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So, who are we?

We’re just a bunch of food enthusiasts on a mission. We’re here to spill the beans (pun intended) on all the cool stuff you need to know about grocery items, recipes, and the latest kitchen toys.

Why does TOASTERDING exist?

Well, have you ever tried hunting down that special local ingredient or a quirky recipe, only to hit a dead end? Yeah, we’ve been there too, especially trying to navigate the culinary scene in Kenya.

That’s why we decided to jump in and fill the gap. We’re dishing out free, no-nonsense info that’s tailor-made for food lovers in Kenya.

Why should you trust TOASTERDING?

Because we’re not just throwing recommendations at you randomly. Nope, we’re sharing what we genuinely love and swear by. When you take our advice, you’re getting a taste of our culinary passion.

Also, here at TOASTERDING, we’re all about keeping it real – no brand deals, no sponsorships, nada. Why? Because we’re not big enough to be sell-outs

When we recommend something, you can bet your last slice of pizza that it’s because we genuinely believe in it, not because someone’s slipping us something under the table.

So, you can trust us to give you the honest scoop, straight from the heart (and kitchen).

Let’s keep it authentic and delicious, shall we?