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The 12 BEST Nairobi Pizza Spots According to Reddit

These are the 12 recommended pizza joints for the best artisan and gourmet pizza experience in  Nairobi.

Anyone bold enough to take on the topic of narrowing down a list of the best pizzas in any town in the world is bound to cause an impassioned argument. Pizza guys and coffee snobs are just the same people.

Since I didn’t wanna be audacious, I tripped down to the most trusted place on the internet, Reddit, and r/Kenya for that matter; to check out the frequently mentioned and recommended options in making this post. 

So the top spots are the most recommended ones and vice versa for the last positions. If I were to make a personalized recommendation list, 8 of 12 in this list would still be there but the order would be different, but not that different.

Also note, there is no feature of Pizza chains here as they are mostly inconsistent depending on the locations and generally have mediocre pizza.

This is because they focus on selling quantities over quality, they cheap out on ingredients and the result is just middle-of-the-road pizza

These are r/Kenya’s 12 recommendations that’ll help you narrow down which ones are worth your time and money.

12. Bambino

Bambino Pizza

Location: Westlands, Parklands Rd.

Bambino Latin-Italian Kitchen it is a brand by The Food Library that owns other restaurant brands like INTI, Botanica, MeSo Mercado, and Slate. Each restaurant got its unique vibes and cuisine specialization.

Among these, Bambino stands out as a popular choice, offering a delightful fusion of Latin and Italian flavors. Their pizzas and pasta dishes are particularly praiseworthy.

While Bambino’s pizza selection isn’t the most extensive, it still offers a respectable range of options with eight varieties to choose from.

These can be divided into two categories: red pizzas and white pizzas. Red pizzas feature a tomato sauce or marinara base, giving them their distinctive red color or gradient. In contrast, white pizzas skip the tomato sauce and instead use a white sauce made from milk, salt, pepper, garlic, and parmesan cheese.

The prices for both categories of pizza start at KSh 1,200 and go up to KSh 1,600, making them quite affordable and good value for the quality

11. Pamarottis, Karen

 [ permanently closed ]

10. Matteo’s Italian Restaurant

Matteo's Karen Pizza

Location: Karen, Ngon’g Rd

Personally never been here, but the reviews are great, so a must-visit. Pizza is said to be authentic and almost on the artisan side, (if not already).

From the menu, it is more of a full-fledged Italian restaurant and not just a pizzeria by any means. They serve soups, pasta, risotto, gnocchi, and other Italian goodness.

Their pizzas are either optioned with tomato sauce or without tomato sauce. 11 variants from the with tomato section, and 8 options from the without tomato

This makes a total of around 20 pizza options which is really a good variety. The pizzas are probably the most affordable in the entire list starting from as low as KSh 800 to KSh 1,350

9. La Cascina

La Cascina Pizza

Location: The Hub, Karen

La Cascina is an Italian restaurant and pizzeria with a cozy, rustic, woody, and warm atmosphere. 

Their extensive menu spans a remarkable nine pages, ensuring that you won’t have any trouble finding classic Italian dishes. 

While their pizza may not be the standout feature, it is still of high quality and comes highly recommended by many. Prices for their pizzas start at KSh 1,200.

8. Sugo Sarit

Sugo Sarit Pizza

Location:  Sarit Centre, Westlands

This is a small Italian cafe on the rooftop of Sarit. The most iconic thing is not even the pizza but the wireless charging pads on the tables. It is gimmicky, I love it 

The decor is just colorful and vibrant on the inside end, and airy with greenery on the outside. Furniture is just standard

The pizza experience is good, with a good thick-crunchy crust. I personally love crusts that are absolute units. The pizza toppings are so generous, and you can definitely tell that they don’t cheap out on the quantity of ingredients that go into their pizzas, you get a taste of everything in a single bite.

7. Solo Grano

Solo Grano Pizza

Location: Gigiri Lane

 Solo Grano,” when translated from Italian, quite literally means “only flour.” This establishment leans heavily towards the pizzeria side of things; so their name checks out because they’re all about dough; pizza dough and pasta dough….ooh and your dough. Ha! See what I did there?

Surprisingly,  Solo Grano emerged during the pandemic of 2020, (while other businesses were closing down), specializing in crafting thin-crust pizzas. If that’s your pizza style, they’re worth a try.

Their pizza categories include the classics (14 of them), gourmet selections (lucky 13), and even some fried options (a modest half-dozen). 

And to add to the authenticity checklist, their pizzas get the royal treatment in a wood oven. Because nothing says “We’re serious about pizza” 

With a total of over 30 different pizzas to choose from, you’re bound to stumble upon one that tickles your fancy. Or should we say, your taste buds?

As for the price tag, the classics average around KSh 1,200, and the gourmet options start from KSh 1,500.

And in true Italian fashion, they’ve got pasta on the menu too. But not just any pasta – it’s freshly made, and they even use a bronze-cut die.  Because, you know, bronze dies are the peak artistry in the pasta-making game.

When it comes to drinks, they offer a selection that covers wine, beer, cocktails, and soft drinks. 

6. Mediterraneo Ristorante

Pizza alla Bolognese
Pizza alla Bolognese

Location: Junction Mall, Ngon’g Rd

You know the food is gonna be good when you can’t pronounce the restaurant’s name. They do not seem to concentrate on pizza that much but on main dishes, even tho they identify as a pizzeria, they still have an impressive 15 variations of pizza

The restaurant’s atmosphere is truly unique, combining a variety of elements and a burst of vibrant colors. From the foliage-adorned ceiling to the prevalent wooden theme, it’s interesting to note the recurring wooden aesthetic in many Italian restaurants. However, in this case, it seamlessly complements the overall ambiance.

Notably, they also offer gluten-free pizza, which is a significant offering for those with dietary restrictions.

5. Geco Cafe

Geco Cafe Pizza

 Gecko Cafe‘s logo features an actual gecko – and hey, that’s already a solid sales pitch for me. I would buy whatever they are selling because they are cool

It’s primarily a cafe, so you might not expect pizza greatness. But guess what? Their pizzas are otherworldly. Do you want the cheesiest of the pizzas?  Geco Cafe is the place. The crusts are also big and I love that.

Their ambiance is probably the one with alot going on; greenery, woody finishes, graffiti, bookshelves, guitars torn apart, vintage bikes mounted on the wall…just impressive. It’s like you walked into your great grandma’s closet.

4. Chicago The Pizza Place, Sarit

Chicago The Pizza Place, Sarit

Location:  Sarit Centre, Westlands

Yeah, the ratings of this place are brutal generally, but I personally survived the experience quite well.

What makes this place special is its clever pizza idea – the two-flavor treat. You get one half of the pizza with one flavor, and the other half with a different one. 

It’s like tasting more for less. These pizzas have thin crusts, so handle them with care. They offer more than 14 different options, so you’ve got plenty of choices. 

And if you’re feeling bold, they even add some Indian dishes to the mix. It’s like a multicultural pizza party that way.

3. Pomodoro, Village Market

Pomodoro Village Market Pizza

Location: The Village Market, Limuru Rd

 Pomodoro“, in essence, is the Italian term for tomato, a key cornerstone of Italian cuisine, along with pasta and basil. 

 Pomodoro‘s specialty lies in the realm of Italian cuisine, with pizza and pasta dishes being the main characters.

For me, the standout at Pomodoro is their authentic carbonara, prepared using traditional ingredients. It’s undeniably delicious.

Although, if I may confess, not quite as divine as the carbonara I once whipped up at home ; (yes, I have my moments of culinary pride). 

Nevertheless, it stands as the finest carbonara I’ve sampled in any Kenyan restaurant.

But I digress; we’re supposed to be discussing pizza, not pasta, yet the carbonara is deserving of its own paragraph of praise.

On the topic of pizza,  Pomodoro generally delivers, with occasional hiccups in consistency, but still, It’s one of the best options around, and it’s as close to a trip to Italy while being in  Nairobi.

2. 360 Degrees Pizza

360 Degrees Pizza
360 Degrees Pizza

Location: ABC Place, Westlands

You can easily identify a delicious pizza by the subtle char on its crust. This particular pizzeria, named 360 Degrees, derives its name from the high cooking temperature they use, you guessed it….360°C. 

Initially, I thought they were 360 degrees from a geometry perspective, since you know pizzas are circles and the total angle in a circle is 360°

They first opened their doors in 2013 and their secret weapon is the Stefano Ferrara wood-burning oven. Most of their pizzas feature thin crusts, with only the outer rim elevated to cradle the toppings.

What sets their pizzas apart as some of the best is their dedication to authenticity. They source premium ingredients from Italy, including Caputo flour and the renowned San Marzano tomatoes. These tomatoes are considered among the finest in the world. In fact, their pizzas follow the Neapolitan style, which is like a rule book that says, “You better use San Marzano tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese.”

Beyond pizza, their menu offers a variety of options, such as pasta and salads. You also have the freedom to customize your pizza to suit your preferences. Remarkably, their quality pizzas come at a reasonable price, ranging from KSh 1,200 to KSh 1,700.

The dough they use is exceptional and yields a fantastic crust. The restaurant’s ambiance is perfect for dining in, while delivery orders are convenient, they may not quite match the in-store experience; more like watching a concert on TV instead of being there in person.

What truly distinguishes their pizzas are the unique flavors they offer, making them stand out in the crowd. While their cocktails might occasionally miss the mark, when it comes to wine, they’ve got that down pat.

Additionally, they provide reliable WiFi for patrons. Whether you’re planning a pizza date or meeting friends, this pizzeria is undoubtedly one of the top choices.

1. Mambo Italia

Prosciutto di Parma Pizza | Mambo Italia
Prosciutto di Parma Pizza | Mambo Italia


  •  Garden City
  •  Lavington
  •  Westlands

They offer a wide selection of pizzas, with more than 24 varieties to choose from, and you even have the option to create your custom pizza. Their pizza prices range from KSh 1290 to 2250. If you’re the “light and airy” pizza-type enjoyer, Mambo Italia obliges.

In my personal opinion, while Mambo Italia is good, I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s the absolute best pizza I’ve had in  Nairobi. I’d rank it second, with 360 Degrees taking the top spot.

However, it’s important to note that Mambo Italia is highly regarded by the Reddit community, and they’ve earned their reputation as one of the best pizza places in town.

The ambiance at Mambo Italia may not be the very best, but it’s decent with a cozy, warm, woody atmosphere. The furniture is somewhat average, but you’re primarily here for the excellent pizza, and in that department, Mambo Italia certainly delivers.

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