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Review: The 10 Best Bottled Water Brands in Kenya

As much as we need to stay hydrated, it is necessary to care about the brand of water that we can trust. Especially after over 350  brands were banned by KEBS for not meeting set quality standards a few years ago. This post is on reputable brands and how different they are from each other.

Only real water drinkers know water doesn’t taste the same, this explains the myriad of brands, each presenting a distinct taste resulting from their individual purification methods.

Let’s get started,

Bottled water in Kenya is available in the following compositions

  •  Portable bottles: 300ml, 500ml, 1L, 1.5L
  •  Non-return bottles: 5L, 10L, 18.9L, 20L
  •  Refillable return bottles: 20L


10. Safari King

Safari King Water
Safari King  Water

Price per L: KSh 50

Safari King is terrible in my opinion and the only reason it is mainstream is because it is affiliated with London Distillers. It is however affordable and not overpriced which is neat.

It has a slightly bitter aftertaste probably due to a higher concentration of minerals. Quality-wise, it is okay and safe to drink it’s just the taste is off( at least for me) you probably might like it, but we are different. 

This water claims to be OxyRich meaning it has excess oxygen added to help your body in metabolism and in sports fatigue recovery

Safari King has a glass version packed in a glass bottle and a standard version in plastic bottles.

9. Waba

Waba Water
Waba  Water

Price per L: KSh 75

Waba is a funny name because it is literally the slang name for water. The water itself is okay, There nothing special here, just some trust-able water brand that tastes just middle of the road (if you can ignore the boiled water taste)

It is however overpriced for no reason; for the price you pay, I would say this water brand is a joke. Why is Waba priced at upward of 40% from other brands of its class? Please don’t waste your money on this.

8. Dasani

Dasani 500ml

Price per Litre: KSh 60

 Dasani is the kind of water that you don’t drink past your quench. It is a little less elegant for the price

Taste wise it’s not any special except it is a Coca-Cola product( if that makes it special)

 Dasani is average at best considering it is overpriced; and underwhelming with a metallic taste. Please don’t ask me how metals taste.

It even greets you with a tiny gasp when you crack it open, I don’t know how I feel about water with gas, that isn’t actually sparkling

On the bright side, it is the most trusted brand in terms of hygiene. So be sure it is one of those brands with zero germs

Tastes the same as warm or cold, doesn’t taste chill and crisp when cold like other waters

 Dasani is only available in 500ml and 1L sizes.

7. Quencher Life

Quencher Life

Price per Litre: KSh 50

This is the majority of the demographic’s favorite, I don’t know what makes it special, some claims are, “It is sweet water”. 

Quencher life is just okay and average for me, it tastes balanced and nothing is overwhelming, underwhelming, or exciting. It offers a good value for its price.

The source is borehole water that is purified, treated then packed. There’s no refillable option here, all containers are disposable

6. Highlands

Highlands Water

Price per Litre: KSh 60

While Highlands quality has kind of tanked over the years, it is still respectable ( just not like before). It is from Nyeri and sourced from the highlands, Aberdare ranges, and rainforest to be precise. I guess that is where the brand name comes from.

Highlands being sourced from the mountain springs, it has that crisp and refreshing taste and doesn’t taste flat like Quencher Life for instance, but it costs more.

5. Aqua Clear

Price per Litre: KSh 50

This is my favorite water brand. Very bold statement, I have several reasons to justify my stance.

Aqua Clear is in your face crisp tasting, has low dissolved substances and minerals, the pH is just right and really affordable with aesthetic packaging.

It is so distinct from all the water brands, it has a clear bottle with a white cap which is contrary to the standard blue bottle and caps.

It tastes like what water is supposed to taste likeI know water is supposed to be tasteless but you know it ain’t tasteless. It is refreshing even at room temperature and doesn’t need to be cold to quench you up.

4. Kabarnet

Price per L: KSh 130

While not as mainstream as Keringet, Kabarnet is a premium water brand from the Rift Valley as well. It is offered in not-so-conventional sizes; i.e. 750ml, 200ml, and 500ml. I’m not sure if larger bottles exist but this is what seems available.

3. Aquamist

Price per Litre: KSh 80

Aquamist is a good brand with its water premium and natural tasting. It tastes just right, but it is on the pricier side, it would be a personal favorite if it was priced relatively lower. 

Just like Safari King, Aquamist has an Oxyrich version that tastes way better. Aquamist also has sparkling and flavored waters that will be discussed later in this article.

2. Keringet

Keringet Still Water
Keringet Still  Water

Price per Litre: KSh 90

Keringet is like the ” Kenyan Fiji “. Yes, it is spring water and all but it tastes just okay, not too much to justify the 40% premium you pay by skipping other equally good brands.

In terms of safety, this water is treated and processed under the highest standards and it is the water of choice at fancy hotels, big corporate meetings, and even the Kenyan parliament. 

I mean, it is so trusted. Keringet is a no-brainer if you want the highest quality Kenyan bottled water.

Keringet Still

1. Fiji 

Fiji Artesian Water
 Fiji Artesian Water Water

Price per Litre: KSh 499

Available at Carrefour

Available at Healthy U

 “It’s not just water, it’s Fiji water,” they say. This is more like a status symbol than water, at least here. Wanna feel like some celebrity? Fiji bottle will earn you that. It is designed to be expensive.

It doesn’t taste any special, it is made to feel special. It is however notably thicker and smoother than other waters, which may be pleasing but to be honest, it is not worth the money. But that is not the point of the existence of Fiji

The version of Fiji available in Nairobi is the artesian one. (Artesian is a word I last heard in my Engineering class- Artesian wells or something)

Just because it has a flower petal graphic, doesn’t mean it is flavored. My dumb head thought it would taste hibiscus-like.

Fiji water meme-


a). Flavored Water

Brands: Aquamist, You C 1000 (Lemon  Water), Dash, and Toni Glass

This is intended to help those who “hate the taste of water”. Just drink normal water please, you can get hydrated and quenched without strawberries, peaches, and lemons.

I have tried Aquamist versions, The flavors are subtle and not overly distracting the taste of water but I still would prefer actual water over these.

Some versions of these flavored waters are sparkling explore them here

b). Sparkling Water

Brands: Keringet, Mayers, Kabarnet and Aquamist

People who enjoy sparkling water, why? Is everything okay at home? Because that water tastes angry if you ask me. If you love the mouthfeel of carbonated drinks you may probably like this.

Sparkling water is essentially normal water but carbon dioxide is bubbled throughor Carbon (IV) Oxide for the science nerds. This process makes the water carbonated and it fizzes out just like sodas, but unlike the sweetness of soda, carbonated water tastes bitter and somewhat disgusting in my opinion. There is no way anyone is enjoying that! 

sparkling water meme

Personally, I use it for recipes that call for it like English-style fried fish or just fried chicken- to make the batter.

But if you are a person of culture who loves that,( because you are complex), you can find sparkling water from major brands listed above.

Sparkling water could be helpful to cut off your craving for fizzy soft drinks in a healthier manner

c) Isotonic Water

Isotonic water is a term for water that is fortified normally with vitamins, minerals, salts 

You C 1000 Isotonic Lemon Water
You C 1000 Isotonic Lemon  Water

The most common version of isotonic water is ” You C 1000 Lemon  Water” It is like flavored water but not that exactly. It is more of a fortified water, Vitamin C to be specific

You C 1000 Lemon water actually has some benefits; it boosts metabolism and vitamin C intake which is a major player in keeping your skin healthy and vibrant.

Don’t get me wrong, drinking lemon water is not going to instantly glow your skin, it is just said to help with the process. 

Its taste is just nice with no weird smell, the color is pale yellow and looks like piss if you stare at it long enough

Who is isotonic water for? Well, this water can be taken by anyone since we all need vitamin C for good skin. It is expensive at  KSh 175 for this 500ml bottle, which doesn’t make any financial sense for daily consumption: Unless you are an athlete. 

It also contains electrolytes meaning it is the best water choice during or after your gym sessions to help replenish the lost electrolytes during a workout.

d). Alkaline Water

All bottled water is slightly alkaline. Yes from chemistry, pure water is supposed to be neutral with a pH value of 7.0 which is neither acidic nor alkaline, but that is just in the lab-maybe distilled? Bottled water is mineral water, the minerals are responsible for the alkalinity.

However, some brands push the alkalinity further in claiming that it benefits the body, especially for athletics and gym bros.

Alkaline water is believed not only to hydrate you but also to replenish the electrolytes lost during extreme workouts or physical activity. It also has antioxidants. You can make alkaline water by adding a pinch of baking soda to your drinking water or buy from commercial brands that offer that.

Or just sell your kidney and buy dedicated water ionization machines that do just that at a reasonable 100s of thousands.


Does the water source of bottled water matter? The area where water is sourced from gives it its distinct character, just like coffee. That is why most renowned water brands are named after their source e.g. Fiji, Kabarnet, and Keringet.

Is it safe to drink tap water in Kenya? Yes, you can drink tap water as it is treated, however, the excess chlorine may make it unpleasant to drink.

Can you brush your teeth with tap water in Kenya? Since tap water is safe to drink, it isn’t any different for brushing teeth.

Why is bottled water better? It is treated just like tap water but under different mechanisms to make it more pleasant to drink. It is also enriched with minerals to help you attain your minimum daily intake requirement, pH is adjusted accordingly, and the TDS (Total Dissolved Substances) is monitored.

Can bottled water go bad? Yes, this is especially rampant if storage is in direct sunlight, the water will change color to dull greenish

Is glass bottled water better? Yes, water packed in a glass bottle tends to be more natural tasting and doesn’t get the smell or taste of the bottle compared to a plastic bottle. 

It is pricier since the cost of the glass bottle will be transferred to you, the consumer.

Why are water bottles blue? To minimize light entry as compared to clear and transparent bottles that absorb more light that may degrade the water quality.

Is it healthy to drink flavored water? Yes, it is enriched with vitamins that are absent in pure mineral water. But they also contain added sugars and artificial flavors, which are unhealthy.

Why is spring water special? It is naturally filtered and purified by soil layers and it rises to the earth’s surface under its own pressure. It collects essential minerals on its way and is tapped requiring minimal processing so it ends up retaining the purest and most natural water taste. As not much is removed or added.

Is rainwater safe to drink? Rainwater on its own is like the purest form of water. Still, before you collect it, it passes through different mediums and containers and thus is probably contaminated to some degree. The purity cannot be guaranteed and will depend from region to region

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