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The 5 Best Peanut Butter Brands in Kenya (With Prices)

This post is an overview and review of the best peanut butter brands in Kenya that you should totally try if you haven’t already.

 Peanut butter is like a treasure trove for parents of active teenagers or fitness enthusiasts who hit the gym regularly. 

It’s a constant struggle to keep enough peanut butter stocked in the pantry. Personally, I missed out on enjoying peanut butter for the first decade of my life, and looking back, I wish I hadn’t; (smelled gross to me at the time)

If you need recommendations for something new, the following brands are good options you should consider generally, no affiliations with any brand so go with whatever.

But before that let’s establish if peanut butter is any good for you.

Is Peanut Butter Healthy?

While there are worse foods out here, peanut butter is not a bad food. It is also not on the top of the healthy food list either, I mean it is a processed product.

With added sugar and stabilizers (to prevent oil separation), it’s not exactly what you’re looking for if you’re after the healthy fats and proteins.

For a better alternative, opt for natural peanut butter with minimal ingredients – ideally just  ‘peanuts.’ Sure, they might require a bit of stirring to blend everything together, but they’re a much cleaner and healthier choice overall.

5. Nuteez

250g: KSh 180

400g: KSh 275

800g: KSh 530

Nuteez Peanut Butter
Nuteez  Peanut Butter Butter

Nuteez holds the title of being the original peanut butter brand in Kenya, widely recognized as a household name. However, its journey hasn’t been without its fair share of controversies, having faced bans from the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) on multiple occasions.

These bans, although later lifted, have left a stain on the brand’s reputation and shaken consumer confidence. The primary reason behind these prohibitions has been the detection of elevated levels of aflatoxin, a toxic substance produced by certain fungi, commonly found in maize and peanuts (njugu).

Local peanuts in Kenya are particularly susceptible to aflatoxin contamination, leading to regulatory actions that affect homegrown peanut butter brands. 

Nuteez isn’t the sole victim of such bans; other prominent brands like Zesta have also encountered similar challenges, though they’re not discussed in this context.

While you may still be avoiding Nuteez to date, just remember that all peanut butter contains aflatoxins, but they are regulated to a certain level.

Nuteez peanut butter has 3 variants; crunchy, smooth, and chocolate. Chocolate peanut butter is so good if you love sweet things, it however costs more than the two

4. Blue Band

200g: KSh 200

400g: KSh 342

800g: KSh 619

Similar to Nuteez and Zesta,  Blue Band faced a ban in 2019 due to elevated levels of aflatoxin, adding to the ongoing saga surrounding local peanut butter brands.

This occurrence isn’t entirely unexpected considering that  Blue Band is manufactured by the same company responsible for Zesta peanut butter. Thus, when one brand faces a ban, it’s not surprising that the other follows suit.

But enough about the bans; let’s focus on the product itself. Blue Band peanut butter comes in two variations: crunchy and smooth, with the latter being the preferred choice for most consumers.

Despite the setbacks, the launch of Blue Band peanut butter has been remarkably successful. 

Thanks to its established brand name and reputation, particularly in the margarine market, it has quickly become one of the most purchased peanut butter brands on the market.  Blue Band’s general peanut butter quality is good to average

3. Peptang

250g: KSh 215

400g: KSh 325

Peptang Peanut Butter
Peptang  Peanut Butter Butter

Peptang is a local company famous for its sauces, but their peanut is outsourced and made in India, so Peptang has never had any issues with aflatoxins,

Quality is good and so is pricing, this makes Peptang the best value peanut butter option, offered in both smooth and crunchy versions, and importantly the only brand so far that offers a no-added sugar option.

If you are on a budget and want the best peanut butter then it is Peptang, however, if you want to pay a premium for an even better peanut butter explore the other two options below.

2. Santa Maria

Santa Maria Peanut Butter
Santa Maria Peanut Butter

The quality of Santa Maria products is exceptional, albeit with a higher price point. Santa Maria is a brand that collaborates with various companies worldwide to produce its diverse product range. 

Their spaghetti is noteworthy, and their peanut butter stands out as one of the finest options available; coming in two options; smooth and crunchy.

 However other products like olive oil are not as good.

Santa Maria peanut butter spreads effortlessly, even the crunchy version, offering a rich and smooth taste. However, it comes with a premium price compared to other peanut butter brands on the market.

1. Skippy

340g: KSh 845

500g: KSh 1,290

1Kg: KSh 2,490

Quality is excellent,  Skippy is an American brand and a global favorite brand of peanut butter. It is imported to Kenya either from the US or in China.

 Skippy peanut butter boasts exceptional quality, making it a household favorite for me. I’ve always preferred  Skippy for its rich roasted peanut flavor, balanced perfectly between salty and sweet. 

Unlike cheaper alternatives that often taste more like candy than peanuts,  Skippy maintains a genuine nutty taste. 

However, it comes at a premium price; a 340g jar costs KSh 845, significantly higher than some local brands offering 400g jars for less than half the price. 

Despite its high cost and superior quality,  Skippy may not offer the best value proposition.

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