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The 3 Best Apple Cider Vinegar Brands in Kenya

The best apple cider is the one you can make from growing your own apples, since we don’t grow apples in Kenya, in this post we will look at the best supermarket/grocery store brands for apple cider.

 Apple Cider should just live in your pantry at all times, it seems to do everything and is a good home remedy item just like baking soda(bicarbonate of soda), and also a medicine on its own. These two items should be in your kitchen!

Not to be confused with cider which is an alcoholic drink, apple cider is non-alcoholic made from fermenting whole apples strained and drained.  Apple Cider is not normally filtered and for that reason, it has strands from the apple referred to as (the mother).

So ensure any apple cider you get the “organic apple cider with the mother” This is the best variant of any store-bought apple cider.

Uses of Apple Cider

  1. Detoxing
  2. Clearing acne
  3. Aiding in weight loss
  4. Promotes digestion, gut health, and reducing bloat.
  5. Reducing blood cholesterol
  6. Managing blood sugar

In Kenya, most people who buy apple cider do it primarily for weight management issues, the other benefits are just as a side. 

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How to Use Apple Cider

To ingest apple cider, we make a beverage; add 1tsp of organic apple cider to 3/4 full cup of water and mix. 

Since apple cider has a raw acidic taste, it is unpleasant to drink, just as terrible as green tea. So, add 1 tsp of honey to the beverage and drink it. Drink at least once a day for results.

If you are using apple cider for your acne ingesting it will help with “purifying your blood” and thus fewer breakouts, topical application is also recommended. 

Again remember that apple cider is heavily acidic and might lead to skin burns, so dilute with water( 1/2 tbs for 1 glass of water) and apply on your acne with a cotton wool, allow 20 minutes to dry then wash off. Do this daily before bed, the apple cider will slowly but surely create an acidic environment that will kill all acne-causing bacteria on your skin.

Also, note that you can not only use apple cider for medical and home remedy purposes but it can be used in culinary cooking like dressing up salads

Let’s get to the best-recommended brands of apple cider in Kenya;

3. Varvello

2.  Bragg

1.  De Nigris

All these options are organic, unfiltered, and with the mother

3. Varvello

Varvello Apple Cider Vinegar
Varvello  Apple Cider Vinegar 

Varvello is an Italian brand of apple cider vinegar since 1921, embodying a legacy of quality, tradition, and unparalleled taste. With nearly a century of expertise in crafting premium vinegar.

One of the hallmarks of Varvello’s apple cider vinegar lies in its adherence to traditional methods passed down through generations. 

Unlike mass-produced vinegars, Varvello’s artisanal approach ensures that every bottle encapsulates the essence of Italian terroir, with a depth of flavor and complexity that sets it apart from its counterparts.

Packaged in elegant glass bottles adorned with the brand’s iconic label, Varvello’s apple cider vinegar exudes sophistication and authenticity.  

The inclusion of a convenient pour spout ensures precision in dispensing, allowing for effortless incorporation into culinary creations and wellness rituals.

2. Bragg

Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar
Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar

 Bragg is probably the worldwide best-seller brand of apple cider vinegar, it is especially good for acid reflux.

It has an acquired taste and it enhances some of the foods you cook, but the main use case is adding a tsp of it to water mixing, optionally sweetening and downing the beverage. 

Its slightly acidic taste carries subtle hints of apple sweetness, imparting a distinctive character.

Unlike conventional vinegar,  Bragg’s variety retains the “mother” – a colony of beneficial bacteria, proteins, and enzymes.

While some may find its assertive flavor initially intense, it is a good product that I highly recommend.

1. De Nigris

De Nigris Apple Cider Vinegar
 De Nigris  Apple Cider Vinegar 

This is the best apple cider brand, it’s an Italian family-owned brand, currently run by the 3rd generation. It has been in existence since 1889.

De Nigris is all organic, unfiltered, and unpasteurized with all the goodness of the mother.

If you are sensitive about GMOs then this project is non-GMO, everything is traditional and organic.

The ingredients are just: Organic apples, that is it. Nothing more is added. It possesses an acidity of 5% which is in line with the standard 5-6%

This vinegar sediments at the bottom and this is a guarantee of authenticity that it’s all made from organic apples.

The product is 0 calories and doesn’t add anything. Doesn’t contain gluten or all

 De Nigris is the brand I would personally highly recommend without any doubts, it is what lives in my pantry.

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