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Review: The 3 Best Probiotic Yoghurts in Kenya

30 January 2024|Grocery Guides (Kenya)

In the realm of dairy products, the surge in popularity of probiotic yogurts has become quite noticeable. Easily accessible and commonly found on supermarket shelves, these yogurts claim to offer not just a delicious treat but also the potential benefits of probiotics. 

In this blog post, we’ll dive into what probiotic yogurt is, highlight the differences from regular yogurt, and share a casual review of three readily available brands that you can easily grab without extensive searches.

What is Probiotic Yogurt?

Probiotic yogurt is a type of yogurt that contains live and active bacterial cultures, specifically strains known for their potential health benefits. 

These beneficial bacteria, often referred to as probiotics, are believed to promote a healthy balance of gut microflora and contribute to digestive well-being.

In case you can’t access probiotic yogurt a good alternative is fermented milk, Maziwa Mala/ Maziwa Lala which usually contains probiotics also

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How is it Different from Regular Yogurt?

While both regular and probiotic yogurts start with the same base – milk fermented with bacterial cultures – the key difference lies in the strains of bacteria used. 

Probiotic yogurt contains additional live cultures that are selected for their potential health-promoting properties, whereas regular yogurt may not prioritize such strains

1. Bio-Active Probiotic

Bio-Active Probiotic Yoghurt
Bio-Active Probiotic Yoghurt

The texture is smooth with coarse particles in the drink. Consistency is overly thin, I mean it is advertised as a probiotic drink, thicker than milk but thinner than normal yogurt.

Flavors are alive and kicking blackberry and raspberry a personal favorites as both fruits blend very well in taste profile. The best thing is probably the fact that they use real fruit instead of artificial fruit flavors for their yogurts.

Bio-Active Probiotic Yoghurt is available in the following varieties;  Blackberry & Raspberry, Cucumber & Mint, Yuzu, Apple & Lemon.

Bio-Active Power Probiotic Yoghurt
Bio-Active Power Probiotic Yoghurt

Bio has another variation of probiotic yoghurt; Bio-Active Power. It is a probiotic yogurt drink as well but is packed with more protein, for those who might fancy the high-protein drink,(25g protein), especially gym bros. It comes in different flavors; Nature, Vanilla, and Strawberry

2. Laki Laki Probiotic

Laki Laki Probiotic Yoghurts
Laki Laki Probiotic Yoghurts

Laki Laki Probiotic Yoghurts, just like Bio ones come in bottles and are thin, with a drink consistency. They however don’t come in individual bottles, but bottles stacked in a pack of 5, with 120ml containers.

This can be convenient for those who want a daily shot of probiotic yogurt, and I feel like this is the best packaging style since if you’re getting into the world of probiotic yogurts then consistency is key to seeing any results.

Laki Laki Probiotic yogurts come in 3 flavors: goji-berry fruit, real vanilla, and strawberry

3. Brookside Plus Probiotic

Brookside  Plus Probiotic Yoghurt
Brookside Plus Probiotic Yoghurt

This variant is richer in sugar and denser compared to Bio Probiotic. It aligns with the standard characteristics of regular yogurt, making it nearly indistinguishable when tasted blindfolded. 

If you have a preference for a thicker Probiotic yogurt, this might be the ideal choice. The vanilla flavor includes black specks, providing a slightly textured experience. The texture is smooth but doesn’t match the silkiness of Bio-Active Probiotic, especially concerning consistency.

In terms of its aggressive marketing promising a reduced tummy, it’s important not to fall for such claims. 

A yogurt tub won’t magically trim your stomach. While it may contribute to overall health, any impact on reducing the tummy is minimal and gradual. 

Managing expectations is crucial here to avoid disappointment, there is thin scientific evidence supporting the idea that probiotic yogurt directly leads to a reduction in tummy size, so maybe make it a habit over time to see a slight improvement.


Casually stumbling upon these probiotic yogurts, it’s evident that each brand brings its unique touch to the table. 

Bio-Active Probiotic impresses with its lively flavors and a consistency that strikes a balance between thin and thick. In contrast, Brookside Probiotic caters to those who prefer a thicker yogurt, reminiscent of traditional varieties.

While these reviews are based on personal encounters, taste preferences, and texture inclinations, it’s crucial to note that individual preferences may vary. 

Exploring different probiotic yogurts allows you to find the one that aligns perfectly with your taste buds and desired consistency.

In the end, the scene of probiotic yogurts is diverse, offering options for every palate. So, the next time you’re at your local store, consider picking up one of these common brands and give each a shot.

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