: KSh 450 (with Colonel sauce dip)                       
  •  3 Crispy Strips Meal: KSh 750 (with Colonel sauce dip, fries and 500ml soda)                         
  •  6 Crispy Strips: KSh 890 (with Colonel sauce dip) 
  •  Wingman Combo: KSh 690 (5 zinger wings, 350ml soda, regular chips) 


The wings menu consists of sticky wings and crunchy zinger wings. 

The sticky wings are mostly limited-time menu and have a sweet savory flavor, the wings are fried and then coated in a sticky sauce made by combining honey, ginger, and soy sauce. 

The zinger wings however are consistent on the menu and have the signature  KFC spicy chicken flavor. Made by coating the wings in a breading mixture combined with the secret herbs and spices and deep fried till golden brown.

4. Sides

KFC Tortila Chips
 KFC Tortila Chips
  •  KFC Tortilla: KSh 150
  •  KFC Gravy: KSh 60
  •  KFC Gravy: KSh 100
  •  KFC Coleslaw: KSh 80 (Small)
  •  KFC Coleslaw: KSh 270 (Regular)
  •  KFC Coleslaw: KSh 350 (Large)

Sides are ordered to complement your main meal, current offerings are tortilla chips and coleslaw. Tortilla chips are crunchy triangular chips made from maize/corn tortillas. Coleslaw is shredded cabbage combined with carrots and onions then mixed with a tangy creamy dressing. 

5. Desserts

KFC Ice Cream Vanilla Choc Chip
 KFC Ice Cream Vanilla Choc Chip
  •  KFC Ice Lollies: KSh 60
  •  KFC Ice Cream Tub 250ml: KSh 290
  •  KFC Ice Cream Tub 750ml: KSh 550

To finish your meal, “Hmm…now I need something sweet”. Dessert options offered are  KFC ice cream tubs and ice lollies. 

Ice lollies are offered in two flavors; Pinacolada and Passion. 

Meanwhile, ice creams are offered in three flavors; Salted Caramel, Vanilla Chocolate Chips & Cookies N Cream

For the ice creams 750ml are the best value options as you get 3x the quantity for less than 2x the price of the 250ml tubs.

6. Lunch box

KFC Wingman Lunch Box
 KFC Wingman Lunch Box

KFC Lunchbox Prices

  •  Wingman Combo: KSh 690 (5 Regular Wings+ Regular Fries+ 350ml Soda)
  •  Wingman Sticky: KSh 730 (5 Sticky Wings+ Regular Fries+ 350ml Soda)
  •  Wings Lunchbox: KSh 790 (5 Regular Wings+ Regular Fries+ 350ml Soda+ Coleslaw)
  •  Chicken Lunchbox: KSh 790 (2 Piece Chickens+ Regular Fries+ 350ml Soda+ Coleslaw)

A typical  KFC Lunchbox customarily consists of a main, a side, a drink, and a dessert all packaged in a box. 

Specific items included are constantly changing from time to time. Current options are Chicken Piece Lunchbox and Wings Lunchbox. 

7. Krushers

KFC Oreo Krushers Slushie
KFC Oreo Krushers Slushie

Price: KSh 350

Made by blending, Dark Chocolate syrup, ice cubes, and other ingredients till thick and creamy, slushie and icy. 

Krushers flavors include; Oreo, Mango, Strawberry, and Passion. Oreo Krushers is my favorite and my go-to. Krushers is soooo good and it is the entire reason I go to  KFC

Just like onion rings are the entire reason I go to Burger King

8. Nuggets

Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets

KFC Nuggets Prices:

  •  8 Piece: KSh 390
  •  16 Piece: KSh 600
  •  24 Piece: KSh 790

Nuggets are small bite-sized boneless pieces of chicken breaded in spice mix and deep fried till golden brown. Since they are bite-sized they are a good snack and served with a dipping sauce or an appetizer.

 KFC Chicken nuggets are sold in packs of several pieces, 8-piece nuggets, 16, and 24. 

I got the 8-piece but turned out to be 10 upon counting. Maybe two got stuck to others or the staff threw in a little extra.

You get a better value by buying more nuggies, I wouldn’t recommend the 8 Piece; always get the 16, and even more recommend the 24 one for the best deal

9. Burgers

KFC Zinger Burger
 KFC Zinger Burger

KFC Burgers Prices:

  •  Crunch Burger: KSh 450
  •  Zinger Burger: KSh 600
  •  Legend Burger: KSh 650
  •  Nyama Nyama Burger: KSh 750
  •  Hash Brown Burger: KSh 390
  •  Double Crunch Burger: KSh 650
  •  Colonel Burger: KSh 600
  •  Bazu Burger: KSh 690

Burgers are made by choosing a fillet and then assembling it with fresh lettuce, a slice of tomato, and Colonel dressing, or spice it up with hot Zinger Dressing

The offerings of burgers include; Crunch Burger, Legend Burger, Zinger Burger, Nyama Nyama Burger, Bazu Burger, Colonel Burger, and Hash Brown Burger.

  •  Crunch Burger has crispy chicken as the fillet, and Double Crunch has two chicken fillets
  •  Zinger Burger has a crispy spicy chicken fillet 
  •  Legend Burger has the chicken fillet coated with smokey BBQ sauce
  •  Nyama Nyama Burger doesn’t have a bread bun but simply two chicken fillets sandwiching one hash brown between cheese slices and colonel dressing. 
  •  Bazu Burger has two fillets, a hash brown, and chicken lined in triple burger buns with lettuce, and cheese slices
  •  Hash Brown Burger is a vegan option since no chicken patty is used instead it is a crispy hash brown between lettuce and tomato. Dressing can also be optioned either as colonel or zinger.
  •  Colonel Burger is a regular chicken burger but coated with the Colonel dressing

All of these burgers can be individually bought and some have meal options( at an extra cost) where you get a drink and fries on the side to accompany your burger

Crispy KFC Burger
Crispy  KFC Burger

10. Twisters

KFC Classic Twister
 KFC Classic Twister

KFC Twister Prices:

  •  Classic Twister: KSh 550
  •  Crunch Master: KSh 690
  •  Box Master: KSh 590

Twisters are tortilla-wrapped and filled with chicken lettuce and sauces or dressings of choice. Chicken used is in strips. Twisters offered include; 

  •  Classic Twister: Also known as the original twister, the tortilla wraps crispy chicken strips, diced tomatoes, lettuce, and dressing either zinger, colonel, or sweet chili.
  •  Crunch Master: Tortilla wraps two crunchy chicken fillets with cheese slices, lettuce tomato, and sweet chili sauce
  •  Box Master: Hash brown, and chicken fillet(spicy or non-spicy), cheese, diced tomato, and lettuce drizzled with zinger or sweet chili dressing all wrapped up in a warm tortilla. 

All these Twisters have meal options, and you get fries and a 500ml soda alongside your Twister.

11. Drinks & Extras

Coca-Cola beverages sold primarily from sodas, Dasani water, and Minute Maid fruit juices

Check out this post on the 21 Most Popular Soft Drinks in Kenya for more information.

12. Kid’s Menu

KFC Kids Menu
 KFC Kids Menu

 KFC Kids Menu Price: KSh 490 (for either)

The kids’ meal consists of 8-piece nuggets, chips(fries), a small soda, and an ice lolly.

The other option is the “Kiddie Meal” which consists; of 1 Pc chicken, regular chips & coleslaw.

Personally, I would prefer the Kids’ Meal as it is better valued and has more tasty things, considering they go for the same price.

I know I love nuggets like an overgrown baby but…. why anyone would make their kid eat coleslaw at KFC, is beyond me.

13. Sharing Menu

KFC Sharing Menu Prices

  •  Kentucky Bucket: KSh 2,490
  •  Bawa Bucket: KSh 2,100
  •  Colonel Bucket Feast: KSh 2,850

Current sharing menus like; Kentucky Bucket, Bawa Bucket, and Colonel Bucket Feast. Jumuika Feast doesn’t exist anymore…it was a limited-time menu offering.

Kentucky Bucket is basically 11 pieces of chicken and a large family chips.

Bawa Bucket consists of 16 chicken wings, 1 family chips, and a 1.25L soda.

Colonel Bucket Feast is the ultimate sharing menu and it consists of; 8pcs chicken, 4 wings, 2 large chips, large coleslaw, and a 2L soda.

These menus are meant for families and gatherings but you can spoil yourself by being your own family and obliterating it all in one sitting. Who needs a party when you can be the party?

14. NBA Ballin’ Box

(This menu has been discontinued and doesn’t exist currently)

Well, well, well this reminds me of the “How do you do fellow kids”  KFC trying to sound cool to blend in with Gen-Z.

The ballin’ box menu includes

  •  Ballin Classic Twister: Regular chips,1 piece original recipe chicken, and a classic twister.
  •  Ballin Lunch Box: 2 pieces original recipe chicken, 2 pieces wings, and regular chips
  •  Ballin Zinger Twister Box: Zinger twister, 1 piece original recipe chicken, and regular chips.

15. Colonel Rice

KFC Kenya Colonel Rice
 KFC Colonel Rice

KFC Colonel Rice Prices:

  •  Streetwise Colonel Rice: KSh 470
  •  Rice Bowl with Nuggets: KSh 370
  •  Rice Bowl with Strips(Chicken): KSh 370

The Colonel Rice while looking vibrant and appetizing, is just flat and disappointing. It is the newest addition to the menu as of 2023.

(It comes with gravy, which is an additional purchase) chicken pieces and a soda on the side.

Gravy is just below average, like a 2 out of 5, on the excitement scale, and Colonel Rice at like a mid 3 of 5.

My recommendation? Just skip on this and get the regular Streetwise menu.

16. Extra Fillings

You pay for any extras you want on your order. For me, extra cheese is a small price to pay for salvation. D

  •  Sauces, Gravy, Cheese, Chips, and extra fillets for burgers 

KFC Kenya FAQs

KFC Garden City

What is special about  KFC? Their signature fried chicken is iconic, and the Krushers are next level.

What is the popular menu in  KFC? Streetwise 2 is the most common as it is affordable and a good value, and it is the right quantity for one person

How to order food from KFC online? Through food delivery apps like Jumia Food, Glovo, Bolt Food, and Uber Eats

How many KFCs are there in Kenya? 27 In total; 21 in Nairobi, 2 in Mombasa,1 each in Nakuru, Eldoret, Kisumu, and Kakamega.

Which day is KFC cheapest? KFC menu and prices are constant for the most part, maybe occasional promos may be held so follow their Instagram to be in the loop

How much is the minimum order for  KFC delivery? There are no minimum order requirements as the delivery fee is standard according to distance from the restaurant

What payment options for  KFC delivery? In the restaurant, they do cash, debit and credit cards, and M-PESA, same for deliveries you can pay in cash but it is recommended you give out the exact amount, so M-PESA will be the most convenient for paying for delivery

Is there KFC in Machakos? KFC is now open in Shell Petrol Station Machakos. KFC Kakamega has been the newest branch opened in 2023

KFC Machakos
KFC Machakos


KFC Delivery Bag
KFC Delivery Bag

Food delivery services have gained popularity over the years due to the convenience they offer. Pizza delivery is the oldest where you ordered via phone. With widespread internet use almost any other fast food can be delivered as long as you are within the delivery radius

Food delivery services in Kenya through which you can order your  KFC include

  •  Glovo
  •  Uber Eats
  •  Bolt Food

Don’t worry about the delivery guy spitting on your food as it comes with a tamper-proof seal from the restaurant.

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Dine In Locations

🌐 Visit Website

 ⌕ Instagram


  CBD: ●Kimathi Street,  ●KFC Mama Ngina,  ●KFC City Centre. 

 Malls: ●Garden City, ●Galleria, ●Southfield, ●Westgate, ●Village Market.

 Available Drive Thru:  ●Northview, ●Buruburu,  ●Limuru Rd, ●Hurlingham, ●Lavington,    ●Waiyaki Way,  ●Mombasa Rd,  ●Langata Rd,  ●Embakasi.

Major KFC Locations Menu

1. Nairobi Locations

KFC Westgate Menu

KFC Kimathi Street: Nairobi CBD Menu

KFC Buruburu Menu

KFC Embakasi Menu

KFC Galleria

KFC Garden City

KFC Limuru Road

KFC The Hub, Karen

2. Upcountry Locations

KFC Kisumu Menu

KFC Eldoret Menu

KFC Nakuru Menu

KFC Machakos Menu

KFC Nyali (Mombasa) Menu

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