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The Location Rooftop in Kilimani; Menu, Prices, Photos & Review

This is a review of The Location Rooftop in the Kilimani neighborhood of Nairobi. The post features the menu, prices, photos, and an in-depth review of whether it’s worth your time and money to visit.

There is no strict dress code here but be smart casual atleast to avoid issues with the bouncers (yes they have that here) turning you back

If you are coming as a group it is better to reserve or if you are having an event like a birthday to celebrate, just DM them on Instagram or call them.

Also You can check their website to learn more, and make reservations and organise events.

For weekdays; Mon-Thur they are open from noon to midnight, on Fridays to Sundays they are open till 2 am.


Despite its unassuming location and modest ambiance, this restaurant is priced comparably to any typical decent eatery in Nairobi. It’s neither overly expensive nor particularly cheap.

You can reasonably budget under 3,000 KES per person. Cocktails are priced starting around 1,100 KES, and mocktails are even more affordable at 500 KES, which is standard for mocktails anywhere. However, there is no happy hour here. However shots are ridiculously priced at 800 ea, that is robbery!

The food is also reasonably priced, with main dishes starting at 1200 KES and nothing exceeding the 3,000 KES mark.


The food menu is quite limited, so I wouldn’t recommend visiting if food is your main focus. They offer two salad choices and five appetizers, which isn’t too bad. However, the main courses are disappointing with only three options: a pasta dish, a burger, and a sandwich. Specializing in just a few items can sometimes ensure top-tier quality, but this selection feels inadequate.

On the drink side, there are about six options, which I can’t complain about. I didn’t try anything from there because the food options weren’t appealing to me. Just got drinks instead.

The Location Rooftop | Food Menu
The Location Rooftop | Food Menu

In contrast, the drinks menu is extensive, spanning two pages compared to the single page of food options, making this place feel more like a bar than a restaurant. Since it doesn’t explicitly claim to be either, I assume it’s more of a bar. The drink selection is impressive, offering a wide variety and ensuring you’ll find everything you need.

Additionally, they sell cigarettes, so I assume there’s a smoking section or smoking is permitted in the outdoor area.

The Location Rooftop | Drink Menu
The Location Rooftop | Drink Menu

Yes, they also sell hot beverages, but I feel like you’d be better off at a coffee shop for those. The coffee here is overpriced, and coffee shops generally offer better quality coffee at a more reasonable price.

The Location Rooftop | Drink Menu
The Location Rooftop | Drink Menu

The bottom line is, if drinks are your main focus, go on and visit here. The drink selection is excellent, but I had to leave to find food elsewhere due to the limited and unappealing menu options.

I visited Crave Restaurant just a few meters away to have food which i even liked better. Keep in mimd its an Halal restaurant so no alcohol or anythng alcohol based

Location | Getting Here

If you’re sold and want to visit, The Location, (pun intended) is in the Kilimani neighborhood, at Alta Towers on the 13th floor. Access is only by lift, and the 13th floor is the highest point, thus the rooftop. Contrary to what you might expect, it’s not an open rooftop but an enclosed space with glass walls.

It’s directly opposite Yaya Centre, so if you’re using a matatu, ask to be dropped there. From the CBD, you can reach Yaya Centre by taking Matatu Route Number 46 from Kencom House.

If you use a ride-sharing service like Uber or Bolt, you’ll be dropped off at the exact location. For those driving, your navigation system will guide you there.


Let’s be honest the ambiance is probably the itching reason you wanna visit here, and it is the highlight of this place, it is one of those places you visit just to rub it in for your followers on the stories and Instagram.

The Inside Atmosphere

The place feels roomy and spacious, surprisingly not even that full on a Friday evening. It’s decent enough to have actual conversations over drinks. After 7 PM, it gets busier but not overly crowded. Music starts playing and the place gets louder, but not to an irritating level.

While the overall ambiance inside is fine, the furniture is lacking. The seat cushions are so thin that you wonder why they even bothered.

They’re not the worst seats ever, but they definitely cheaped out on them. For instance, I’ve had better seats at a cafe—Daily Cafe in Sarit Centre has exceptionally comfortable seating for a cafe.

Here, the couch seats facing outside might be better, but they’re almost always reserved, so be sure to book in advance even though walk-ins are allowed.

The furniture issues don’t stop with the seats; my table was wobbly, though not all of them might be. Despite the furniture, the rest of the interior ambiance is good. There are ambient light strips that highlight almost everything, providing good illumination without being excessive.

A notable feature is the giant location logo illuminating the place, which looks surreal, especially since we’re used to seeing it as an icon or emoji. It’s the highlight of the interior ambiance.

There are some greenery touches, and I believe the plants are real.

The Location Rooftop | Interior
The Location Rooftop | Interior
The Location Rooftop
The Location Rooftop

Outside View

The outside view is the main attraction of this restaurant. It’s as immaculate as the one at INTI, except here you get to admire the Kilimani neighborhood from this height and not Westlands.

The most visible landmark is the FCB Mihrab Tower, which dwarfs everything else in the vicinity.

FCB Mihrab Tower from The Location Rooftop

The outside view impresses not only with the high-rise buildings but also with the peaceful, continuous flow of traffic. The incoming yellow glow of headlights blending with the outgoing red glow of taillights creates a beautiful, mesmerizing sight. It’s hard to describe just how stunning it is from up here.

You can even step into the outside terrace area and soak in the night from above with your drink, making the experience even more captivating.

Kilimani View from The Location Rooftop

Final Thoughts

The atmosphere here is more like a club than a restaurant, but there is a nice view of the Kilimani area. Even though my expectations weren’t met, the staff are friendly and accommodating.

The highlight of the place is definitely its gorgeous ambiance. I would advise booking a reservation because the place is packed with people, and it’s the best way to get better seating and outside views.

I would recommend visiting for the outside view, the decent ambiance, and the okay drinks, but not for the food.

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