You are currently viewing The 20 Popular Fast Food Chains in Kenya Ranked.

The 20 Popular Fast Food Chains in Kenya Ranked.

The fast food industry in Kenya is exponentially growing over the years, thanks to increased urbanization primarily. Other factors are; Busier lifestyles in the city make fast food meals convenient. Actually, more convenient with the advent of food delivery services.

Improved living standards make fast food generally affordable. Brands are offering low-priced menus and constant promotions to increase adoption

Fast foods are generally consistent in taste, texture, and flavor despite the location; so they will have you craving for some, especially at 2am when nowhere is open. 

Launching American franchises is usually an instant success. Kenyans, just like other countries appreciate American culture which they experience through; music, movies, social media, and most TV shows. 

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1. KFC

KFC Chicken & Chips Buckets
KFC Chicken & Chips Buckets

Pricing:($-$$) Inexpensive to moderate

KFC pricing is considered somewhat affordable. The cheapest ‘reasonable’ meal I found was The Street Wise 2 going for KSh 450 currently, at some point, on promotion for KSh 390. It consists of two-piece chicken and fries (chips).

Prices are constantly adjusted over time especially attributable to changes in ingredients costs.


KFC launched in Kenya in 2011, with over 25 locations in Nairobi as of early 2023. Kentucky Fried Chicken is a popular fast food name owing to its signature fried chicken made with a secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices. 


KFC offerings include; chicken pieces, wings, burgers, chips(french fries), sides, desserts, nuggets, drinks, Krushers, salads, and more Check the full in-depth KFC menu guide here updated regularly. 

Note that KFC usually introduces new menus that are limited-time editions depending on when you order, or some menus are only specific to a certain region. 

Personal Rating: 9.0 out of 10

 Food Delivery: ●UberEats  ●Glovo  ●BoltFood ●JumiaFood


  CBD●Kimathi Street,  ●KFC Mama Ngina,  ●KFC City Centre. 

 Malls●Garden City, ●Galleria, ●Southfield, ●Westgate, ●Village Market, 

 Available Drive Thru ●Northview, ●Buruburu,  ●Limuru Rd, ●Hurlingham, ●Lavington,    ●Waiyaki Way,  ●Mombasa Rd,  ●Langata Rd,  ●Embakasi.


KFC in Kenya is operated by Kuku Foods East Africa Holdings which is the regional franchisee to KFC locations in Uganda and Tanzania as well. Founded in 1952 in North Corbin, Kentucky, United States by Colonel Sanders, who is the feature on KFC branding and packaging. He is the one who developed the original secret recipe.

2. Pizza Inn

Pizza Inn Kenya
Img: Instagram/pizzainn_ke

Pricing:($$) Moderate

Pizza Inn is a mid-range pizza chain with prices lower than giant pizza chains. For a small pizza for instance you can pay from KSh 630, a medium for 900, large for 1,200, and an extra-large (Mega) for 1,400. That is for the classic pizzas. They also offer deluxe pizzas in the same sizes as before but with a KSh 50  up charge for the exact size. Finally, they have supreme pizzas which are kind of high end costing a little extra than the deluxe.

Pizza Inn has Terrific Tuesdays a promotion for classic pizzas which they run on, you guessed it……..Tuesdays! You get two medium pizzas for KSh 1,050 and two large for KSh 1,300.


I mean it is not my favorite, I have tried loving it by trying all the pizza tiers, but it’s not cutting it. The crust is paper thin, and the cheese ain’t cheesing. The deluxe and the supreme pizzas are definitely an upgrade, but not to a level that I’m happy with considering you pay a little extra. The ingredient layers are not that solid and everything keeps separating on a bite. It is not that bad either, it is just average 

However, most people seem to love it and it’s not like I’m Mr Know-It-All, so maybe it’s just personal tastes. For this reason, I will still recommend it, especially considering you are paying slightly less

Now let’s talk about the good: Available almost everywhere, promos, affordable prices, variety, and reasonable wait time despite being crowded.

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Personal Rating: 6.0 out of 10

Food Delivery: For some reason, not Currently available on Glovo, Jumia Food, or Uber Eats. The Oder Online button on the website doesn’t seem to be working either, SMH.


The first outlet opened in Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare in 1994. Pizza Inn is operated by Simbisa Brands Kenya which also runs Creamy Inn, Galitos, Chicken Inn, and Baker’s Inn.

3. Burger King

Pricing:($$) Moderate

Pricing is in the middle, not very cheap and not overly expensive too, depending on the menu options you go for, single items or meals, and optioning of extras all govern the final cost.


  •  Angry Wraps: Beef Wrap, Chicken Wrap
  •  Beef Burgers: Whooper, Whooper Jr, Steak House, Big King XL, Extra Long Chili Cheese, Double Chili Cheese, Double Whooper, Double Cheeseburger, Big King, Deluxe, and Double Cheese Burger Bacon.
  •  Chicken Burgers: Tender crisp Chicken, Long Chicken, Crispy Chicken, and Long Chili Cheese Chicken.
  •  Kid’s Menu: Junior Hamburger, Junior Cheese Burger, and Junior 4 Chicken Nuggets.
  •  Salads: Crunchy Chicken Salad, Grilled Chicken Salad, and Delight Salad
  •  Snacks: King Wings, Chicken Nuggets, Cheese Chili Bites, Fries, and King Onion Rings.
  •  King Savers: Hamburger, Cheese Burger,   and King Deal
  •  Desserts & Drinks: King Fusion, Chocolate Donut, Milkshakes, Vanilla Cones, Sundaes, Sodas, and Water.


Best ambiance and interior for dine-in. The wood modern finishes are next level. They are the most kid-friendly establishment on this list, they not only offer one kid meal menu but 3 plus and the free Burger King crowns for children. 

Food is okay, the signature flame grilling of beef patties sets them aside from the competition and gives their burgers a distinct texture and a smoky taste. The flame grilling sears the outside of the patty making it crisp while the inside is cooked till juicy and soft. The juices are contained by the crispy seared layer and they burst in your mouth when you take a bite.

They have the most friendly staff they even go the extra to deliver your order to the table sometimes instead of calling out your name to collect it, 10/10  service score right there.

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Personal Rating:7.5 out of 10

Locations 📍

  •  The Hub Karen, TRM, Two Rivers, Lavington, Nextgen Mall


Founded in Miami Florida, USA in 1954. The Whooper the iconic menu option was introduced in 1957, it went public in 1964 and since then has undergone a series of ownership. BK is in over 100 countries with more than 28,000 locations worldwide.

4. Mama Rocks

Img: Instagram/mamarocksgbk
Img: Instagram/mamarocksgbk

Pricing:($$) Moderate

I would consider Mama Rocks affordable, their prices are in range with other joints with similar menu offerings.


Burgers are the main characters here but there’s more to just burgers. Other offerings include; Chicken Wings, Chips(Fries), Milk Shakes, Soda, Fresh Juice, Coffee, Sides, Salads, Snack Boxes, Desserts, and a Kids’ Menu. Oooh, they have pizza as well


Let’s talk Mama Rocks. These are not your average, but burgers on steroids. They are so unique but in a good way. Mango sauce on a burger? Yes please I would like to try that. Their burgers are heavily influenced by African cuisine, this is by ingredients used and the naming too.

The choice of burger buns is great, brioche is used. It is French, slightly sweet, and buttery, all these characteristics greatly complement the taste of the beef patty, cheeses, sauces, and toppings. 

Personal Rating: 8.5 of 10

Food Delivery: ●UberEats ●JumiaFood

Locations 📍

          ●The Alchemist ●Roslyn Rivera Mall ●Karen ●Kilimani


Two sisters in the UK quit their corporate jobs in 2015 to create a brand that acknowledges the African Continent. Started out as a food truck to test the market before a permanent location could be established in January 2016. 

The brand’s mission is to commemorate Africa by exporting its signature gourmet burgers globally in the future, thus burying the typical stereotypes tied to the continent. And show the world that indeed something good and original can come out of Africa.

5. Chicken Inn

Img: Instagram/chickeninnke
Img: Instagram/chickeninnke

Pricing:($-$$) Inexpensive to moderate

This is literally, “Mum, can we have some KFC?” Then mum is like, “We have KFC at home “. Sorry for the cringy jokes.

Seriously, the pricing is pocket-conscious; burgers start from KSh 400, 1/4 rotisserie chicken starts at  KSh 250, and chicken pieces start at KSh 120. Keep in mind a single chicken piece from KFC starts at 250. That is double the amount. If you want chicken on a budget and you don’t care for the signature KFC taste or you don’t like KFC, this is it for you.


  •  Rotisserie Chicken: 1/4, 1/2, Full rotisseries and can be optioned with chips
  •  Chicken Pieces: 1,2,3,6 and 8, some accompanied by chips and coleslaw
  •  Burgers: Chicken Burger, Double Chicken Burger, and Double Chicken Burger with cheese.
  •  Chips(Fries): Regular, Large, and Mega
  •  Drinks:  Coca-Cola’s 500ml PET sodas and drinking water
  •  Extras: Extra Chili Sauce, Extra Cheese
  •  Salads: Coleslaw, Green Salad
  •  Value Meals: Chicken Bites, Wings, 
  •  Combo Meals: Chicken pieces with chips and a soda, or a burger with chips and a soda


I know I kinda disproved the sister company Pizza Inn, but I approve of this. Maybe it is because chicken is relatively easier to perfect as long as you ensure the insides are juicy and the outside is crunchy and they nail on this.

One thing why people love Chicken Inn is the constant promotions that they run weekly. For instance the Burger for Two runs on Mondays and Wednesdays where you get two burgers for KSh 600.

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Personal Rating: 8 out of 10

Food Delivery: Dial a Delivery(App Install)…No Glovo, Uber Eats, or Jumia Food

Locations 📍

  •  CBD: Moi Avenue, Kenyatta Avenue, Tom Mboya Street.
  •  Malls: Garden City, TRM, Two Rivers, Greenspan Mall, Westgate Mall,
  •  Other Locations: Shell Mirema, Kasarani, Ring Rd. Parklands, Shell Ngong Rd(Has a drive-thru), Embakasi, Industrial Area, Shell Yaya, Ola Westlands, Kobil South B, Waiyaki Way, Mbaghathi Way, Kobil Langata, Enterprise Rd. and more


Chicken Inn is a subsidiary of Simbisa Brands that specializes in chicken products, burgers, salads, and more.

6. Big Square

Img: Instagram/bigsquareke
Img: Instagram/bigsquareke

Pricing:($-$$) Inexpensive to moderate

The company’s commitment is offering affordable food without quality compromises, and they sure hold on to that. They run promotions constantly making their menu items even more affordable to many locals. Ingredients are also locally sourced, ensuring freshness, supporting the local economy, and reducing carbon footprints. Overall, they offer a good value in terms of quality and quantity.


The menu at Big Square features a variety of the following: Burgers, Grilled Chicken, Chicken Wings, Fried Chicken, Chips, Ribs, Chops, Salads, Ice Cream, Onion Rings, Milkshakes, Iced Teas and Coffees, Frappes, Mega shakes, Smoothies, and Full Breakfast Meals

For more menu details:


 I love that they have square burgers, living up to their name…that is pretty neat. Forget the square burgers, the first thing that comes to mind on the mention of Big Square is double rack pork ribs, I just mouth watered while typing.

 OK let’s not go into details about the ribs cause I’m starving and this won’t do me any good. Just know that they are heavenly.

Their salads are not average but excellent, not to be that guy but why would you order just salad when they have succulent ribs? Salads normally suck but theirs actually don’t, or if they do, they do less.

Happy Hour: This is generally a period where restaurants discount their drinks, especially in late afternoons to attract customers at off-peak hours or to attract even more at peak hours. Big Square’s happy hour is scheduled as follows:

  •  2 for 1 for wine every day from 5pm to 9:30pm  
  •  3 for 1 for cocktails from 5pm to 8pm on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

The overall food portions are generally generous making it extra Kenyan, and for the first time I can say, you get more than what you pay for.

Personal Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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Food Delivery: Glovo, Jumia Food, Uber Eats


CBD: ●Moi Avenue, ●Standard Street

Malls: ●Garden City, ●Junction Mall, ●Two Rivers

Others: ●Lavington, ●Wilson Airport, ●Ad-Life Plaza, ●Mountain View


Big Square is a casual diner and fast food restaurant, that is Kenyan owned and established in 2012. The goal of the restaurant was to offer high-quality food at affordable prices. The original branch was in Karen which later closed down. Big Square currently has over 11 restaurants with one in Mombasa (Nyali Cinemax), the other in Eldoret, and the rest in Nairobi.

7. Subway

Pricing:($$) Moderate

I mean, KSh 1,000 plus for a sandwich is not the cheapest price. Can you make multiple sandwiches for less at home with the same amount? Yes. But taking into consideration the operational cost, franchise fees, equipment, staffing, and rent. It makes sense that pricing is moderate plus you get a good value filling sandwich. If it is too expensive for you, then you are not the target market. Ouch, I just roasted myself.


Subway is a sandwich shop that uses an open kitchen format, where your sandwich is assembled right in front of your eyes with customization of your choosing. You simply construct your sandwich by choosing a bread type that is baked freshly in-store, vegetables, meats, cheeses, and dressings.

  •  Foot-long subsSpicy Italian, Tuna, Beef-Salami-Turkey, Chicken Teriyaki, Veggie Delight, Peri Peri Chicken, Paneer Tandoori, Turkey Breast, Roast Chicken Breast, Slice Chicken, Chicken Tandoori, BBQ Beef, Roast Beef, and Halloumi.
  •  6-inch subs: Same  topping offerings as above but now in half size, 6 inches since foot longs are 12-inches
  •  Salads: Chicken Teriyaki, Chicken Tandoori, Veggie Delight, Peri Peri Chicken, Paneer Tikka, Tuna Salad, Tuna Salad, Roast Beef Salad, Sliced Chicken, Chicken Pizziola, Hash Brown Salad, Turkey Pepper jack Avocado, Falafel Salad, and Halloumi Salad.
  •  Drinks: Coca-Cola beverages; sodas and fruit juices. Check out 21 Most Popular Soft Drinks in Kenya
  •  Sides: Double Chocolate Chip Cookie, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Hash Browns, Urban Bites Crisps.


I hate trashing establishments but I love being brutally honest. There’s no doubt that the mighty Subway has tanked. This is the most delicate way to put it. I’m starting to think the “Eat Fresh” slogan turned sarcastic. 

From stale dry bread to mushy to overripe mushy tomatoes, something clearly went wrong. Why of all the things they can’t get fresh tomatoes, while I can just outside my apartment. Come on, tomatoes are not some sort of exotic vegetable. 

Everything else is okayish, but the ingredients are “not the freshest”. I still love my Subway sandwiches just not like I used to before. My rule of thumb is, to skip tomatoes and hash browns.

But here’s the good. Their cookies are to die for. So good IMO but that is obviously subjective, most people seem to like them so can’t go wrong with those. The cold cuts’ freshness is generally good and my favorite all-time sub is the Spicy Italian, my second favorite is Turkey Beef Salami, Beef Pepperoni (BMT). 

Personal Rating: 5.5 out of 10

Food Delivery:

Locations 📍

Both locations previously in CBD are now closed down

Active Locations: ●The Hub-Karen, ●Galleria Mall, ●Timau Plaza- Kodhek Rd, ●Westgate Mall, ●Gigiri, ●Amee Arcade-Parklands, ●Junction Mall.


Currently, with over 41,000 stores worldwide, it is the second largest fast food franchise in the world just behind McDonald’s. Started in 1965 in Connecticut USA as Pete’s Submarine Sandwiches. Rebranded to Subways after 3 years. The original store wasn’t performing well but the founder opened other two stores to “show success”. The third store was indeed a success and everything took off since.  Third time is the charm ladies and gents!

Franchising was decided in 1974, with the first international location opened in The Middle East in 1984. They overtook McDonald’s in 2002 in terms of store count. Growth was steady till 2014 when more stores were closed each year than opened.

8. Domino’s Pizza

Pricing:($$) Moderate

Domino is reasonably priced just like what you normally pay for pizza elsewhere. They have deals constantly running for instance your first online order of a large classic pizza you get a 50% discount for that. Double pan pizzas for KSh 1800 daily, and large classic pizza for KSh 1,000 daily for working days.


  •  Classic Pizzas: Margarita, Pepperoni Passion, Peri-Peri Chicken, Kachumbari, BBQ Steak, and Chicken Supreme.
  •  Favorites Pizza: BBQ Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Hawaiian, Veggie Deluxe, Smoked BBQ Chicken, Nyama Choma Pizza, and Sweet BBQ Meatballs.
  •  Ultimate Pizzas: Extravaganzza, Meatzza, Southern Style BBQ Chicken, Sweet BBQ Mega Meat, Shawarma Pizza, and Veggie Extravaganzza.
  •  Chicken: BBQ Wings, Classic Wings, Peri Peri Wings, Chicken Kickers, and Specialty Chicken.
  •  Bread: Cheesy Bread and Garlic Bread. I loooove garlic bread
  •  Sides: Medium Fries and Potato Wedges
  •  Extra Sauces: BBQ Sauce, Garlic & Herb Sauce, Peri Peri Sauce
  •  Drinks: Coca Cola Sodas
  •  Desserts: Chocolate Pizzas, Lava Cakes, Chocolate Pockets, and Coldstone Ice Cream
  •  Smallie: BBQ Chicken & Onion, Margherita, Chicken & Green Pepper, Pepperoni Pizza, Sausage & Onion, Spicy Veggie, and Veggie Crunch.


Domino’s has the best pizza menu. Plus it is not limited to just pizza, they have literally all my favorite sides and extras that I can’t find elsewhere.

They literally have Kachumbari and Nyama Choma pizzas. This does put a smile on my face for the appreciation and integration of ethnic foods into their pizzas.

The customization options in Domino’s are wild as listed: Crust type, Pizza Size, Toppings, and sauces you would love for your pizza.

For the crust you get to choose between thin and thick crusty, I love my crust thick. 

Over 10 meats to choose from for toppings including; Beef Ham, Pepperoni, Steak, Vienna Sausages, Grilled Chicken, and Meatballs among others.

Personal Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Food Delivery: Glovo, Uber Eats, and Jumia Food

Locations 📍 ●Westlands, ●Hurlingham, ●Koinange, ●UN Corner (Gigiri), ●Ngong, ●Nextgen Mall


Domino’s is the largest pizza chain in the world with a presence in over 85 countries, and packing 15,000+ stores. Domino’s pioneered a number of standard practices in the pizza industry today including; 

  •  30-minute delivery: Delivery was guaranteed under 30 minutes or else it would be free for the customer “Wise man says, forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza” The policy was later dropped after lawsuits ensued for drivers rushing to deliver pizza costing people’s lives.
  •  Online ordering through website and mobile apps
  •  Real-time tracking of your pizza through the mobile app
  •  Insulated Delivery bags to ensure the customer received their pizza hot and fresh
  •  The pizza box ventilation by punching holes in the box to preserve freshness and prevent the pizza from turning soggy on delivery.

Love or hate Domino’s, they have single-handedly shaped the pizza industry. However, the beginning of Domino’s wasn’t an instant success, in fact, the owner was homeless at some point and couldn’t afford to eat his own pizza unless it was burnt. I’m not crying, you are. The Original name was DomiNicks Pizza and rebranded to Domino’s in 1965.

Domino’s in Africa is in Kenya, Egypt, South Africa, and Nigeria. In Kenya, the first location was opened in November 2014.

9. Galito’s

Img: Instagram/galitos_kenya
Img: Instagram/galitos_kenya

Pricing:($-$$) Inexpensive to moderate 

Moderate pricing for most menu items. Grilled chicken is slightly on the higher side 1/4 portion starting at KSh 480. I would opt for a rotisserie if I wanted 1/4 chicken, from the sister companies Bakers Inn or Chicken Inn for KSh 250.

However, if you fancy grilled chicken it is totally worth it. The smoky flavor, crisp exterior to contain inner juices, customization with marinades, and the visual appeal of the grill marks. All these factors define why grilled chicken is much priced and better than normal rotisserie. But I’ll stick to rotisserie because it smells good and has my taste.


  •  Chips: Regular, Large, and Jumbo.
  •  Winglets: 5pc pack
  •  Rice: Chicken Strips & Rice, Liver & Rice, Spicy Rice
  •  Burgers: Chicken, Chicken with Cheese, and Pulled Chicken.
  •  Prego Rolls: Chicken and Steak
  •  Grilled Chicken: 1/4, 1/2, full chicken, and 6 or 12  pieces.
  •  Salads:  Chili Bean, Portuguese Garden Salad, Gali Chicken Salad,
  •  Drinks: Minute Maid, Coca Cola Sodas, Club Sodas.


I wouldn’t say their grilled chicken is mind-blowing, it is just decent enough to justify ordering some. Plus I never had grilled chicken elsewhere so I don’t have the comparison. Maybe grilled chicken is not to my taste.

What I love about their chicken tho is; it is grilled yes but still succulent and not dry as I would expect. You can option your chicken in at least 3 heat levels and different flavors.

Personal Rating: 7.0 out of 10

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Galito’s is a subsidiary of Simbisa Brands that specializes in flame-grilled chicken and other fast food offerings including their in-house sauces.

10. Pizza Hut

Img: Instagram/pizzahutkenya
Img: Instagram/pizzahutkenya

Pricing:($$) Moderate

Pricing is average and it gets even more affordable by getting the deals menu. Medium normal pizzas start from KSh 1,200. Getting the Hut Doubles for the medium will bring down the cost of an individual pizza to 1,095. Not a veeeery big discount but we appreciate it regardless. The best value is probably the Big Boss 1M long pizza, which goes for 2,350 and consists of 3 medium pizzas. So you are paying KSh 897 for a single medium which is a steal.


  •  Pizza: Margherita, Veggie Lovers, Tropical Veggie, Roasted Veggie Feta, Pepperoni Lovers, BBQ Beef & Pineapple, Super Supreme, BBQ Meat Lovers, Meat Lovers, Sweet Chili Chicken & Feta, Chicken Supreme, Chicken & Mushroom, BBQ Chicken, and Chicken Hawaiian
  •  Sides: Traditional Chicken Wings, Cheeky Chips
  •  Desserts: Chocolate Pizza
  •  Drinks: Coca-Cola Sodas and Minute Maid Fruit Juices
  •  Deals: Hut Doubles(Two Medium or Large Pizzas), Big Boss(Sharable Pizza consisting of 3 different toppings that is 1m long)


This is my favorite pizza franchise, their pizzas are the best  and couldn’t agree more with the slogan “No one out Pizzas the Hut”. I love chonky crusts and boy do they have absolute units. 

You get to customize your pizza order by choosing between pan pizza and traditional pizza. Pan pizzas are thick with a deep dish crust while traditional crusts are thinner and hand-tossed.

Personal Rating: 9.0 out of 10 (I will make it 9.5 if they bring the stuffed crust pizza here)

Food Delivery: Uber Eats, Glovo, Jumia Food

Locations:📍  ●Yaya Centre,  ●Westgate Mall,  ●Village Market,   ● Galleria  ●Mombasa Rd.


Founded in 1958, in Wichita Kansas, USA by two brothers and campus students. Pizza Hut is famous for Its signature pan pizza and dine-in offerings back in the days. Its menu has expanded beyond just pizza to adjust to changing consumer preferences. It is currently a popular pizza choice for pizza lovers worldwide.

11. Urban Burger

Img: Instagram/urbanburgerke
Img: Instagram/urbanburgerke


  •  Burgers: Sloppy Joe, Texas Burger, Korean Chicken, Urban Beef, Deep Diving Fish, Urban Chili, Santa Fe, Crunchy Chicken, French Connection, Double Cheese, Soy Veggie Burger, Grilled Chicken.
  •  Mexican:  Beef Tacos, Chicken Tacos, Nachos & Salsa (single or double portions)
  •  Salads: Crunchy Caesar Salad, Garden Salad.
  •  Wings: 10 pcs, 20 pcs, and 40 pcs.
  •  Fries(Chips): Masala Fries, Home Fries, French Fries, Spicy Fries, Loaded Fries(Chicken, Sausage, or Beef)
  •  Others: Fried Pickles, Bhajia
  •  Kids Menu: Chicken Wings, Chips, Ice Cream, and Hotdogs
  •  Milkshakes: Vanilla, Fudgy Brownie, Oreo Crunch, Blueberry Burst, Salted Caramel, Classic Chocolate, Apple Town, and Peach.
  •  Juices: Orange, Passion, Minty Pineapple, Mango Mingle, Green Glow, and Recovery Boost.
  •  Hot Dogs: Beef Hot Dog, Super Spicy Hotdog

Discussion: I haven’t been to Urban Burger before nor have I tried anything off their menu, so I can’t give an honest judgment yet, l will update soon. Their menu is so wide for a place that has “burger” to its name

Locations: 📍 ●Westgate Mall, ●Two Rivers, ●Koinange Street, ●Village Market, ●Galleria, ●Capital Centre, 

12. Debonair’s Pizza

Img: Instagram/debonairspizzakenya
Img: Instagram/debonairspizzakenya

Pricing:($$) Moderate

It has low to midrange pizza pricing compared to other pizza joints. Actually, it is more competitively priced offering a good value. A standard medium starts from KSh 900 which is very reasonable.


  •  Meat Pizzas: Club, Something Meaty, Beef Steak Mushroom, Mexican Fiesta, Four Seasons, and Hawaiian.
  •  Vegetarian Pizzas: Original Veg, 3-Cheese, Red Hot Veggie, and Classic Margherita 
  •  Chicken Pizzas: Tikka Chicken, Chicken & Mushroom, Sweet Chili Chicken, BBQ Chicken, Sweet Sour Chicken, Chicken O’rello, and Peri Peri Chicken.
  •  Specialty Pizzas: (Choose between chicken or beef); Double Stack, Triple Deck.
  •  Sides: Potato Wedges, Wings


They have a Halal Certified menu, ordering is the classic way; choose your size, base or crust, flavors, and toppings.

The sizes offered are; small medium and large. No extra large for some reason. An interesting tweak about Debonairs is that you can get two pizza flavors in one by getting half of each.

Another option is choosing between Double Stack and Triple Deck. Double stack is two layers of crust in a pizza that are sandwiched together and some toppings in the middle. Triple Deck on the other hand is a 3-layered crust with filling between.

Tried Debonairs Pizza like 3 years ago, can’t remember much but it was okay or just average for me at least.

Personal Rating: 7.0 out of 10

Locations: 📍 ●Rabai Rd, ●Greenspan, ●Parklands, ●South C, ●Waiyaki Way, ●Chiromo Lane, ●Village Market.


Debonairs is a South African pizza chain founded in 1991. The first outlet in Kenya was opened in 1998.

13. Baker’s Inn

Bakers Inn Kenya
[ Img: Facebook/Bakers Inn ]

Pricing:($) Inexpensive

Generally affordable and quality especially for pastries considering the okay quality in comparison to what you pay. Would totally recommend it.

Menu & Discussion

Couldn’t find their menu anywhere but I, have some portion of it in my head

For fast food and snacks, it is just rotisserie chicken and chips, hotdogs, sausage rolls, samosas, pizza slices, hot coffee or tea, and soft drinks.

Their specialty is on baked products where they offer everything from muffins,  glazed donuts, bread, croissants, and pies to custom cakes for events and birthdays 

Personal Rating: 8 out of 10

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Baker’s Inn is a subsidiary of Simbisa Brands that specializes in bakery, pastry, and other fast food offerings like rotisserie chicken and chips from select branches

14. Java House

Img: Instagram/javahouseafrica
Img: Instagram/javahouseafrica

Pricing:($-$$) Inexpensive to moderate

Generally falls to the midrange price category, while it is cheaper than upscale restaurants, it is not cheaper than low-cost fast food establishments. 


Java is not primarily a fast food restaurant but more of a cafe and casual diner, with fast food options on its menu including; Chicken, Chips, Burgers, Shakes, Drinks, Smoothies, Bakery, Wraps, Sandwiches, and more.


Java is notorious for long wait times, you will starve whilst waiting if you went there for a meal as your primary objective. In their defense tho, it is a coffee shop where people meet to talk so food is just a secondary thing, plus the locations are normally packed with customers.

Personal Rating: 7.5 out of 10 

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Check This Post for about and locations

15. Artcaffe

Img: Instagram/artcaffekenya
Img: Instagram/artcaffekenya

Pricing:($-$$) Inexpensive to moderate

Pricing is midrange just like Java House above.


Options: Iced Tea & Coffee, Burgers, Chips, Sausages, Wings, Sandwiches, Salads, Italian Style Pizzas, Juices, Milkshakes, Pasta, Smoothies, Cakes, Pastry, Kids Menu


Known for its trendy, stylish, and ambient atmosphere, Artcaffe is a coffee and bakery establishment offering some fast food options too on the menu. I have never been to Artcaffe but once I do, I will update this with a nugget coated with my personal sauce. 

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Locations 📍 

Over 35 locations with Nairobi, some listings include:

●TRM, ●Garden City, ●Westgate, ●Limuru Rd, ●Baba Dogo Rd, ●Ridgeways, ●Kimathi Street, ●Kenyatta Avenue, ●Village Market, ●Parklands, ●Capital Centre, ●Gallant Mall, ●Koinange Street, ●Olengruone Avenue, ●14 Riverside Chiromo, ●Two Rivers, ●South C, ●Valley Arcade, ●1 Ngong Avenue, ●Rubis Ruiru, ●Westlands Square, ●Rubis Hurlingham, ●Rhapta Square, ●Galleria Mall, ●Junction Mall, ●Freedom Heights, ●Yaya Centre, ●Lavington Mall, ●Shell Windsor.


They are a sister brand to Urban Burgers mentioned in listing 11 above. Founded in 2007 with its first branch at Westgate Mall.

16. Steers

Img: Instagram/steers_kenya
Img: Instagram/steers_kenya

Pricing:($$) Moderate


  •  Burgers: Snack Burgers, Classic Burgers, Chicken Burgers, Fried chicken Burgers, King Steer Burgers, Veggie Burgers, Steak Burgers, 
  •  Flame Grilled Chicken: 1/4, 1/2, Full chicken, Wings
  •  Fried Chicken: Fried Chicken Pieces, Fried Chicken Box Meals,
  •  Sides: Chips, Salads, 
  •  Desserts: Steers Thick Shakes, Ice Cream Cones


I grew up seeing Steers vouchers would be won to anyone who solved the crossword puzzle in the daily newspapers, I didn’t know what Steers was but I knew it was some kind of exotic food since I was from the upcountry and I saw mention of lunch vouchers or something. Idk man. Before the advent of American franchises, this is what we had.

The famous franchise has been closing down restaurants maybe due to changing environments, operational difficulties, stiff competition, and lease expiration.

Locations: 📍 ●South C, ●Muindi Mbigu St, ● Green Span, ●Total Rabai, ●Village Market, ●Donholm, ●Embakasi


Just like Debonairs Pizza, Steers originates from South Africa and it is known for its flame-grilled burgers and other fast food options. Founded in 1970 and has over 600 locations across.

17. Pizza Mojo

Pizza Mojo/ Big Square Pizza
Img: Instagram/pizzamojoke

Pricing:($$) Moderate

Menu: Check Big Square above, Pizza Mojo offers an average to good pizza experience, toppings are okay but the crust is disappointingly denser and chewy, however, I will take it over Pizza Inn, read the link below for the full review

Locations 📍●Shell Bellevue, ●Garden City ●Moi Avenue ● Lenana Rd 


Pizza Mojo was introduced in 2015 at Big Square outlets. In 2016 the branding was dropped to become Big Square Kenya. Many people still identify with Pizza Mojo.

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18. Mc Frys

Mc Frys Kenya
Img: Facebook/Mc Frys Kenya

Pricing:($) Inexpensive

The prices are dirt affordable and cater mostly to budget-conscious consumers. After analyzing the menu it is evident that they offer a good value as the offerings are good for the money. 


  •  Mains: Chicken & Chips, Masala Fries, Fish & Chips, Burgers, 
  •  Snacks: Chicken Fingers, Samosas, Chicken Nuggets, Beef, and Chicken Sausages 
  •  Cold Drinks: Coca-Cola Soda, Pepsi Sodas, Water, Juices.
  •  Extras: Tomato Sauces,

Food Delivery: Uber Eats, Glovo, Jumia Food

Locations 📍●Highridge, ●Limuru Rd,● Shell Lavington, ●Mpaka Rd, ●Lagos Rd, ●Nairobi West, ●Moi Avenue, ●South B, ●Adams Arcade, ● Butere Rd, ●Karen, ●Hulingham, ●Langata Rd, 


 A Kenyan-owned fast food chain operating within Nairobi

19. Kukito

Kukito Kenya
Img: Instagram/kukito_ke

Pricing:($) Inexpensive

Menu: Kuku Moto, Kuku Choma, Kuku Pieces, Kuku Mambo, Soda, Ice Cream, Froyo , Ice Cream, Wraps,  Chips

Food Delivery:  Uber Eats, Glovo, Jumia Food

Locations 📍●Hurlingham, ●Kimathi Street, ●Gigiri


Kukito is a subsidiary of The Java House Group specializing in grilled chicken (Kuku Choma)

20. Joe Wings Atlanta

Joe Wings Atlanta Kenya
Img: Instagram/joeatlantawings

Pricing:($) Inexpensive

Joe Wings are price-conscious with a pocket-friendly section on the menu section. For KSh 500 and less, you get not a single item but a meal; could be wings with fries or burgers with wings.


Wings are the centerpiece of the entire menu with over 3 variations of them. Menu items offered are as follows;

Burgers, Wings, Wingettes, Boneless Wings, Hot Dogs, Fries(Chips), Special Fries, Cinnamon Rolls, and Meals of selected Items that are accompanied by a drink


Never tried Joe Wings personally before, but from the reviews, they have an average rating of 3.8 out of 5, from almost 700 Google Reviews. 

The consistent notable complaints were on;  “slow service”, “chicken being tasteless, under-cooked, dry and bland”  

Now for the compliments; Chips were highly recommended, and just the opposite of the complaints on the same grounds.

Guess the only way to find out is, I will have to order multiple times from multiple locations and link the personal review to this section.

Food Delivery: ●Jumia Food ●Bolt Food ●Glovo ●Uber Eats

Locations 📍

  ●CBD Anniversary Towers, ●Lumumba Dr (Roysambu), ●Umoja 1, ●Ngon’g Rd.

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