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Ugali Afya: Is This the Healthiest Maize Meal?

In this post we are going to explore how different Ugali Afya is from the ordinary sifted maize meal; if it offers the health benefits as marketed, and finally, if it is worth the extra you pay; for a space in your pantry.

Ugali Afya is a brand of maize meal by Winnie’s Pure Health Productsa company that focuses on healthy food products including flours, rice, salts, and teas. Since the scope is healthy products, with a wide range, this makes it a reputable company

Hmm yellow ugali, thanks to the 2018 maize flour crisis this was the only available option on the shelf, tried it and it was decent. It is advertised as the healthy maize flour option and appeals mostly to people with underlying conditions of blood pressure and blood sugar issues. Trying it for the first felt like taking someone else’s prescription. 

How much is Ugali Afya in Kenya? KSh 300


  •  Ugali Afya’s Quality
  •  Taste Appearance and Texture
  •  Nutritional Profile
  •  Ugali Afya Health Benefits
  •  Final Thoughts
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Ugali Afya Quality & Consistency

Ugali Afya is a packed flour blend, it is not entirely maize, but a variety of flours, spices, and fibers. It is advertised as an additive and preservative-free


The ingredients in Ugali Afya are; Sifted Maize Flour, Amaranth Flour & Turmeric Powder.

Turmeric is a spice and it is what gives the signature yellow color of the flour.

Amaranth in Swahili is mchicha, a green leafy vegetable that grows as a weed sometimes. For the purpose of this flour, not the leaves are used but the amaranth grain is what is ground.

Rice bran is no longer on the ingredient list on the latest packet, the featured image is from a while ago. Also, high-fiber maize flour has been ditched for sifted maize meals (which will significantly have less fiber), I wonder why ingredients are stripped off instead of adding more. Visible confusion

Most millers have consistency issues, maybe due to large-scale operations. Ugali Afya is a niche product so you expect good consistency regardless of when you buy your product

Taste, Appearance, and Texture

Ironically it tastes slightly sweeter and richer, (I expected the opposite). Appearance is yellow and you might be confused that it is corn ugali due to the color, but as established earlier it is due to the spice, turmeric also known as manjano in Swahili. The texture is just like your ordinary ugali,  just slightly coarser. 

Ugali Afya ugali is almost identical to the regular, if you were blindfolded you probably wouldn’t tell the difference, the only difference is just color.

Nutritional Profile

Ugali Afya Nutritional Information
Ugali Afya Nutritional Information

Is ugali Afya more nutritious compared to an ordinary sifted maize meal? Definitely yes but let us examine by how much. We will compare Ugali Afya to a premium grade 1 sifted maize meal

a) Ugali Afya  [per 100g Calories: 389 kcal]

  •  A. Macronutrients: Total Carbs 61.45g, Total Fats 6.74g, Protein 9.56g, Dietary Fiber 11.04g
  •  B. Micro-nutrients : Iron 7.4mg, Zinc 5.8mg, Vit B1 0.19mg, Vit B3 5.95mg, Vit B5 3.9mg, Vit B6 0.38mg

b) Premium Maize Meal  [per 100g Serving Calories: 92kcal]

 Carbohydrates: 21.5g, Proteins: 2.2g, Fiber: 0.8g, Fat: 21.5g

In comparison, Ugali Afya packs more of each macronutrient, and also more calories than premium sifted maize meal.


Ugali Afya Benefits
Ugali Afya Benefits

Amaranth is the main contributor to most of the benefits found in  Ugali Afya. Amaranth plants come in various species with different-colored flowers such as red, brown, or green, and they produce white or black seeds that are harvested by rubbing the flowers together. Being an ancient grain, amaranth is naturally gluten-free. The leaves of the amaranth plant can also be consumed as sauteed greens. These characteristics of amaranth are what primarily provide nutritional value in Ugali Afya.

Health benefits of Amaranth (Mchicha) in Ugali Afya

High nutritional value: Amaranth is rich in essential nutrients such as protein, dietary fiber, vitamins (including vitamin C, A, and several B vitamins), and minerals (like iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium). It provides a well-rounded source of essential nutrients that support overall health.

The fiber content in amaranth supports healthy digestion by promoting bowel movements, curbing constipation, and promoting a healthy gut.

Fiber promotes a feeling of fullness, reducing your food intake frequency thus helpful in weight management goals. Fiber also helps in cholesterol management promoting a healthier heart. It also lowers the glycemic index, releasing sugars into the bloodstream slowly thus curbing blood spikes. Very important in managing diabetes

Amaranth is a rich source of antioxidants, including vitamin C and vitamin E, which help combat oxidative stress and reduce inflammation in the body. This may contribute to the prevention of chronic diseases.

Final Thoughts

While it is obviously the healthier flour, it comes at a steep price, costing like KSh 90 more which is like 50% extra. It is obvious that Ugali Afya is not targeted at everyone. So, who is Ugali Afya ideal for? recommended for anyone with these conditions: hypertension, diabetes, and obesity. It is also a good choice for anyone, not necessarily with those conditions, but also for health-conscious individuals.

Based on the information available, it is likely that Ugali Afya is one of the healthiest maize meal options. As far as I know, there are no widely known substitutes that offer the same nutritional benefits. Ugali  Afya stands out from regular maize meals due to its addition of amaranth, fiber, and antioxidants, providing additional nutritional value and benefits.

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