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The 167 Basic Kenyan Shopping List Items

This is your ultimate and go-to guide if you need a Kenyan shopping list. It features items that are only relevant to the region and all categorized as essentials or non-essentials.

Supermarket aisle
Supermarket aisle

Whether you moved out, switched to a new place, or just wanna stock up on your monthly grocery haul, these are the items you need. You are not reading this post on a supermarket aisle, are you? I knew it.

To avoid wasting your precious time, I will cut to the chase. This article is divided into 9 parts so jump to whatever you are interested in. 

Part 1: Basic Kitchen Ingredients

Part 2: Supplementary Kitchen Ingredients

Part 3: Fridge & Freezer Essentials

Part 4: Personal Care Items

Part 5: Cleaning Supplies

Part 6: Miscellaneous Useful Items

Part 7: Kitchen Utensils

Part 8: Small Appliances & Electronics

Part 9: Big Appliances & Electronics

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Part 1: The Kitchen Basics – Your Must-Have Kenyan Grocery List

This section features items you cannot do without, they are basically basics…Pun Intended. Or call them essentials. To cook any Kenyan meal these are the items you will need, and should be having at all times.

So if you are on a budget, this is probably the most important section for you in this post.

Essential items generally are the most affordable ones, so stock up on them whenever you have extra cash and you will thank yourself later.

  1. Maize Flour
  2. Wheat Flour
  3. Rice
  4. Vegetable Oil
  5. Sugar
  6. Bread
  7. Salt
  8. Tea Leaves
  9. Long Life Milk (UHT)
  10. Multi-Purpose Bar Soap
  11. Sponge & Scrubber
  12. Steel Wire
  13. Steel Wool
  14. Matchboxes
  15. Eggs
  16. Bottled Water

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Part 2: More Options – Expanding Your Kenyan Grocery List

If your budget allows, or you are into home cooking then these are other items you need to add on top of the basics list. 

This will ensure you are insured to cook a greater variety of dishes and cuisines or the same dishes but with a different twist. It also includes kitchenware items to make your life more organized and ensure an easier workflow

Basic Shopping Items, Kenya

You must not have all these, just pick whatever is relevant to your use case.

  1. Margarine
  2. Instant Coffee
  3. Coffee Beans or Roasted Ground Coffee
  4. Coffee Creamer
  5. Porridge Flour
  6. Tea Bags: Pure & Flavored Options
  7. Pulses: Beans, Lentils, Green Grams…..
  8. Baking Powder
  9. Pasta
  10. Basic Spices
  11. Honey
  12. Breakfast Cereals
  13. Serviettes
  14. Kitchen Towels
  15. Aluminum Foil
  16. Parchment Paper
  17. Cling Film
  18. Toothpicks
  19. Bottled Water
  20. Vinegar
  21. Soy Sauce
  22. Oyster Sauce
  23. MSG
  24. Olive Oil
  25. Bicarbonate of Soda
  26. Pasta Sauce
  27. Dish Washing Liquid
  28. Dish Washing Paste
  29. Stainless Steel Polish Spray
  30. Scouring Pad

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Part 3: Fridge and Freezer Essentials

If you own a fridge and freezer then you probably need most of the items mentioned in this section.

The essence of owning and powering a fridge is to ensure perishables are stored at ideal temperatures lengthening their lifespans, and leftovers are stored well reducing food wastage,  you can also freeze foods and make meal preps for busy weekdays

  1.  Fresh Milk
  2. Yogurt
  3. Butter
  4. Cheese
  5. Fruit Juice
  6. Soda
  7. Sausages
  8. Chicken
  9. Smokies
  10. Sauces: Ketchup, Mayonnaise, BBQ Sauce
  11. Fresh Fruits
  12. Fresh Vegetables

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Part 4: Personal Care Essentials

Now, let’s talk about personal care items. Here’s a list of the essentials you’ll need to keep yourself clean and comfortable. 

It is universal anywhere in the world in terms of personal care products, and not that different for Kenya

Most items here are not essentials so the essential ones will be in bold

  1. Tissue Paper
  2. Toothpaste
  3. Toothbrush
  4. Dental Floss
  5. Mouthwash
  6. Toilet Soap
  7. Bathing Sponge
  8. Shower Gel
  9. Lotion
  10. Glycerine
  11. Deodorant
  12. Antiperspirant Spray
  13. Perfume
  14. Facial Cleanser,(Face Wash)
  15. Face Mask
  16. Toner
  17. Serum
  18. Moisturizer
  19. Sunscreen (SPF 50+)
  20. Lip Balm
  21. Shaving Cream
  22. Shaver
  23. Shampoo
  24. Hair Conditioner
  25. Sanitary Pads
  26. Panty Liners
  27. Tampons
  28. Wet Wipes
  29. Cotton Ear Buds
  30. Massage Oil
  31. Nail Polish
  32. Nail Polish Remover

Part 5: Cleaning Supplies

Maintaining a clean and hygienic living environment is essential for your health and well-being. Here’s a list of cleaning supplies you’ll need for your Kenyan home, most of these are essentials so get as much as you can, especially bolded ones

  1. Hand Wash Liquid
  2. Washing Powders
  3. Washing Gel (Doesn’t Leave White Stains on Black Clothes)
  4. Washing Machine Detergent Gel
  5. Washing Machine Detergent Powder
  6. Multi-Purpose Bar Soap
  7. Toilet Gel WC (e.g Harpic)
  8. Disinfectant Block Air Freshener
  9. Toilet Brush
  10. Plunger
  11. Rubber Gloves
  12. Bleach
  13. Fabric Softener
  14. Antiseptic Disinfectant
  15. Floor Cleaner Detergent
  16. Carpet / Upholstery Cleaner
  17. Multipurpose Surface Cleaner
  18. Dry Air Air Freshener
  19. Toilet Disinfectant Balls
  20. Window Cleaner
  21. Scouring Powder( e.g VIM)
  22. Mop & Bucket
  23. Squeegee
  24. Hand Brush
  25. Broom + Dustpan
  26. Rubber Gloves
  27. Garbage Bags

Part 6: Miscellaneous Useful Items

In addition to groceries, personal care items, fridge and freezer essentials, and cleaning supplies, there are some miscellaneous items that can come in handy. 

These mostly forgotten items can make a big difference in your daily life:

  1. Flash Light
  2. Dry Cells (AA, AAA, D-Size)
  3. Shoe Polish
  4. Shoe Brush
  5. Suede Cleaner
  6. Shoe Cream
  7. Shoe Wax
  8. Candles
  9. Mosquito Coil
  10. Mosquito Repellent Sticks
  11. Insect Spray (e.g Mortein Doom)
  12. Socket Plug-In Mosquito Repellent 
  13. Hand Paper Towels

Part 7: Kitchen Utensils

  1. Cups / Mugs
  2. Plates
  3. Bowls
  4. Metal Spoons
  5. Wooden Spoons
  6. Mwiko
  7. Silicone Spatulas
  8. Knife Set & Holder
  9. Chopping Board
  10. Chapati Roller Stick
  11. Chapati Round Board
  12. Forks
  13. Bread Knife
  14. Saucers
  15. Mixing Bowls
  16. Non-Stick Pan
  17. Stainless Steel Pan
  18. Cast Iron Pans
  19. Double Grill Pan

Part 8: Small Appliances & Electronics

  1. Toaster
  2. Toaster Oven
  3. Microwave Oven
  4. Air Fryer
  5. Deep Fryer
  6. Slow Cooker
  7. Rice Cooker
  8. Electric Pressure Cooker
  9. Sandwich Maker
  10. Waffle Maker
  11. Bread Maker
  12. Egg Cooker
  13. Popcorn Maker
  14. BBQ Grill

Part 9: Big Appliances & Electronics

  1. Refrigerator
  2. Standing Cooker & Oven
  3. Dishwasher
  4. Water Dispenser

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