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Taste Test: Ranking The Best Yoghurt Brands in Kenya

4 September 2023|Grocery Guides (Kenya)

 Yoghurt is slowly but surely becoming a staple in many Kenyan households. Gone are the days where it was just a treat or a creamy snack; now it is like an essential, either a base for many smoothies and recipes, or eaten as a dessert after a meal and its versatility just goes beyond.

You are probably blasted with commercials from countless dairy brands with each claiming their yoghurt is the best, and it is hard to find the truly best one for you till you taste them all, and I have done exactly that

In this adventure is an evaluation of the popular  brands and I will give honest opinions on each. Before that, let us define some terms

Below are some of the terms used in this article, explained beforehand for relevancy

 Yoghurt: A product of culturing fresh milk using good bacteria over time, resulting to a thick homogeneous liquid 

Natural Yoghurt: This is yoghurt that is just plain; no added sugars, colors or flavors, it is tangy in taste. 

Plain yoghurt is ideal if you are watching sugar intake, and is the best option to use in recipes that call for yoghurt or in blending smoothies (alongside Greek), as they don’t add any flavors, colourings or sugars to your recipe.

Greek Yoghurt: This is made by straining off the water from the yoghurt, resulting to a much thicker and concentrated consistency. So yeah, Greek  Yoghurt is just a concentrated regular yoghurt.

Also Greek  Yoghurt and Greek Style Yoghurt are not the same thing, traditional Greek Yoghurt is from goat’s milk while Greek Style Yoghurt is made from cow’s milk but with the same procedure.

Probiotic Yoghurt: All yoghurts have bacteria(thus making all yoghurts probiotic), but dedicated probiotic yoghurts have more specific and live bacteria strands, that are ingested to your stomach and intestines to help in digestion.

They reduce bloating, constipation, and gas. If you have stomach issues this is your type of yoghurt to shop.

Non-Dairy Yoghurt: Ideal for vegans and lactose intolerants, this version of yoghurt is made using nondairy milk from; coconuts, almonds, soy, oats, and so on. 

They don’t taste anything like actual yoghurt if you ask me.

What is the difference between yoghurt and mala? (buttermilk):  Yoghurt as stated is cultured milk, mala on the other end is a byproduct of churning butter from the milk. Churning is basically shaking and mixing milk till the fats separate and clump together. Those fats are butter, and the liquids that remain are buttermilk which is mala

Can babies have yoghurt? Yes for 6 months old babies, yoghurt is a good food. However, make sure it is either natural or Greek yoghurt 

Now lets get into the review, and as usual, no affiliation or sponsorship with any brands, so it is all personal opinions and takes.

11. Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya Yoghurt
Mount Kenya  Yoghurt

Flavors: Strawberry and Vanilla

Plain  YoghurtNot Available

Starting off from the bottom of the barrel is Mount Kenya. There’s no polite way to say this but their yoghurt is disappointing, the texture is so bad even after proper shaking before opening it. One portion clumps together and the other flows away.

Despite the potential in thickness, the texture ruins the overall experience as it doesn’t taste harmonious, flavors and sugars conflict in taste notes

10. KCC Delite

KCC Delite Yoghurt
KCC Delite Yoghurt

Price for 500g tub: KSh 100

Flavors: Strawberry and Vanilla

Plain Yoghurt: Available

Delite by KCC fails to deliver in terms of literally everything you would want in a yoghurt. The only good thing for me is the lower sugar content

Its consistency is so thin, that it just flows off like water. Flavor is underwhelming; you can smell vanilla but can’t taste it. And for the class of KCC Dairy, they should do better.

KCC used to have a natural fruit yoghurt, La  Yoghurt that was actually good with exciting flavors, although like all good things, it seems discontinued.

9. Kinangop

Kinangop Yoghurt
Kinangop  Yoghurt

Price for 500g tub: KSh 90

Flavors: Strawberry, Vanilla and Mango

Plain Yoghurt: Not Available

Kinangop came across as an okay-ish brand, I can say; for the price not that bad though it could be better.

It doesn’t taste that rich, just flat. There is no character in the flavor profile. Consistency is good however and apart from the flavors being mild, everything else is average

8. Ilara

Ilara Yoghurt
Ilara Yoghurt

Price for 500g tub: KSh 115

Flavors: Mango, Vanilla, Strawberry, Forest Berry

Plain Yoghurt: Available

While the initial taste was promising, the weird aftertaste from 3 of its flavors was intense. It is especially prevalent in the strawberry. It is so intense that you can’t ignore it.

Ilara yoghurt is kind of overpriced for the quality

Other aspects are well balanced, the texture is the creamiest so far, the flavor profile has some depth to it, and the sugar is just right. The aftertaste is just not cutting it for me

7. Tuzo

Tuzo Yoghurt
Tuzo  Yoghurt

Price for 400g tub: KSh 90

Flavors: Strawberry, Vanilla.

Plain  Yoghurt: Not Available

Tuzo is smooth, flavorful and balanced just like Ilara but better. It is also more clean tasting with no aftertaste. It however has only boring flavors to choose from; strawberry and vanilla

Tuzo is a prime example of shrinkflation; it is offered in 400g for the same price and quality as some 500g options making it a low value.

6. Daima

Daima Yoghurt
Daima Yoghurt

Price for 500g tub: KSh 115

Flavors: Vanilla, Black Currant, Strawberry, Passion Slurp, Mango, Chocolate

Plain Yoghurt: Available

Daima is a very thick yoghurt, thicker than a snicker. It is literally written in the tub and it really is. It is the type that you might need a spoon sometimes. Daima is the thickest yoghurt on this list.

Has some crazy unique flavors; chocolate and black currant, that aren’t offered by any other brands on the list

With thickness you expect texture issues, while not smooth tasting like Tuzo or Ilara, the texture is okay enough for you not to complain, plus everything is consistent with each sip

Flavors got the ooomph that is just right, not intense not mild, just okay.

The bummer for me is that it is on the sweeter side for my liking. The sweetness overpowers the flavor. It is not sweeter than Delamere in comparison however,

5. Fresha

Fresha Yoghurt
Fresha  Yoghurt

Price for 500g tub: KSh 85

Flavors: Vanilla, Strawberry, Pineapple, Mixed Berries, Tropical, Apricot, Passion and Caramel

Plain  Yoghurt: Not Available

Fresha is probably the best value yoghurt brand in the entire list, and the best all-rounder brand so far. It is my favorite and my go-to 

The thickness is right, not thicker like Daima but thick enough

Flavors variety is probably the biggest, and they are all punchy and well balanced all across

The real fruit options(Yuppi), are flavor intense and they are even better and cost way less than other real fruit options.

It is not too sweet you just taste everything

Their yoghurt has a good consistency in taste

For the price, Fresha offers the best quality per shilling spent, and this is the yoghurt brand I stock whenever I need to

Yes I know there are better yoghurts down in this list but this just is a good value.

4. Brookside

Brookside Yoghurt
Brookside  Yoghurt

Price for 500g TetraPak: KSh 110

Flavors: Strawberry, Vanilla

Plain (Natural)  YoghurtAvailable

Brookside has it all like Fresha but everything is a little bit better, however, the jump in price is so high, and it doesn’t make sense, so that is why I would choose Fresha over Brookside.

The premium Brookside Fruitness are real fruit options that start from KSh 160 for a 450g tub.

Taste wise, Brookside Fruitness yoghurts are more sweet than the classic Brookside ones. Strawberry for instance uses real strawberries just like Delamere.

I found out Delamere is a little thicker than Brookside Fruitness, sugar levels are somehow the same if not higher on Delamere. Brookside yoghurts have a clean taste with no aftertaste.

The best thing about Brookside is the variety of yoghurt types to offer. It tries as much as possible to cater to every demographic, they have premium versions of their yoghurts and some specials like natural and probiotic

3. Delamere

Delamere Yoghurt
Delamere  Yoghurt

Price for 450g tub: KSh 135

Flavors: Strawberry, Vanilla Pods, Lemon-Biscuit, Pear-Caramel, Wild Berries, & Chocolate Chips

Plain  Yoghurt: Not Available

Premium yoghurts use premium ingredients; milk, with real fruits and flavors, unlike the previous listing that use artificial flavorings.

Delamere is okay, not my favorite but a favorite to many. Good texture( if you don’t mind the bits), thick enough, and intensely sugary 

Lemon Biscuit is my personal favorite flavor, Wild Berries is my other favorite

Vanilla is so good, very good actually

Strawberry is okay but it is intensely sweet

Pear Caramel and Chocolate Chips are probably my worst flavors from Delamere, both taste like sweetened molten candle wax

Read More: All 7 Delamere Yoghurt Flavors Ranked; Worst to Best

2. Dairyland

Dairyland Yoghurt
Dairyland  Yoghurt

Price for 550g tub: KSh 340

Dairyland is “not my favorite brand” but they deserve this position, they have exotic flavors and fusions that make them unique from all the brands. 

Price is higher side, so not the best option if you are a budget shopper

They simply offer a premium yoghurt experience. Taste and quality are commendable although I got copycat vibes of another well-known brand. 

1. Bio

Bio Yoghurt
Bio  Yoghurt

Price for 450g tub: KSh 345

Topping up our list is Bio, they have the best yogurts in Kenya no debate; obviously, like in every dairy brands review. I am not biased, (because they gave me a free yoghurt sample after i bought their milk),

No, they are just the peak, and there is nothing I can do about it but crown them for the third time.

The price is however on the highest side, thus unaffordable to the masses, it is just targets the premium customers, but i feel like the quality justifies it

Quality is superior, the texture is the smoothest, and everything seems well thought out, balanced, and thoroughly done. The yoghurt experience is just bold and there is nothing i can point that should be improved, unless lowering the prices is an option

They have the widest yoghurt options; from Natural (sugar and flavor-free), to Probiotic, Greek, and Non-Dairy versions

Bio Greek Style Yoghurt
Bio Greek Style  Yoghurt

The Greek version of Bio  Yoghurt is probably the best Greek-style yoghurt i have ever tried. It is so thick that it doesn’t flow. It sticks in the container like margarine and you need a spoon to eat it.

The texture is mind blowing, it is silky, silkier than the silk itself and it will make your lips soft while eating as if you have some lip balm on. 

Once you go Bio Greek, there is no coming back my son. Don’t underestimate the small tub size as this thing as is so dense that it generates its gravity and it will fill you up before you know it.

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  1. Sabbina Githinji

    U are very Right.i gave my daughter Bio yought when she turned 6 months to 8months because I had a belief it’s the best .after 12 months I figured because of budget cuts n she is a bit mature she can have Delamere .I want to tell u she refused n refused n refused she call any other yought dirty only by tasting she can tell it’s not Bio yought even if u put in a cup she won’t take it the first taste is enough to make her know this is not my expensive bio yought .the problem is even plain milk she can only take Bio milk which a litter goes for 180ksh .

    1. Griffin

      It sounds like your daughter has a very distinguished young lady😂! Kids can be so particular about their favorite foods, can’t they? It’s impressive that she can tell the difference just by taste. I totally get how tough it can be when they get attached to the pricier options. Maybe Bio Yoghurt and Milk should definitely consider her for their next advertising campaign! Hang in there!

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