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Yunion Restaurant Menu in GTC-Westlands

Yunion is a newly opened Cafe & Bar type restaurant on the 2nd floor of  GTC Boutique Mall, in Westlands. This is not a review but more of an overview of the place.

The most interesting thing about Yunion is they serve brunch all day! 

They opened on the 22nd of December 2023 and at the time of this writing, they are a little over a month old. 

Yunion being a new restaurant means it won’t be perfect right off the bat, and will gradually improve over time.

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Yunion Food Menu 

If you don’t wanna deal with morning people then brunch is your thing, it makes sense for those who work late and wake up late as well, and at Yunion, they serve brunch for the entire day which is impressive and makes this place unique and that way it stands out from other restaurants.

You get at least 7 options from the brunch menu, with each coming loaded with goodies, the variety in each menu is really impressive, and portions are massive as well, all being below the KSh 1,400 price mark.

There are just two salad options which is not a very big variety, but at least one is catered for vegetarians

Yunion Brunch | Salad Menu
Yunion Brunch:  Pink Pitaya Pancakes
Yunion Brunch: Pink Pitaya Pancakes

Next is the small plate menu, which consists of small portions of foods, that look almost like appetizers but are different.

Since these dishes come in stingy portions, that you could all swallow in a single bite, chefs focus more on quality and they mostly taste better than big plate dishes. 

This is not the menu you wanna order from if you are hungry or really want value for your money, you eat here when you just wanna be fancy and taste the food, not get full.

Yunion Small Plates Menu

Large Plates menu is perhaps what we are used to, reasonable food quantities. Surprisingly, the prices are just the same as for the small plate menu items, so for a better value order from this menu instead.

The large Plates menu at Yunion consists mainly of Indian and Italian cuisines with at least 3 options from each

Indian: Butter Chicken, Paneer Butter Masala, 

Asian: Thai Green Curry

Italian: Alfredo Olio Pasta, Pasta Al Pesto, Pomodoro E Basilico, Mushroom Risotto

Yunion Large Plates & Pasta Menu

Next is pizza, I don’t think this is the best place to visit if you want pizza, instead check out these restaurants that specialize in artisan pizza for the same amount anyway.

Pizza varieties are limited here with just 5 options, mostly the classics. Meanwhile, you can get over 25 options from Italian restaurants that also use the right oven.

For dessert, there is currently just one option: a Tiramisu cup. It is essentially cookies, espresso, milk, cheese, wine, and eggs mixture, it tastes sweet with depths of cocoa and coffee, perfectly balanced.

Then there are accompaniments for the ordered foods which are; rice fries, and naan bread.

The rice of choice is Jasmine or Jeera which are both good varieties

Yunion Pizza & Dessert Menu

That pretty much sums up the food menu at Yunion, not very extensive but decent enough you will find at least one thing you are into.

Now next is the drinks menu, which is so big it literally dwarfs the food menu.

Yunion Drink Menu

Looking through the drinks menu, it is extensive; it makes sense this is a cafe bar and not your standard restaurant.

The drinks include a small fraction of hot beverages and teas, juices, and energy drinks while the vast is just alcohol and alcoholic drinks.

I feel like the primary reason why anyone will visit Yunion is because of the drinks, infact the food discussed above is just more like a secondary offering.

Alcoholic drinks here include;

  1. Single Malts
  2. Liquers
  3. Pitchers
  4. Beers
  5. Ciders
  6. Rum
  7. Vodka
  8. Tequila
  9. Brandy
  10. Gin
  11. Cognac
  12. Wines
  13. Mojitos
  14. Whiskey
Yunion Soft Drinks Menu
Yunion Malt Menu
Yunion Coffe & Mocktails Menu
Yunion Spirits Menu
Yunion: Run, Tequila and Vodka Menu
Yunion Wine Menu
Yunion Cocktails Menu
Yunion Beer Menu
Yunion Wine Menu
Yunion Cocktails Menu
Yunion Whisky Menu

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