The 5 Best Fridge Guards in Kenya

6 November 2023|Appliances & Utensils

Investing in a reliable fridge guard is a smart move for protecting your refrigerator from unpredictable electrical issues. This post features 5 of the best brands you should consider if you are shopping for a fridge guard.

Electrical Wiring

In Kenya, voltage spikes, brownouts, blackouts, and voltage spikes are so common it’s like a daily ritualNot as bad as South Africa, but generally not the best. While this happens frequently, it is your trusty appliances that are taken on this roller coaster ride and they pay the price.

Appliances like fridges and cookers appreciate stable and continuous power, and these spikes and interruptions are harmful to your refrigerator’s compressor and circuit board especially. It is here where fridge guards come into existence.

5. Mika

Mika Fridge Guard 7A
Mika  Fridge Guard 7A

Price: KSh 1,995

Mika products are generally good and sturdy, so the same is expected from their accessory offering

Since they make fridges, it makes sense that they sell fridge guards separately. This specific guard can handle even the biggest refrigerators, it is 7 Amps current with a 3 min start-up delay, meaning; that is the preset duration it will turn back on after a power abnormality, ensuring your fridge doesn’t start up immediately after a power surge

Mika fridge guard is affordable at less than KSh 2,000 and is worth it for the peace of mind that your fridge will be fine.

4. Sayona

Price: KSh 2,200

The Sayona  Fridge Guard is another excellent choice for protecting your fridge. It balances price and performance, making it a  practical option for many consumers. 

Price wise it comes a little higher but on the same budget category as most of the options featured. The warranty offered is 5 years and that really shows how confident the manufacturer is with this fridge guard

3. Armco

Armco Fridge Guard 5A
Armco  Fridge Guard 5A

Price: KSh 2,595

Like Sayona, this is also a 5Amp fridge guard by the appliance manufacturer Armco. The model number for the featured image is AVP-5R100

Function-wise, it’s like Mika boasting the same 3-minute delay after a power interruption or voltage spike, the upper hand to this Armco model is you can control how sensitive you want it to power fluctuations, and it also has a 5-year warranty backing it.

2. Tronic

Tronic Fridge Guard 5A
Tronic  Fridge Guard 5A

Price: KSh 1,600

What sets Tronic aside from all the 3 discussed brands is that; Tronic is not an appliance manufacturer like Mika, Sayona, and Armco, but it is an electrical and lighting company, meaning they specialize more in subjects of electricity; (voltage and current), thus likely to have better electrical accessories.

It is specified at 5Amp but has a much lower start-up delay of 90 seconds compared to 180 seconds from other brands which offer better insurance.

It is the most affordable option in this list making it the best value. If you just want a basic fridge guard that does what it is supposed to do, on a budget then I would recommend Tronic for you. 

1. PowerPoint 

PowerPoint Fridge Guard 7A
PowerPoint Fridge Guard 7A

Price: 3,600

If you want the best fridge guard out there then without doubt I would recommend  PowerPoint. Yes, it is on the pricier side, more than double some models, but it is really worth the money because this is what I personally use.

8 years down the line, it is going strong. Probably one of the most satisfying purchases. It is hard to get your hands on these as it is not a very mainstream brand

It has a 90 sec start-up delay. Unlike most other models in this list specked at 5Amps,  PowerPoint is at 7Amp meaning it can handle bigger refrigerators even better. Most refrigerators operate between 3-5A of current, so having a bigger number the better

The other attractive feature about this higher current rating is you can use this one fridge guard for multiple appliances, say your fridge uses 4A, and the extra 3A can be used for a water dispenser that only requires at most 1.5A

Is it a must to use a fridge guard?

No, it is not a must, it is just a protective measure to prevent your fridge from electrical damage by the unstable power supply. 

While being not mandatory, it is highly recommended in areas prone to power fluctuations, (which is basically the entirety of Kenya). 

So yes, fridge guards are optional generally, but in Kenya, they are kind of a must-have

If you have a Samsung fridge then you do not need a fridge guard, since most of their fridges have an inbuilt stabilizer, more like an inbuilt fridge guard. Still, it won’t hurt you to use an external guard to add even more layers of protection.

Fridge Guard vs Stabilizer

 Fridge guards and stabilizers serve different purposes. A fridge guard protects your fridge from voltage fluctuations and surges, while a stabilizer ensures a steady supply of power within a specific voltage range.


Is it safe to use a fridge guard on TV?

While it actually works, it’s not recommended to use a fridge guard on a TV.  Fridge guards are specifically designed for refrigerators and might not provide the same level of protection for other appliances. It’s best to use a TV guard or a voltage guard for your TV as designed.

Why does the fridge guard keep turning off

A fridge guard can turn off if it detects a power outage or a voltage fluctuation that falls outside the safe operating range. This is a  safety feature to prevent your appliances from damage. If this happens then the power supply is the one having issues and not your fridge guard

The fridge guard showing a green light

The green light on a fridge guard typically indicates that it is functioning correctly and that your refrigerator is protected within the safe voltage range. 

If the light changes to red or goes out, it may indicate a problem with the power or the fridge guard itself.

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