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Your Guide to Fridge Magnets in Kenya: Where to Buy

Fridge magnets are popular as both practical tools for holding notes and decorations to personalize kitchen spaces. In this post is literature about fridge magnets and where to actually buy them.

Typically, these magnets are made from materials such as plastic, glass, ceramic, or metal, and they often feature a variety of designs, including souvenir themes from different locations, motivational quotes, cartoon characters, or artistic illustrations.

International travelers often have the custom of collecting a fridge magnet from each place they visit as souvenirs.

A good number to aim for is around 5 to 7; this keeps things minimalist without going overboard—just focus on acquiring the truly meaningful ones.

Fridge magnets can transform a plain, dull refrigerator into something that feels more homey and personalized. While I consider myself a minimalist and enjoy a select few magnets.

If you love more it might seem cluttered, but as long as you love your collection, that’s what matters.

Where to Buy

 Fridge Magnets in Kenya

1. Fridge Magnet Kenya

Fridge Magnets Kenya

This is basically an Instagram shop that specializes in just fridge magnets, their inventory mostly involves themes such as the flag and map of Kenya for travelers, the current and trending catchphrases for the locals, weekly and daily planners, cards, quotes, and characters.

Kenyan Themed Fridge Magnets
Kenyan Themed

 Fridge Magnets

10 fridge magnets for Ksh 1299, which is a sweet deal if you ask me. If whatever you want is not on their inventory, they do customizations including personal photos or any cringy jokes like this;

Fridge Magnet Kenya

The ordering process is as simple as getting in contact with them on their Instagram, and sending your desired photos to their Whatsapp provided, they work on your order between a day and three, and then you pay upon delivery so you don’t get scammed here.

I haven’t ordered from them yet but for these reasons, I think this is the best plug for fridge magnets in the country.

2. Bonk

Bonk is an option, but unlike

 Fridge Magnets Kenya, here you get to order individual pieces starting from KSh 200 a piece, however, options are limited and customization is not mentioned.

The designs existing aren’t exactly to my taste but mostly involve mainstream figures and quotes for all you NPCs out here 🙂

They do have a physical shop in Sarit Centre ground flour so maybe contact them for custom orders.

3. Masai Curio Shop

There is where you get the most authentic Souvenirs crafted by the actual Masai people, the kicker is they are a little overpriced and actually sold in dollars and most of the inventory can be missing sometimes.

4. Jumia

Jumia would be the last place I would shop for a fridge magnet because most of the inventory is generic products which personally is meeh. 

But they do have stocks and some options if you can’t go down the customization route.

5. Carrefour

At Carrefour, you can find fridge magnets at reasonable prices, though the variety and uniqueness of the selection may be limited.

6. Ali Express, Amazon, Etsy

These platforms are ideal for an endless variety of fridge magnets,  including different sizes and custom specifications. 

On Etsy, you can place custom orders, and AliExpress offers a similar flexibility. The main drawback is the wait time for delivery and potential shipping costs, but these platforms are excellent for purchasing fridge magnets as an added bonus to other reasonable items.

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