The Best Water Dispenser Brands in Kenya (With Prices)

19 August 2023|Appliances & Utensils

Different sizes of water dispensers

Water dispensers are appliances designated to do exactly what is in their name- to dispense water. To dispense is to give out. They not only dispense water out but control the temperature and minimize contamination in homes and offices especially

There are multiple variations of these units each offering different functionality; from basic ones that just guide water to your container spill-free, to complex ones that go above and beyond what they are intended to like making ice cubes

In this post we will first start by establishing if you really need a dispenser in accordance with your lifestyle, later discuss what you should be looking for when shopping for one, and finally review the common brands in the market to find the best suit for you.

Here we go.

a). Do you really need a water dispenser?

Mostly yes, you need one as it is a convenient way to get water off a container hassle-free with no spills or possible contamination. 

If you live in a place with terrible tap water, or the borehole water is salty, it means you buy bottled water and thus making a dispenser more lucrative to you.

The Pros

  1. Adds elegance to your room if you get an aesthetic model
  2. Make tea instantly, no need to boil water in the kettle or stove-top
  3. The 20L water bottle that goes in the dispenser is more cost-effective than buying individual 5L water bottles
  4. Reduces plastic waste as the water container is recycled, compared to small 5L disposable bottles
  5. Offers cool and warm water options alongside normal room temperature
  6. Stand-alone dispensers are more reliable than dispensers fitted in high-end fridges: If you are debating on buying a fridge with a dispenser, please don’t. 
  7. Encourages more consumption of water as it is readily available, if you are away you can just refill your portable water bottle to ensure you are always hydrated for healthy organs. Writing this while I haven’t drank water in 3 days, ironic

How many containers do you go through per month? 2L is reccomended per day but that is just not possible, since you get water from other foods say 1L pure water intake per day. In a month that is 30L almost 2 bottles a month for one person

The Cons

  1. It is an extra appliance for minimalist themes, most Kenyans are inclined to consumerism  “having things”
  2. Extra step carrying your bottles to supermarkets and refill shops and back again home. It is just a hassle I don’t appreciate
  3. Refillable bottle is like KSh 1,000 deposit


The jury has reached its verdict and we find the defendant( Mr dispenser) a nice to have and it will make your life easier and effortless

Good luck in your dispenser shopping while the rest of us peasants continue drinking from the tap.

Types of Dispensers

Table-top and Free-standing dispensers
Table-top and Free-standing dispensers

Table-Top Dispensers: These have a small footprint, normally 1/4 to 1/2 of the free-standing versions. They are normally basic and limited in functionality, but they are ideal for budget consumers or for small cramped spaces. 

Most tabletops support up to 20L(5 Gallons) bottles just like the free-standing options.

Free Standing Dispensers: These are full body and have a significant height. They are designed to be placed on the floor as they are larger units. Due to the bigger size, they are packed with extra features normally absent in tabletop options. The features are discussed below

Water Dispenser Features

Cooling:  Cooling in dispensers is either via electronic or compressor methods.

Electronic cooling uses electric current and thermoelectric modules to cool water, while the compressor method uses a compressor and refrigerant to cool via heat exchange. 

Compressor cooling is more efficient(uses less power) and models with this are more expensive than electronic dispensers.

Bottom Loading: Here is where the water bottle goes inside the unit instead of sticking out on top of the unit like in classic dispensers. 

Bottom loading is better for ease of use, you don’t have to lift and flip the bottle upside down making spills in the process, it just makes life easier.

Foot Pedestal: Here instead of twisting the tap, you gently step on a pedestal to dispense your water. That is a pretty neat feature if you ask me, as it  ensures no contamination of the taps during dispensing by multiple people like in an office setting

Cup Dispenser: The dispenser is loaded with cups that it dispenses each time, this is ideal for office or business spaces with visitors who need a new cup each time.

Touchless Taps: This is touchless place the cup under the tap it will sense a cup underneath and dispense

Storage Cabinet: A storage compartment inside the unit for storing cups or anything relevant to drinking water, idk ENO maybe, when you are constipated?

Fridge Compartment: More advanced units have a storage compartment that can be refrigerated if needed. This is ideal for storing medicines that require continuous refrigeration.


9. Nunix

Nunix Appliances Logo

Price Range: KSh 2,500 to 20,000

This is a new-ish brand that is single-handedly saturating the market with all kinds of home appliances to furniture. Everything is so dirt cheap, affordable is even an overstatement.

The brand’s success is attributed to many Kenyans being inclined to budget shopping and this brand caters exactly to that, thus an attractive option.

Now talking about Nunix dispensers, they offer more features for the same budget when compared to other brands. That is neat in terms of value offering. However, if the reviews are to go by; customer satisfaction is average at best which is not a good sign, with some reporting malfunctions. So I wouldn’t recommend Nunix for long-term reliability. 

7. Bruhms

Bruhm logo

Price Range: Ksh 2,500 to 15,000

Bruhms is a decent brand for mid-range water dispensers, although it lacks a variety of available models currently in inventory. While its reliability isn’t top-notch, it still offers a satisfactory level of assurance for your peace of mind.

5. Ramtons

Ramtons Logo

 Ramtons is probably Kenya’s favorite appliance brand. This is because its products are simple, affordable, and importantly very reliable. Consumer reviews are good to excellent.

Just like in fridges,  Ramtons has outdated and boring boxy-designs of water dispensers as well, its dispensers are without doubt the most old-fashioned with designs in 2023 that look like from 2003. If you love good aesthetics skip this for every other brand, even Nunix is more elegant.

But if you don’t care for aesthetics but reliability and functionality, Ramtons is your best bet. Its products are built like absolute tanks and will last you years even after mild abuse.

5. Mika

Mika Appliances Logo

Price Range: KSh 5,000 to 40,000

Mika dispensers pack all the goodness of  Ramtons but in sleeker and more contemporary designs. The color options are wide to fit almost any theme, plus the colors are vibrant and pop-like really; if it is white it is milky white, if black it’s matte black. If you want to go crazy they have gold and green options too!

They have a good variety with over 25 different models available, so you will have an option from them  for every budget you have

Brief Summary

For a budget of less 10,000, you have the option to either choose a standing dispenser with hot and normal, or a tabletop dispenser with hot normal, and cold

Between 12,000 and 15,000 you have free-standing models only with electric cooling and all with a storage cabinet

Above 20,000 is when you get compressor cooling models

At 23,000 you get a model with a mini fridge in the cabinet and at 25,000 you get a model with the said fridge and the taps are touchless,

Above 25,000 is when you get bottom-loading models 

At 33,000 you get a model with a foot pedestal mechanism

At 40,000 you get a unit with ice-making capabilities

🌐 Visit Website

4. Armco

Armco Logo

Price Range: KSh 4,500 to 22,000

Armco’s reliability is good to excellent with a service center in Westlands (that is also a showroom), incase of any issues or need for replacement parts

Their dispensers not only offer practicality but also add an aesthetic touch to your surroundings. The colors are not plain but are contrasted for more visual appeal.

Brief Summary

Up to KSh 13,000, you get hot and normal dispensers with 2 taps, meaning no cold water. Above that price, you get electric cooling capabilities.

Between 13,000 to 16,000, you get 3 taps models for; hot, normal, and cold. The dispenser comes with electric cooling capabilities.

At 15,000 you get a model that also dispenses cups alongside water.

Above 17,000 you get models that cool by a compressor as compared to the electric cooling from before

At 20,000 you get a new feature of dispensing water by a foot pedestal, just gently press your foot at either of the 3 pedestals to dispense your desired water temperature.

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3. Haier

Haier Logo

Price Range: KSh 12,000 to 26,000

Haier makes good water dispensers but falls short in offering a variety and also catering to consumers on every budget possible. Currently, only 3 models are available in a wide price range of over 13,000

The cheapest model at KSh 12,600 is basic in design and build but makes up for it all in terms of functionality. At that low price, it offers cold water and not by electric cooling, but compressor cooling. This is probably the best value unit if you want a budget compressor cooling dispenser

The 25,000 and 26,000 models have all 3; normal, cold, and hot functions, they are more elegant in design too, and with mini-fridges built into the cabinets.

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2. Von

Von Appliances Logo

Price Range: KSh 3,600 to 37,000

Von has good enough model variations that span equally across its price range. This makes it one of the easiest brands to shop from on the basis of the features you want on on your water dispenser.

Reliability is okay and customer satisfaction is good almost excellent. 

Below 5,000 budget you will get tabletop models, 3,600 just dispenses water and the 4,700 one heats and provides hot water

At 8,000 we get the first free-standing unit with hot and normal functions, and that goes on upto 12,000

At 12,000 we get the first model with cooling functionality, the cooling is electric(electronic)

At 19,000 is where we get our first compressor cooling unit

At 27,000 we get units with mini refrigerators

Above 30,000 is when bottom-mounted models enter the chat

Check models

1. Panasonic

Panasonic Logo

Price Range: KSh 25,000 to 51,000

If you want the absolute best water dispenser of all interns of sturdiness, build quality, premium materials, and lifetime reliability? Panasonic is probably it. Panasonic is a Japanese brand and we all know they are all reliable.

It is not a budget option but if you can comfortably afford their models, they are mainly excellent to exemplary. 

Starting prices are just over 25,000 and up to 51,000 which is quite a spend for a water dispenser.

The designs are elegant, minimalist, and futuristic to fit any living room theme you got going on, even for the top-loaded ones surprisingly. The bodies are stainless steel and not plastic for most, 

They all offer; normal, hot, and cold water with compressor cooling and child lock for extra safety

Bottom-loading models start at over KSh 40,000, and at 51,000 we have the peak water dispenser. It has a nightlight, UV sterilization, touch controls, and a stainless steel body 

Check models

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