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A 30 year old Kitchen Aid Mixer

How to Buy Kitchen Aid Mixers in Kenya

 Kitchen Aid stand mixers are the industry standard and a holy grail to home bakers. Although they are not readily sold in Kenya, this post is a guide on how you can get a  Kitchen Aid mixer to the country, options, and estimated associate costs.

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer
Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

Where to Buy

It’s tough to get your hands on Kitchen Aid products in Kenya because the company hasn’t launched here yet. 

They’re only available in South  Africa in the entire continent of Africa. 

If you want one, you might find used ones; ex-UK in second-hand stores. Or, you can buy a new one from vendors on Jiji,  but you’ll be overcharged, almost swindled.

Another option is to summon them from the digital shelves of Amazon, which takes extra steps and patience but I think is the best choice since Amazon hasn’t launched in Kenya either. But this is why this post exists.

Alright, before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s contemplate why the  Kitchen Aid-mixer reigns supreme and why it burns a hole in your pocket.  

If you don’t care for this, feel free to skip ahead to the next section and spare yourself the suspense.

Why are Kitchen-Aid Mixers Expensive?

These mixers are renowned for their durability – they just keep going, requiring minimal maintenance. In fact, they’re so sturdy that you could pass them down to your grandchildren without worry. This reliability, coupled with their versatility and excellent reputation, explains why they come with a premium price.

If you’re into home baking, then owning a  Kitchen-Aid mixer is a no-brainer. Despite the hefty price tag, it’s worth every cent. 

 Kitchen Aid mixers aren’t just stand mixers – they’re a jack-of-all-trades. With a range of attachments available, they’re the Swiss Army knife of kitchen tools.

From making fresh pasta to grinding meat, they offer over ten different functions. However, when it comes to attachments, it’s wise to choose wisely. While some, like the pasta and meat grinder attachments, are worth the investment if you’ll use them frequently, others may not be as essential.

it’s essential to skip those that you won’t use often to avoid unnecessary expenses and clutter in your kitchen. Just get the cheese grater, pasta roller, and meat grinder as getting more adds up the costs quickly.

For those heavy on their baking adventures, opting for the model with a 600W+ motor is recommended.

The Kitchen Aid Artisan serves as the starting point model, as anything below it lacks sufficient power. The professional model, on the other hand, features a larger bowl and a more powerful motor, ideal for handling denser doughs and larger quantities.

Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer
 Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer
Kitchen Aid Professional 5 Plus Stand Mixer
 Kitchen Aid Professional 5 Plus Stand Mixer

The artisan starts at $349 (KSh 49,000) while the pro starts at $ 549 (KSh 77,000)

Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, I may earn commissions from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.

Check the latest pricing on Amazon:

Kitchen Aid Artisan 

Kitchen Aid Professional

Kitchen Aid Attachments 

Overall, while  Kitchen-Aid mixers may come with a high price tag, their durability, versatility, and performance thanks to their ruggedness make them a worthwhile investment for any avid baker.

So if you want to make a one-time purchase, and never buy a mixer again in your life, then  kitchen aid is the best option.  

The peace of mind and the engineering craft that goes to them, coupled with their good reputation makes the manufacturer charge a premium.

How to Shop Kitchen Aid Mixers

You have a few options for buying  Kitchen Aid mixers: Amazon (from the UK, US, or UAE) or directly from  Kitchen Aid in South Africa. For simplicity, I recommend shopping from Amazon US.

To start, you’ll need to buy the mixer from the US and then arrange for its delivery to your country. While Amazon does ship certain items to Kenya, I wouldn’t advise this route due to higher shipping fees and potential customs charges upon arrival.

Instead, I suggest using a third-party shipping and logistics company to facilitate the delivery to Kenya. Here’s how it works: you purchase the mixer yourself and have it sent to their address in the US. They will then forward it to Kenya for you.

Alternatively, if you prefer not to handle the purchase yourself, they can buy it on your behalf and handle the shipping. However, this option will incur a fee for their buying service. Therefore, I recommend purchasing it yourself and sending it to their address, only paying the shipping fee to Kenya.

Buying it yourself may yield coupons and discounts that you wouldn’t receive if the shipping agent bought it for you.

Using a shipping agent over direct Amazon shipping has the advantages of; lower shipping fees to Kenya and no import duties, and also you can buy all items including those Amazon doesn’t directly ship to Kenya.

Keep in mind that if you purchase from Amazon US, you’ll require a power adapter converter to match the voltages used in Kenya. Kenya uses 240V, 50Hz while North America uses 120V,60Hz. 

US -European Power Adapters on Amazon

For Amazon EU, you will get the same plug as what we use in Kenya, so no brainer.

For the shipping agents I recommend either Kentex Cargo or Aquantuo, I have used both services,  check the reviews of each below if you wish to proceed.

Kentex Cargo Shipping Guide: Rates, Reviews & Experience

Review: Aquantuo Kenya Shipping Experience

Estimated Costs

Keep in mind the advertised product cost on Amazon is not inclusive of tax, at the end of checkout is when it is factored in, however using Aquantuo, they are in Delaware which doesn’t charge sales tax, so if a product is labeled as $379, that is what you will pay. 

For Kentex Cargo, you will pay ( $379+ 6.25%) which is the tax rate for the state of Texas where their warehouse is located.

However, Aquantuo charges an agency fee on top of the shipping fee, so them being in a tax-free US zone isn’t an advantage for you, as Kentex charges shipping only and no other hidden costs. For this reason, I prefer Kentex Cargo for transparency

For Amazon’s local US shipping cost, select a much later date in the checkout, as it may offer free shipping, so select that option if available to pay less.

Both shipping agents charge the same rate of $14.5 per Kg when shipping via air and both take 10 to 21 days, check the above links to find the best service for you.

The  Kitchen Aid Artisan dimensions and weight factored will charge you approximately KSh 12,000 for shipping to Kenya while the Professional model will cost approximately KSh 33,000.

This brings the total product cost for the  Kitchen Aid mixers:

  •  Artisan at KSh 61,000
  •  Professional at KSh 110,000

If you are interested in buying check out the links below,  these are affiliate links meaning I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post at no extra cost to you.

Kitchen Aid Artisan 

Kitchen Aid Professional

Kitchen Aid Attachments 

US -European Power Adapters on Amazon

Kitchen Aid Artisan Shipping Cost to Kenya (Air)
 Kitchen Aid Artisan Shipping Cost to Kenya (Air)
Kitchen Aid Professional Shipping Cost
 Kitchen Aid Professional Shipping Cost

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