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The 5 Best Baby Formulas in Kenya: With Prices

This article is on the 5 popular and most recommended infant formulas available in the Kenyan market, with prices, recommendations, and reviews baked in.

Baby formulas are ridiculously expensive, costing over KSh 1,500 for a 400g tin that will just last under a week, so it is essential to pick the best formula for your baby.

Remember the best formula is what your baby loves, can’t go wrong with either of the brands featured, if one brand upsets your baby’s tummy, then switch. Make sure you are consistent with the brand for at least several weeks to a month before switching as it takes time for the baby’s stomach to get used to a specific formula.

The choice of the baby formula as recommended by hospital midwives is for you to get what is affordable, and what is available near you.

Remember, most formulas are the same so you can’t make a bad choice! The core ingredients are made the same across brands by regulatory bodies.

Always keep a full unopened tin as a backup so that you don’t run out, and immediately replace it when you open the backup tin. 

But remember, breast milk is what is best for your baby; formulas should be used as a compliment or when breastfeeding is not possible.

Infant Formula Breastfeeding Label
Infant Formula Breastfeeding Label

1. NAN Optipro

NAN 1 Optipro
 NAN 1 Optipro

Price: KSh 1,960

NAN Optipro by Nestle is the most common and mainstream brand of baby formula in Kenya. It has  NAN 1 for 0-6 months, NAN 2 for 6-12 months, and NAN 3 for over 12 months

This is the best formula and the most available anywhere in the country even at your local minimart. So you will never be worried about running out of it or finding it to buy.

Infact this is the formula midwives in hospitals use and recommend, it is so mainstream. If you just want a formula that works and is pretty well tolerated by a baby’s stomach, then go with NAN Optipro.

2. Cow & Gate

Cow & Gate 3
Cow & Gate 3

Price: KSh 1,750

It is a slightly affordable option, infact one of the most affordable premium options on this list. It is the second most popular brand in Kenya right behind NAN, meaning availability is decent, not as good as NAN, but you can find it in major regional supermarkets in your town.

Cow & Gate is from the EU, and EU regulations are strict so you know this is a quality product. It is especially popular in the UK

It has a comfort version that is easy on the baby’s stomach if you are having issues with digesting or bloating and gas of your baby.

3. Aptamil

Aptamil 2
Aptamil 2

Price: KSh 2,185

Aptamil and Cow & Gate are essentially the same thing, made in the same factory actually. The popularity between the two is actually almost a tie.

In terms of price, Aptamil is ridiculously expensive, costing over KSh 400 more than the average market price of Cow & Gate and other brands, so probably not the best choice if you are on a budget.

4. Lactogen

Lactogen 2
Lactogen 2

Price: KSh 1,410

Just like NAN, Lactogen is by Nestle Foods. But unlike NAN, it is not that popular or mainstream. Lactogen is the cheapest infant formula in Kenya.

NAN is more advanced and premium than Lactogen thus explaining the KSh 550 price difference. 

The difference is, that NAN is BIFIDOGENIC or probiotic almost like a mother’s breastmilk, meanwhile, Lactogen is like plain powdered milk but with minerals such as Iron and Calcium, and Vitamins C and D.

Lactogen is a solid option if you are on an even tighter budget.

5. S-26 Gold/ Regular

S-26 Gold
 S-26 Gold

 S-26 is the best brand of infant formula recommended internationally that is actually available in Kenya, it is however not consistently available, thus beating the key factor in the selection of the brand of formula.

While it is one of the best brands out there, it is not the best choice in Kenya for the said availability reasons. Only found at Carrefour (and not all the time), and also in big pharmacies if you are lucky.


The blog has highlighted several popular brands available in Kenya, each with its unique features and price points.

NAN Optipro stands out as a widely recommended and easily accessible option, frequently used and endorsed by hospital midwives.

Cow & Gate offers a slightly more affordable alternative without compromising quality, adhering to strict EU regulations.

Aptamil, although similar to Cow & Gate, comes at a higher cost, making it less suitable for those on a budget. 

Lactogen, the most budget-friendly choice, is a viable option for those seeking a more economical solution, even though it may lack some of the advanced offerings found in other formulas.

 S-26 Gold/Regular is acknowledged as an international recommendation, but its limited availability in Kenya may hinder its practicality for many parents.

Ultimately, the key takeaway is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to baby formula. 

It’s crucial to pay attention to your baby’s response and comfort with a particular brand. If one formula doesn’t agree with your baby’s stomach, don’t hesitate to switch, but remember to allow some time for adjustment before making a decision. 

Additionally, maintaining a backup tin to avoid running out is a practical tip to ensure a consistent supply for your baby’s nutritional needs.

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