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Bruhm vs Hisense: Fridge Brands Comparison

This article is a head- to- head comparison between Hisense and Bruhms refrigerator brands; for anyone who wants a buying guide. The post compares both models at each level, to get the winner, and then the overall score will be given to the one with more wins.

This post came to existence after majority of the readers reached out and asking this very question, so i feel like making a dedicated post would be the right move for anyone with the same question. 

When it comes to choosing the perfect refrigerator, there’s no room for  compromise. This is because a fridge is something you buy once or thrice in a lifetime. With alot of brands out here it is confusing to navigate and settle for your best suited one. 

But hey congratulations, you have already narrowed down your search to just two brands’ and you need someone to break the ice, that is where i come in lol. Bruhms and Hisense are both good brands i recommend to my readers, but there is just one which is better.

If you still undecided with preferred brands, then check my post on The Best Fridge Brands in Kenya linked at the end of this post.

I wont bait you to read the whole thing, so i’ll just spare you the wordy article and tell you the best one. It is Hisense

Yes there is your answer, you can proceed reading if you want to learn more into details, or if you just enjoy my weird attitude.(If so then subscribe to the blog updates at the end!)

Comparison Summary

Reliability: Both equally good

Affordability: Bruhms

Efficiency: Hisense

Model Variety: Hisense

Technology: Hisense

Design & Aesthetics: Hisense

Organization: Hisense

User Reviews: Both equally good

Verdict: Hisense is obviously the better product from this comparison

Why should you trust this information? 

This is an independent blog with it’s readers as the priority, the website infact doesn’t accept sponsorships from any brands so as to ensure any content here is bias free and honest. 


Both brands offer a satisfactory level of reliability that can put your  mind at ease. Bruhms holds a slight advantage in this regard due to its  longer presence in the market, you can go with either if reliability is your only selling point,

Pricing & Affordability

Bruhms emerges as the winner in this category.  Bruhms models begin at lower price points compared to their Hisense  counterparts. This cost advantage is a result of the fact that Bruhms  models are older in terms of technology and design. 

If you prioritize affordability over having the latest features and design, then Bruhms is  a suitable choice for you. 


Efficiency holds significant importance as it directly influences  your refrigerator’s electricity consumption. 

A refrigerator with a lower efficiency rating will be raking higher electricity bills, especially with the  insane current cost of electricity in Kenya. 

Hisense models, being newly  launched, come equipped with advanced cooling technologies that greatly  enhance their efficiency.

In contrast, Bruhms continues to offer the  same aging models from half a decade ago without any recent updates.  Consequently, opting for Hisense is the practical choice here, and it  holds a substantial advantage in terms of efficiency.

Models & Layouts

Bruhms has a longer history in the refrigerator market, but in recent times, their available models have become increasingly limited and less in stock.

The models are now more restricted, making it challenging to find the perfect refrigerator within your desired budget. It’s a situation where you might end up either overspending or settling for a refrigerator that doesn’t quite match your budget expectations.

Hisense meanwhile, offers a more extensive selection, with at least two refrigerator options available for every price gap of KSh 10,000. This means that there’s likely an available Hisense refrigerator that aligns with your budget without the need to overspend or settle for something that doesn’t quite fit your financial plan.

When it comes to refrigerator layout and variety, Hisense once again excels. They offer a diverse range of options, including mini-fridges, side-by-side models, and even smart refrigerators, providing consumers with a wider array of choices to suit their specific needs and preferences.

Bruhms offers budget and mid range fridges, if you want high end fridges then they should be your last choice here, even if they offer models, they are normally underwhelming. Bruhms only excels in budget models.


Bruhms refrigerator models exhibit an antiquated appearance and operation, which can give your refrigerator an outdated look and feel, especially in the next 5 to 10 years.

Cutting-edge technology plays a crucial role, particularly in cooling systems, as it is the key to enhancing the efficiency of newer refrigerators. 

For a similar price range, Hisense refrigerators provide a greater array of advanced features that won’t be found in Bruhms, such as: super cooling, reversible freezer,and frost free capabilities in some models.

Hisense models are silent in operation and are considered quiet fridges, the same can’t be said for Bruhm with annoying buzzing operation noises.

Design & Aesthetics

In the field of design and aesthetics, Hisense takes the lead again. Their fridges feature stainless steel finishes and elegant curves. The superiority doesn’t stop at the exterior; even the interiors are designed with slim bezels, guaranteeing more practical storage space within the same external dimensions.

In contrast, Bruhms models sport thick bezels and boxy, bulky designs, which not only detract from their visual appeal but also occupy valuable space that could otherwise be utilized for storage purposes.


Hisense refrigerators are equipped with pull-out trays and drawers that facilitate reaching items stored at the back without the need to remove everything in front. 

These trays smoothly slide out, ensuring easy accessibility and helping you maintain a more organized fridge arrangement.

In addition, Hisense elevates organization by offering refrigeration trays, ice trays, and egg holders in their higher-end models, taking organization to the next level.

On the other hand, Bruhms refrigerators are quite basic in this regard and do not offer any such features. They typically provide only adjustable shelf racks, a feature commonly found in most refrigerators.

User Reviews & Testimonials

When it comes to user reviews and testimonials, it is evident that both Hisense and Bruhms have garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback from their customers. The consensus among consumers is clear:  you can’t go wrong with either of these reputable brands.


Hisense wins in almost every aspect or purchase point of a refrigerator by taking 5 of all the 8 points. So yes, Hisense fridges are generally better than Bruhm’s across most if not all the models.

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