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The 3 Best Commercial Cake Brands in Kenya

This article features the top 3 best commercial bakeries for packed bakery products within Kenyan supermarkets and retail shops. All these esteemed establishments have earned reputations for excellence, and I will confidently recommend them as follows in that order;

3.  Joy Super Bakers

2. Mibisco

1.  Millbakers

This is an honest and personal assessment and personal experience with the products over the years. No biases, no affiliations. 

3. Joy Super Bakers

Joy Mandazi Bites
Joy Mandazi Bites

 Joy Bakers, while not considered top-tier, certainly doesn’t fall into the category of average either. 

It holds a solid reputation as one of the most recognized bakery brands nationwide, largely due to its extensive distribution network. You can rely on finding  Joy Bakers‘ cakes even in remote rural areas, thanks to their robust distribution system.

What sets Joy Bakers apart is their renowned mandazi bites, which enjoy widespread acclaim for their quality and taste. 

In addition to these, they offer a variety of other products including black forest cakes, muffins, and deli cakes. However, it’s worth noting that their cookies are not particularly impressive; they tend to be dry and hard. Nevertheless, the rest of their product range is generally satisfactory.

While their black forest cake may not be as moist as what you’d find at a local bakery, it’s important to consider that it comes in a packaged, boxed form. 

Ordinary Madeira cakes are actually good, they are not very dense or very fluffy, just right. Sweetness is spot on, not too much not underwhelming, the only thing is that they aren’t as moist as  Millbakers or as I would want them to be, regardless they are spot on.

Given this context, any slight variance in texture is understandable. Overall,  Joy Bakers delivers a reliable selection of baked goods, making it a popular choice for consumers across the country.

2. Mibisco

Mibisco, a division of Mini Bakeries, the parent company of Supa Loaf bread, distinguishes itself by specializing in two main products: muffins and cake slices. 

Unlike other bakeries that offer a wide range of products, Mibisco focuses solely on these two itemsensuring the utmost quality in each. 

Their muffins, in particular, stand out as the finest in the entire list, characterized by their divine texture – soft, neither gummy nor crumbly, but simply perfect. 

Operating on a smaller scale, Mibisco’s products are not readily available everywhere; instead, they are selectively stocked, primarily in larger outlets. 

This limited distribution contributes to the exclusivity of Mibisco’s offerings, making them sought-after by discerning customers. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was your first time hearing about Mibisco, it’s like that niche brand that doesn’t target everybody.

Despite its small-scale operation, Mibisco maintains exceptional quality and consistency in its products, setting it apart as a bakery of unparalleled excellence.

1. MillBakers

Millbakers Cakes
 Millbakers Cakes

 Cake Types: Cupcakes, Muffins, Rich  Cake, Madeira, Deli Cake, Coffee Cake, Fancy Cake, Fruit Cake, Lemon Slices

Cookie Flavors: Coffee Kisses, Rich Chocolate, Gingernut Cookies, Danish Cookies, Melting Moments

Bites Mandazi Flavors: Milk, Coconut, Lemon, Ginger, and Honey

 Mill Bakers is a countrywide renowned bakery from Ruiru, Nairobi.

 Mill Bakers has earned a reputation as the premier bakery across the country, revered for its unwavering commitment to product quality and consistency. 

Their mandazi bites stand out as particularly exceptional,  with each flavor maintaining a perfect balance of moisture and flavor.  

Their cakes are consistently praised for their soft, moist texture,  making them nearly flawless for a commercial bakery. 

Customers can always expect a high level of consistency from Mill Bakers, ensuring a satisfying experience with every visit.


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