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Urban Bites Flavors Ranked: Worst to Best

Explore this review of Urban Bites crisp flavors. Find out which flavors stand out and why, from classic to groovy cuts. Discover the top picks and the ones that didn’t quite hit the mark.

When it comes to snack flavors, preferences can vary widely from person to person. What one person finds pleasant, another might find hideous. In this post, I’ll share my ratings of various Urban Bites crisp flavors and explain why I feel the way I do about each of them.

Urban Bites offers both classic and groovy cuts in their range of crisps. While both cuts provide the same level of crunch, there are key differences.

Groovy cuts, with their rugged texture, have a larger surface area to volume ratio, allowing them to hold more spice and deliver a more intense flavor experience. On the other hand, smooth cuts are thinner and have a more delicate texture.

In 2024, Urban Bites pricing is not different from other brands in the market, their 30g packets cost just KSh 50 and the bigger ones 170g cost just under KSh 200. Urban Bites are so good that is why they are the exclusive crisp brand at some places like Century Cinemax IMAX theatres

Urban Bites is a brand owned by Norda Industries, who are the snack makers of other Kenyan classics like Ringoz and Bitez. The company is owned by Tajdin Hussain Jaffer and was founded in 2008.

4. Peri Peri

Urban Bites Perky Peri Peri | Orange Pack
Urban Bites Perky Peri Peri | Orange Pack

Peri Peri from Urban Bites is undoubtedly the worst. It falls short in two main aspects: the flavor and the texture. The peri peri flavor fails to impress, and the texture is disappointing due to its smooth cut.

Groovy cuts are always superior because they have a larger surface area, which allows them to hold more flavor. Despite being thin, the smooth cuts lack seasoning because their finish prevents them from absorbing enough flavor.

The peri peri crisps are flawed in texture and seasoning, and the flavor is mediocre. All you get is a slight zing on your tongue, without any depth of taste. The overall flavor is muted and just plain funky. I wouldn’t recommend this flavor, even if it were the last one available on the shelf

3. Paprika

Urban Bites Party Paprika| Purple Pack
Urban Bites Party Paprika| Purple Pack

Paprika from Urban Bites is similar to peri-peri, but being a groovy cut gives it a better texture and flavor. Initially, I had low expectations since it’s just a spice-flavored crisp, but it turned out to be smoked paprika, which adds a smoky depth similar to BBQ and nyama choma flavors. This smokiness enhances the paprika flavor, which would otherwise be as underwhelming as peri peri.

In conclusion, paprika is superior to peri peri with its better texture, seasoning, and more complex flavor.

2. Nyama Choma

Urban Bites Nyam Chom'| Brown Pack
Urban Bites Nyam Chom’| Brown Pack

If someone had asked me which flavor would be the worst before opening these crisp packs, I would have bet on Nyama Choma. Historically, this flavor has been my least favorite across most brands; whether it’s called nyama choma or barbecue, it usually just tastes like crispy steak to me, which I find off-putting.

However, I was pleasantly surprised by Urban Bites’ Nyama Choma flavor. It completely redefined my expectations. These chips are crunchier than those from Tropical Heat, well-seasoned throughout, and have a delicious smoky taste.

They taste more smoky than meaty, which is why they stand out to me. The seasoning is perfect, sometimes even a bit excessive towards the bottom of the bag. I now count this flavor among my favorites and would highly recommend it.

1. Fruit Chutney

Urban Bites Fuit Chutn'y | Green Pack
Urban Bites Fuit Chutn’y | Green Pack

Ever since I was a kid, Fruit Chutney has been the best flavor from Urban Bites, and I’ve never outgrown it. Has it changed in taste? I think so. Nostalgia often makes things from our past seem better, but these days, it seems a bit sweeter than it used to be.

Despite this, I still love this flavor. What makes it stand out from other flavors? First, it’s the only fruity flavor. More importantly, it has a complexity and depth that set it apart. Each bite reveals different layers and shades of flavor, making it satisfying and never repetitive. This unpredictability keeps you craving the next bite. It’s bold with many taste notes, which is comforting.

This is the only flavor I can’t find in other brands. While some brands offer fruit chutney, none compare to Urban Bites. This flavor is loved not just by me but by many people. Sometimes it’s called the “green Urban Bites” due to the color of its packet.

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