5 Easy-to-Follow Weight Loss Tips in Kenya

14 September 2023|General Discussion

Are you struggling with weight loss management in Kenya? Here is your ultimate guide with five simple-to-follow weight loss tips that don’t include starving yourself

What if I told you losing weight in Kenya is easier than ever? It is all thanks to the good foods here and the fact that our produce is organic. 

I’m saying that losing weight in Kenya is far easier than trying to do the same in a first-world country where access to processed food is more straightforward than organic ones. 

Processed foods pack a higher calorie count for a small serving than organic ones, thus are the major cause to obesity and other weight-related complications.

But losing weight is not just a press-of-a-button activity and is not only centered around food. It requires discipline and commitment to the guidelines provided.

Your success will be based on simultaneously incorporating all the weight loss tips.

Table of Contents

  •  Eat a Balanced Diet
  •  Eat Whole Grain Foods
  •  Drink Sufficient Water
  •  Regulate Fast Food & Processed Snacks Intake
  •  Exercise 
  •  Weight Loss Tips Conclusion

Eat a Balanced Diet

They say you are what you eat, which is true in weight management. 

But what does good food even mean? Good food is typically a balanced diet containing the right amounts of the primary nutrients: proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins.

Foods with high amounts of carbohydrates are not balanced diets, and they are notorious for weight problems. This is because carbohydrates are digested quickly, releasing energy. The excess energy released is stored as fat in tissues and around organs in the body including the liver and intestines.

To balance your diet, regulate the carbs, sugar, and fat intake instead take more green leafy vegetables and fruit.

For your supper, for instance, eat a small portion of ugali or rice and a bigger portion of vegetables or beans.

Eat Whole Grain Foods

Whole Grain Bread
Whole Grain Bread

Also, to regulate your calorie intake, opt for whole grain meals such as whole grain ugali, whole grain bread, oats, porridge(uji), and brown bread. 

Whole grain ugali, for example, packs far lower kcal for the same serving of sifted maize ugali.

Whole grain term essentially means high “fiber content” as none of that is removed during processing.

This high fiber content slows digestion, making the food release energy slowly, and thus, you will feel full for the most part and won’t need to eat again to suppress hunger pangs. 

Drink Sufficient Water

A black young man drinking water

So, how is water relevant to weight loss? First, water is 0 calories, meaning it doesn’t pull you in the opposite direction, compared to cold beverages and fizzy drinks that pack a lot of sugar and calories. 

So whenever you feel thirsty, skip the sodas and juices and get water instead. Doing this will ensure your intake of calories is at bay.

Secondly and most importantly is metabolism. Metabolism is the process of our body breaking down foods and fats into energy.

Water is the fuel for metabolism in our bodies. People with a fast metabolism don’t have weight issues even if they consume a lot of calories( since everything is broken doesn’t quickly). A slower metabolism, on the other hand, means everything is slow, even weight loss.

So drinking water will boost your metabolism so that the breaking down of fats is quicker than before, making you notice a significant improvement! This is probably the easiest to follow of all weight loss tips. 

Investing in a water dispenser will help you improve your water intake as it makes accessibility easier than ever

Regulate Fast Food & Processed Snacks Intake

no fast food

Fast foods and heavily processed snacks should be your worst enemy if you are on a weight management journey. Why exactly are they bad?

They pack high-calorie counts for small servings; they are addictive due to high sodium, fats, and sugar levels. This combination causes the craving for fast food we all have.

Also, almost all fast food menu items are deep fried, meaning you will ingest more oil from a fast food meal than a home-cooked one.

So avoid the temptation of fast food and processed snacks; only get them occasionally when you feel like you deserve some.

Exercise & Work Out

two black girls working out

This is probably the most known of all weight loss tips. The essence of exercising is to burn off the excess accumulated body fat in your body. Lifting weights and cardio are by far the most effective exercises. 

But just any exercise you enjoy will get the job done for you; just be consistent; that is the key to results. There is no in-effective workout.

Weight Loss Tips Conclusion

All these weight loss tips work concurrently, supporting each other; it is pointless for you to go to the gym daily to burn off calories, and then after that, add them back by eating junk food as you won’t see any results, ending up feeling unmotivated and giving up.

But just cut out some calories. Calories eaten need to be less than calories burnt for you to see progress. So if you eat more, burn more by being physically active.

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