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The 12 Best Blenders Brands in Kenya (With Prices)

18 January 2024|Appliances & Utensils

This post is the only guide you will need if you plan blender shopping in Kenya. It features recommended brands and models with their prices so that you can find the perfect one for your budget.

If you are on a budget I would recommend not going below KSh 3,500, because less than that amount you won’t find a blender model from big reputable brands, you will be settling for generic models with bad build quality that will probably break on you in no time.

If you want the best overall, then you can spend as much as KSh 80,000 for a blender that will probably outlive you!

But for most of us, it is unreasonable to spend that much on a blender; KSh 5,000 to 10,000 is the best value range and within the budget of many people.

Below is a list of all brands you should consider starting from a low budget while working upwards the price ladder.

There is no affiliation with any featured brands, so just shop for whatever brand ticks your desired boxes.

Do You Really Need a Blender?

Generally yes, a blender is a worthwhile purchase. It is not a single-purpose appliance, so you will be using it at least once a day, especially in food preparation.

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If you are all about smoothies, and making soups then you have no choice but to purchase a unit.

12. Sayona

Sayona Blender
Sayona Blender

Sayona is a good brand for an entry-level budget of KSh 3,500. Product quality is good, most of their units not only come with a 1.5L jug, but also a grinder, or a grinder and mincer if you find a good deal.

Their blenders are backed up with a 1-year warranty, and they have one of the best coverages for any product that needs repair. 

Even for issues that aren’t covered by standard warranties, you can get fixed for free! It’s for this reason that I strongly recommend Sayona products, the quality is decent for the price too.

11. Ramtons

Price Range: KSh 4,700 to 10,700

Ramtons Blender
Ramtons Blender

Ramtons blenders start at about KSh 4,700 where you get a blender motor and jug, that is about it; no mills or grinder attachments come with it, meanwhile, from Sayona a KSh  3,500 model comes with those.

It’s on the 5,000 plus price point where mills are offered in the models, the jug size is still 1.5L which is the standard capacity, the same 500W motor, and these models are more beefy so they can crush ice without any problem.

Their models above KSh 7,500 are the ones that come with more accessories like two mills or two jugs. Build quality is also kicked up a notch and we get stainless silver bodies with hard plastics.

Ramton’s most powerful model costs KSh 9,900 and is different from the rest of the lineup in every possible way, starting off with the design; it is L-shaped with a shockproof ABS body, has 3 speeds, and a 750W motor an upgrade from 500W.

Check out all Ramtons Blenders

10. Von

Price Range: KSh 3,500 to 7,000

Von Blender
Von Blender

I would without a doubt highly recommend Von models over Ramtons. And it is simply because you get more for less money, while also getting the standard build quality and reliability as you would if you went with Ramtons.

Von blenders have a lower starting price than Ramtons; they start at just KSh 3,500, and even with this base unit, you get a mill which you wouldn’t get with a base model from Ramtons. 

Also, you get ice-crushing capabilities with the cheapest von, while in Ramtons you will need to spend at least 5,500 to get this capability.

The only downer with Von is that they don’t have models in the high-end segment, their focus is on budget consumers. This is evident because they have no model beyond the KSh 7,000 price mark.

Check out Von Blender Models & Prices

9. Mika

Price Range: KSh 5,000-8,000

Mika Blender
Mika Blender

Mika models just like Ramtons start at over KSh 5,000, and again you don’t get mills with the cheapest models, it is around the KSh 5,500 mark where that is bundled. This still leaves Von as the best budget option.

Mika’s build quality is okay and is slightly less powerful in the cheapest models with 400W while most brands are 500W, the gap is small and won’t make a huge difference in practical usage.

Mika steps up at around the KSh 5,500 price tag, power is now bumped up to 600W, and the jug size is increased to 1.75L, meanwhile, most brands have a 1.5L standard.

Their highest model is a 3-in-1 unit with a grinder and veggie chopper along the blender jug, it costs around KSh 8,000.

8. Philips

Price: KSh 10,495

Philips Blender
Philips Blender

I feel like Philips blender units are a little overpriced for what they offer, their quality is excellent across all products they manufacture, however, other brands have equally good and comparable build quality and reliability as Philips. 

So while Philips blenders are okay, they aren’t so from a value standpoint, for the same money you can get an advanced unit from Kenwood or Panasonic with more features while posting the same if not better reliability.

This exact model is powered by a 550W motor, with only two speeds, powerful enough to crush ice since it has an ice function, and overheating protection during heavy usage.

7. Kenwood

Price: KSh 7,595

Kenwood Blender
Kenwood Blender

What I love about Kenwood  Blenders is the build quality, alongside the immense power they are packed with. 

This picture is their current cheapest unit for KSh 7,595, 500W and comes with a mill it is two two-speed and the body is fully plastic.

If you wanted better value, at 10,500 you get a model with twice the power; at 1000W, which can do twice as fast blending than the prior, and has a better build quality with a steel body. This upgrade is totally worth it.

6. Panasonic

Price: KSh 7,595

Panasonic Blender
Panasonic Blender

Panasonic is a favorite brand for blenders and almost all kitchen appliances. It is the best brand currently if you are shopping for water dispensersTheir microwaves? They are top tier too.

Panasonic doesn’t try to be so high-end with all the fancy quirks and features, it just tries to be a good (but not overly basic) blender brand, while having reliability and good build quality; that can handle abuse and accidental drops without major issues.

Watch out for sales, and sometimes you can find good deals up to as low as KSh 5,000. In that case, forget all prior brands and snag this instead!

5. Magic Bullet

Price: KSh 11,000

Magic Bullet Kenya
 Magic Bullet

 Magic Bullet and  Nutribullet are a little different, they are more compact/personal blenders for a serving of 1 to 2 people maximum.

They have a small footprint meaning they occupy less space, and their jug size is small and also comes with a bunch of accessories. 

Magic Bullet is sold in sets depending on the number of pieces it comes with, there is an 11 set, a 14 set, and so on.

While being small, they are surprisingly powerful and make the smoothest smoothies; see what I did there?

So get a Magic Bullet if all you care about is making individual drinks; protein shakes, ice crushing, seeds, nuts, and smoothies especially. It is however not the best for general kitchen food preparation like blending tomatoes or soups, in that case, get normal blenders.

The difference between  Magic Bullet and  Nutribullet is; that  Nutribullet is far more powerful. That is why Nutribullet will cost like KSh 6,000 more.

4. Nutribullet

Price Range: KSh 13,000- 22,000

Nutribullet Red 9-Piece
Nutribullet Red 9-Piece

Nutribullet is basically  Magic Bullet, but stronger. Models start from 6-piece, 9-piece, 10-piece, and 12-piece combo.

The cup size is normally 700ml which is almost half the capacity of normal standard blenders. 

All parts of Nutribullet are dishwasher safe, and the neat part is, that the blending jug is used as a smoothie cup, just detach it from the blender with its contents, screw the lid back onto your jar, and off your house, you leave! 

There is no hassle of transferring from blender jugs to containers.

3. Bosch

Price: KSh 19,990

Bosch Blender
Bosch Blender

Here now we enter the realm of heavy-duty blenders, all the listings from Bosh to the top brands are for serious heavy usage and can be used for commercial purposes, or for homes with big families, they are. both heavy, large, and powerful.

This Bosch model is a good entry-level powerful blender, it is not as powerful as it is 600W, we have seen a 1000W option already from Mika, and for cheaper.

It has 5-speeds, contrary to the 2-speed options in prior brands and models, and comes with accessories: a mill, and a juice filter if you do not want seeds in your blend.

Bosch is impressive in the build quality of their appliances, and this one is backed up with a 2-year warranty while everyone else offers a 1-year coverage. 

This shows that the manufacturer has confidence in their product, and so should you

2. Ninja

Ninja 3-in-1 Blender
 Ninja 3-in-1 Blender

 Ninja is a popular and worldwide famous brand, especially for blenders, coffee makers, and air fryers. It’s really hard to find stocked locally, and when you do, it is ridiculously priced, making it even more unaffordable.

My recommendation here is to import it into the country, and you will save 10s of thousands doing so.

The best value if you want a Ninja blender, then get the 3-in-1 bundle, which is a blender, with a food processor, and a personal blender(just like  Nutri Bullet and  Magic Bullet).

Ninja 3-in-1 is powered by a 1200W motor, which is the most powerful so far, a food processor is 1.8L and the blender jug is an impressive 2.1L monster.

The accessories it comes with for the food processor include; a Pro Extractor Blade, Stacked Blade, Chopping Blade, Dough Tool, and Slicing/Grating Disc.

The blender jug is 700ml which is standard for personal blenders like  Nutribullet. It also comes with a lid making it portable.

This will run you about KSh 30,000 but is totally worth it since you won’t purchase a blender again in decades, or even in this lifetime. And it will replace other food preparation appliances you would need to buy later.

 If you have the money, and can comfortably afford it, then go for it! Especially if you have a big family of 4 and above, the bigger jug ensures no more blending in batches.

Check Current Pricing on Amazon

1. Vitamix

Vitamix 5200
Vitamix 5200

If you want the overall best then go for  Vitamix, especially the  Vitamix 5200 this is however so expensive and will run you at least KSh 70,000

Not readily available in Kenya and you will have to import from Amazon US. Yes the initial cost is crazy but these machines won’t die on you, they last for life. Get one if you have the budget!

Vitamix 5200 has a 1.9L blender jug capacity and has the most power in this list at 1380W. 

In case you thought 5-speed blending options were overkill, then brace for impact as the Vitamix 5200 packs 10 speeds, ensuring you have even better control of the smoothness and textures of your blends.

The blades used are aircraft-grade materials, so you don’t expect them to break even under heavy usage, build quality is just immaculate, and  Vitamix blenders are built like tanks, to say the least. 

Also, they are self-cleaning making your life easier.

 Vitamix blenders are ideal for businesses such as restaurants that need that immense power, for home use I feel like they are overpowered, but it doesn’t hurt to have the most powerful blender out there.

Also, other models of Vitamix are even more powerful, this is just the base model.

Check Current Pricing on Amazon

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