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Snack Guide: Exotic Chips in Kenya

Just like fast food, exotic snacks in Kenya are mostly American. You can find some good snacks here to satisfy your cravings. The catch is you won’t find them easy or cheaply

Yes, there are some good snacks out here, just not everywhere. I managed to snag some of these treasures from Royal Snacks located in Parklands. And if you’re ever feeling adventurous, there’s Monty’s over in Sarit Centre that stocks even a wider array of these obscure refreshments and treats, and occasionally some Instagram shops

1. Doritos

Wasabi Doritos 48g
Wasabi Doritos 48g

‘I have never had Doritos before”  just stop reading this and go get some right now. Seriously, I  insist. Go get a bag. Doritos are majorly appreciated in circles of gamers, washed down with Mountain Dew. I’m something of a gamer myself. Crunch, chug, and DITTO. Make your keyboard and mouse as greasy as humanly possible. It is more iconic as Pepsi-Co owns both Doritos and Mountain Dew.

Doritos Flavors

There are countless flavors of Doritos and you simply can’t keep up with all; especially due to the existence of seasonal and limited-time flavors. However, two flavors are the main characters and reign supreme: Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch. ( Doesn’t mean Hot Ranch exists)

The packaging of nacho cheese is brown-red while cool ranch is blue. If you can’t choose or love both, just mix them together, they taste like a Doritos-salad(new word unlocked). I love wasabi, they are hard to come by but a personal favorite

What makes Doritos irresistible? 

They are near addictive, the flavoring and seasoning are done just right, especially the last bottom pieces in the bag. The perfect umami balance makes them irresistible. Everything is well-balanced and not overdone. Just like any processed chips, they have greasy and oily layers that will have you drooling for your next bite.

Doritos have a satisfying crunch, they are thin enough to offer maximum crunch, flavor aside, which is why you get chips(crisps) in the first place.

My mouth hurts

Doritos being triangular in shape means sharp edges, Alexa play sharp edges by Linkin Park. They will destroy the roof of your mouth just like Crazy Sour Skittles, or Takis next on the list. Bite it the wrong way and it will stab your gums too

Where to buy Doritos in Kenya

  1. Chandarana Supermarkets(Food-plus): Best pricing, availability is however limited, mostly sold out, but hoard some in case you find them in stock
  2. Monty’s Kenya: Slightly priced on the higher side but offers a wider variety of flavors and sizes to choose from
  3. Random Instagram Shops: Not consistently operating, more like a one-time sale and they just vanish into the thin air.

Choose your compromise, 100g of Doritos in Kenya cost an average of KSh 225.

2. Takis

Takis Fuego
Takis Fuego

Takis are rolled-up corn chips like Doritos. They are rolled lengthwise and look like cinnamon sticks. Very crumbly and intense in flavor, yeah very intense. Whatever flavor you getting, is very intense, if you have low spice tolerance just skip these. Some flavors will make your mouth sting just like how a raw pineapple piece does.

All flavors have that lime zing that hits your tongue, almost like salt vinegar crisps but on steroids. They are more crunchy than Doritos due to their curl shape and unlike Doritos they are over-priced. They however are not as spicy or hot as Cheetos, or whoever is reading this 😉

Most flavors will paint your tongue some weird colors like blue, so you might feel like you are ingesting some new element off the periodic table if not poison.

What sets them apart is their shape, crunch, and sour taste. The sour (lime-like) is from citric acid which glazes their surface. Salted and fat-laced, makes them addictive. What sets takis aside is the sourness.

Takis in Kenya

Are there Takis in Kenya? Yes, available at Monty’s in Sarit Centre. They are however overpriced like crazy a small (28.4g,1oz) packet costs over KSh 400 and a large (280.7g, 10 oz) bag for KSh 3,500. 

At those prices, they are not worth it anymore. Source: Trust me bro

3. Cheetos

Cheetos are unlike everything on this list. Texture-wise they are like a crunchy Styrofoam (the white packing material in electronic boxes). They are fluffy, puffy, and airy in short. I wouldn’t call them chips but somehow they are on the list?

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are very spicy, with cheesy goodness. Cheetos are however notorious for getting stale quick, (no surprise they are literally puffy and airy) so upon moisture absorption, they will taste sad. I can’t even keep up with flavors, they are mostly cheese based, and more than 120 are in existence.

Flavors aside, they come in different variations; crunchy, puffy, twisted, cheese balls, cheddar bites, and sweetos.

Cheetos in Kenya 

Expect to pay between KSh 600 to 1,500 for a medium (160g, 5.6oz) packet. For availability check Monty’s in Sarit or snackat-ke Instagram shop.

4. Lays

Lays Potato Chips

The taste, variety, quality, plus global recognition contributes to the special status of Lay’s potato chips in the snack industry. They are however notorious for ”filling the bag with air” as most consumers claim, or just call them the airbags

Don’t be so mad, however, the air is not just air but Nitrogen, which helps to keep the chips crisp by not smashing against themselves in transit, and to maintain freshness by curbing oxidation. Relate how your crisps get mushy and lose their crispiness when they have been opened for a while? Yeah that is why we have a higher air ratio in Lays, and that is why their chips are so good even though you feel robbed

Lays, air percentage in chips

Lays has perfected the art of making their chips(crisps) extra crunchy, with every bite it is always satisfying. This is all thanks to the thinness factor. I however don’t find them marginally unique from ordinary chips(crisps); just a slightly better overall quality, and their flavors are delicate not so intense, also to mention the numerous flavors offered.

Unlike your average potato chip, you don’t get that oily aftertaste, flavors are consistent thought, and mild so you get to taste the potato itself too; even the classic salted isn’t too salty. Also, nicely cut paper thin and you will get the loudest crunch which can be satisfying. 

Just like Cheetos, Lays has other variations of crisps including the baked version with less than 65% fat from the ordinary one.

Lays Potato Chips in Kenya

Lays unlike other items on this list are not overpriced as such, however, you still pay a little more in comparison to local brands. They tend to be between 30 to 40% more pricier than the same size from a local brand. I wouldn’t necessarily go to buy Lays, I just do whenever I find them available.

Lays chips are readily available at Chandarana Supermarket, and occasionally at  Carrefour (The stax version in a tin like Pringles)

5. Pringles(Exotic Flavors)

Halo Wavy Pringles

Pringles are controversial on the subject if they are real potato chips, this is attributed to the fact that fillers are used. Unlike the common crisps(chips) where a potato is cut into thin sheets and then processed, Pringles are made by crushing potato flakes, mixing them with cornstarch, molded by pressing, then shaped into the iconic parabolic shape to allow for stacking.

Yeah, you can find Pringles in your average supermarket, but there are the more exquisite flavors not sold in this market. I won’t be redundant on Pringles, so check the first link at the end of this post for more information. You can find these rare Pringles flavors, themed or limited editions, in Kenya at Monty’s in Sarit, but at a higher price. (Like the one on the featured image)


Yeah, cool post bro, however, why do these exotic snack cost so much? First things first they are meant for the developed markets with higher disposable incomes, secondly, there are import taxes and shipping costs acquired in making them available here. Again these chips have a shelf life of less than 12 months (8 months on average). So importing them is a risky affair, and selling them at a higher markup is necessary to get you covered in case of expiry; from a seller’s POV.

For the widest variety of these check the mentioned stores for each product. 

Potato chips can be addicting thanks to the salt and fat in them, that combination is what gets you salivating for the next bite and triggers that dopamine reward. 

In case it’s not obvious they are not healthy so eat in moderation; they pack high calories in a small serving, so avoid their temptation if you are on a weight management journey, (I know it’s not easier as said), an occasional treat won’t be bad, just have some control.

For the high metabolism gang, as much as weight is the least of our concern, remember that high salt levels meaning more sodium intake is not good for blood pressure and kidneys.

Moderation is key here, get them whenever you feel like you truly deserve some just don’t make chipped snacks your diet

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