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The 5 Popular Olive Oil Brands in Kenya Ranked Worst to Best

This post is on the popular olive oil brands available in the Kenyan market discussed to find the best one for your needs on your next grocery haul.

Olive oil is probably one of the most counterfeited consumer products. It was revealed years ago that over 80% of olive oil in the market isn’t the real thing, it is just additives, colors, and aroma added, with some mixed with seed oils.

So the best option is to source from a reputable and certified supplier who imports them from the Mediterranean countries like Italy, Spain, Morocco, and Tunisia. But this only makes sense for bulk buyers.

For normal consumers, we have packaged store-bought options from the supermarket, this article features the popular brands.

I have tried all 5 featured brands and I will be giving my personal opinions, recommendations, or criticisms of each

5. Santa Maria

Santa Maria Olive Oil
Santa Maria Olive Oil

I always have doubts about the Santa Maria brand, while most of its products are good enough, they are classified as “premium” with sorta a premium price tag. 

It is essentially a Kenyan company with different goods under its brand name, including; peanut butter, olive oil, canned tomatoes, baked beans, apple cider vinegar, spaghetti & macaroni, and so on.

The catch? Santa Maria isn’t exactly manufacturing these goods themselves. They’re outsourcing to different companies from different corners of the globe.

Nothing inherently wrong with that, but the quality rollercoaster between their products is real. Spaghetti and coconut oil might be a hit, but those canned tomatoes, baked beans, and olive oil? Not so much.

Now, let’s talk about Santa Maria’s olive oil – probably the most lackluster thing I’ve tried from them. 

First off, they’re throwing it into a clear glass bottle, which is a big no-no. Olive oil should be in a dark green bottle to keep the light out. The light messes with olive oil, making it break down(oxidize) and degrade really quickly.

Taste-wise, it’s a letdown on every level. No distinct olive oil vibes, from the texture to the scent. 

Long story short, I wouldn’t recommend Santa Maria’s olive oil to anyone.

4. Allegro

Allegro Olive Oil
Allegro Olive Oil

I used this Allegro brand about 2 years ago, can’t remember much but I remember it was good enough, like a good above average I would say.

Allegro didn’t personally impress me that much as it is not stronger in terms of flavor and aroma, it is just mild in most aspects; after finishing it, I went back to my regular brand which holds the #1 spot on this list.

3. Terra Delyssa

Terra Delyssa Olive Oil
Terra Delyssa Olive Oil

While being 3rd on the list, this is a good choice especially if you are a budget shopper. I feel like Terra Delyssa gives the best value.

 While I am personally a value shopper, Terra Delyssa throws me off with one thing; its distinct taste, it is so distracting, it tastes different from all olive oil, (extra nutty) and has a different smell too, if not for this I would have ranked it second.

An attractive aspect about Terra Delyssa is that it is cold-pressed and harvested in a single location in Tunisia, so consistency is always what you expect it to be.

Cold-pressed olive oil retains all the natural goodness and nothing is lost in the processing, therefore it is more flavorful than regular olive oil.

The flavor and aroma are intense and strong, so this is a good olive oil and I recommend it assuming the smell won’t be a bother nor the nuttiness

2. Borges

Borges Olive Oil
Borges Olive Oil

Borges is imported from Spain, good product but slightly costly for the quality, tastes rich and clean, no heavy aftertaste like from Terra Delyssa, Borges is a good brand if you don’t mind the overpriced aspect

1. Pietro Coricelli

Pietro Coricelli Olive Oil
Pietro Coricelli Olive Oil

Being my go-to brand for the past 5 years, this is my most trusted supermarket brand of olive oil; also the best one for salad dressing. It is an Italian product and just like pasta, Italy takes the quality of their cooking ingredients seriously.

Pietro Coricelli is dense and viscous while smelling a little sweet, with a fresh and strong olive smell. Being thick means a few drops are enough, thus you end up using less than what you would use from the other brands.

While it is not cheap, it is somewhat economical in terms of usage for the same volumes

The bottle is well molded and heavy, and it really feels like a premium product, the glass is dark probably the darkest of all brands this is a good thing as the oil will be preserved well and won’t degrade by light entry.


  1. You can use a cheaper quality olive oil for regular dishes and save the premium expensive one for culinary masterpieces and salads, where you can really feel the difference
  2. Check the harvest date too, it is as important as the expiry date. As said olive oil degrades so the fresher the better. Since these are imported products it is hard to find a bottle that is 3 months old, but don’t go for a bottle that is over a year old even tho the expiry goes up to 2 years.
  3. If you are unsure of the brand, pick the one in a darker bottle as it will be more fresher and less oxidized due to minimal light entry. The olive oils in metal tins are even better for preserving freshness
  4. Italian and Spanish brands tend to be superior to oils processed and packed elsewhere, so always prefer those for better quality, standards, and consistency
  5. Don’t just shop for olive oil, but extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin is more complex, and flavorful as it is less processed than regular olive oil. All the brands featured above are extra-virgin
  6. Don’t use olive oil for high-heat cooking applications like searing steaks or deep frying as it normally has a lower smoke point, so it will burn off to smoke quick. Instead, use olive oil for salad dressings, drizzles, and shallow fries.
  7. When making Italian dishes, olive oil should be the oil of choice for authenticity

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