The 3 Best Brands for Non-Stick Pans in Kenya

17 February 2024|Appliances & Utensils

This post features the 3 best and trusted brands for nonstick cookware sets; pots and pans that are easily available in Kenya and proven to be reliable. Also, the article discusses other features you should be looking for in a non-stick pan, materials, and reasonable budgets.

non stick pans

I feel like you shouldn’t spend over KSh 5,000 for a single non-stick pan, while you might be convinced that a higher price means better quality, that doesn’t generally hold well in the case of non-stick pans; regardless of the brand, or how good you take care of them. Misuse or handle them roughly, then they will just last a couple of months.

Expensive ones will probably last just as long as budget ones. My suggestion: budget to replace every 2-3 years and buy accordingly.  Never buy the most expensive or the cheapest one.

They become unusable once the coating deteriorates, typically after a year or two, regardless of how well you take care of them, or how expensive they are.

Additionally, nonstick pans aren’t suitable for high heat and don’t sear meat effectively.

Nonstick saucepans are particularly unnecessary since liquids don’t adhere to them. They are just easy to clean that’s it.

The major reason why you need a non-stick pan is the ease of cooking eggs in them compared to traditional pans which can be a pain to use for eggs, crepes, pancakes, and such foods.

So still, you need a pan or two of varying sizes just to be equipped, have easy smooth results, and easy cleaning that is as simple as wiping.

Let’s get to the top brands you should consider if you planning to shop for one or placing your old chipped away ones. 

This is an unbiased and unaffiliated article based on research and personal experience with most of the brands over the years. Just get whatever makes sense to you.

All featured brands are worldwide renown, and nothing is generic here, you can find all of them at Carrefour Supermarket and big Appliance and Kitchen Stores.

3. Domo

Price Range: KSh(3,500-4,500)

Domo Non Stick Pan

The Domo non-stick pan features a durable Resist Plus Coating, enhancing its longevity. Its handle is ergonomically designed with a silicone thumb rest to provide a secure and comfortable grip. 

Originating from France, it prioritizes health and environmental considerations and is backed by a two-year warranty, indicating its resistance to chipping for at least this duration. 

This makes it a reliable choice for those seeking a durable non-stick pan that doesn’t require frequent replacement, unlike cheaper generic brands commonly found in places like Kamukunji. 

Domo pans are available in sizes ranging from 24cm to 26cm for non-stick options, and up to 30cm for stainless steel and cast iron variants.

I personally haven’t used Domo before but, I’m so confident about the brand.

Available at Carrefour

2. Tefal

Tefal Non Stick Pan

I have prior experience with Tefal pans, and while they are non-stick, they tend to be slightly more challenging to clean compared to other non-stick options. 

The broad handles remain cool to the touch and are designed with finger grips to enhance hand positioning for comfortable control. Additionally, this pan ensures no sticking occurs during cooking.

In Kenya, Tefal pans may not offer the best value for those on a tight budget, as they are nearly twice the price of other comparable brands. This higher cost is attributed to additional features such as a thermo-heat indicator at the center, dishwasher, and oven-safe capabilities.

These pans are lightweight and are best used over low to medium heat settings. The thermo-heat indicator alerts you when they reach the optimal temperature for cooking. 

Furthermore, these pans are oven-safe up to 205°C and come with a handle featuring a detachable, non-slip silicone grip, which we found particularly appealing.

1. Tramontina

Tramontina Non Stick Pan

I’ve been using Tramontina since 2017, and I have never switched back to Tefal. Tramontina is a Brazilian utensils and cutlery manufacturer.

The pans are often made with materials like aluminum or stainless steel,  providing even heat distribution for consistent cooking results, but most nonsticks are from aluminum. Size options are versatile from 19cm all the way up.

Tramontina pans also come in grades; restaurant grade, professional series, and the pro-line. The Tramontina Pro line is solid. It’s the longest-lasting nonstick pan I’ve had.

The best part is that they are generally reasonably priced for their quality, thus the best value option. They also come with a free plastic spatula making the deal even better.

The Tramontina is fine. The only downside is that they are aluminum, thus very light probably paper light, and are guaranteed dent on accidental drops.

Available at Carrefour

Taking Care of Non-Stick Pans

Here are some tips for maintaining your non-stick pan:

  •   It is advised to wash the pan by hand, even though it may be labeled as dishwasher-safe.
  •  Opt for a stainless steel pan when cooking tomato sauce or other high-acidity foods, as these can potentially damage the non-stick coating.
  •  Avoid subjecting the pan to temperatures exceeding 250°C, as this can cause the coating to degrade. While many non-stick pans are oven-safe up to 205°C, it’s best to adhere to this limit to prolong their lifespan.

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