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Baker’s Inn: The Perfect Fries and Rotisserie Chicken!

While Bakers Inn is baking-centric, I feel their rotisserie chicken and chips are better than their cakes and pastries, which is very ironic! This post is a review and overview of how good each item is off the Bakers Inn menu in Nairobi.

Baker’s Inn Fries Review

Bakers Inn Fries & Chicken

To be honest, they have the best fries of any fast food I have ever tried, they are way better than KFC’s in my opinion, KFC fries are just overrated for being thin, but they are bland and sometimes rubbery. 

So you probably wondering, if Bakers Inn has the best fries, who has the worst? That will be Big Square ladies and gents, their fries are a train wreck in every dimension.

That is not the case with Baker’s Inn, the cuts are not thin or overly thick, they are just right, and the majority of the cuts are even.

The other attractive aspect is, that they are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside which is very much desirable. While crunch is good, fries shouldn’t be crunchy all the way like potato crisps, NO, they should be soft on the insides; and Baker’s Inn again nails it on that.

Finally and importantly, the taste; Baker’s Inn fries are tasty by themselves, and they have a spice mix sprinkled to them after being fried, the mix coats the fries and gives them more flavor depth, i wonder why most restaurants just serve plain fries, this way is just better.

I can’t find a single flaw in these fries to be completely honest.

If you have read multiple restaurant & fast food reviews on this site, you will know that I love complaining, but here I honestly can’t find a thing to pick on here.  

Baker’s Inn fries are the definition of perfect fries, better still, they cost just KSh 100 as a side, yes the quantity won’t be as much as what you get from your local fries base, but is significantly more, like double or triple what you’ll get from KFC.

Rotisserie Chicken Review

Yes, I have had rotisserie chicken multiple times, but it has mostly been dry, which has been a turnoff, and I always preferred fried chicken. However, the Baker’s Inn rotisserie chicken is something else, it is juicy!

Rotisserie chicken is simply grilled or roasted chicken in the oven, while fried chicken is deep fried in the fryer. 

The grilling drains fat from the chicken till it is crispy, fried chicken is however the contrast as the chicken is cooked in oil, it absorbs more oil instead. From a health perspective, rotisserie is way better as it has lower fat levels and calories.

Unlike fried chicken which is cut into pieces, optionally breaded then deep fried, rotisserie chicken is cooked whole, then after done is when it is cut to pieces.

I honestly can’t decide between the chips or chicken, which is better, I just can’t decide. 

Here, chicken is the main dish normally with fries as a side. The definition of a perfect rotisserie chicken is ” crispy skin and moist meat” and this is exactly what it is for this case.

Baker’s Inn rotisserie is crispy and flavorful on the skin, and soft and juicy on the inside, it is cooked so well that you get clean bones after eating the pieces, which shows it’s well cooked and the meat falls off the bone.

Bakers Inn chicken is just desirable,  only that the chicken pieces are getting smaller every time, the only other place I can recommend that has equally good rotisserie is Kenchic outlets especially the one near University Way.

Pastries & Snacks

Bakers Inn Cakes

Pastries at Baker’s Inn are a letdown, pies are just dry and crusty most of the time and so is most of the bakery. 

Muffins, donuts, croissants, cookies, and cupcakes are just average however, not special, they are just as basic as it gets, I would say the bakery and pastries are a little underwhelming here.

For the creamy cakes and slices, never personally tried them but the reviews are kinda of brutal, so they aren’t the best I would say.

Snack options are a good variety, from sausages to samosas, hotdogs, and pizza slices, just skip on the pizza slice as it is literally a joke, looks like pizza but tastes like cardboard.


Bakers Inn Pies, Fries & Chicken

Baker’s Inn emerges as a pleasant surprise. The undeniably perfect fries, with their ideal thickness, crunchy exterior, and flavorful seasoning, redefine the fast-food fry experience. 

Complemented by the juicy and expertly grilled rotisserie chicken, Baker’s Inn offers a   duo that leaves you longing for more.

Yet, the adventure takes an unexpected turn when exploring the realm of pastries. Dry, subpar, and lackluster. This generally makes the bakery and pastry section somewhat underwhelming.

While the creamy cakes and slices are spared personal scrutiny, the collective reviews suggest room for improvement.

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