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Review: BEST Boxed Juice Brands in Kenya

Fruit juice, the imposter in the world of fruits. Let’s get one thing straight: it should never be mistaken as a substitute for whole fruit. Sure it may tickle your taste buds from flavor burst but falls short nutritionally, you can’t even get the fiber goodness in real fruit.

But to be fair fruit juices are more refreshing, that is why we buy them in the first place; but do you need to if you have fruits and a juicer at home?

Well tried to make my own orange juice, not only did I spend over KSh 300 for some 7 pcs of imported oranges, woke up neighbors with the juicing noises at 6:30 am on a Saturday morning, only to end up with less than 500ml of juice. That is when I realized that boxed juices are the real deal from a value perspective. Juicing makes sense when the fruits are in season for cheap or free.

So that is why we are here today, explore the common brands and I will share personal opinions on how Ii feel about each of them. Personal rating score is on the basis of value; quality against price compared to the competition.

1. Delmonte

Delmonte Juices; Passion, Mixed Berries, Tropical
Delmonte Juices

Quality Rating: 7.0 of 10

Price per L: KSh 265

So you thought Delmonte was Kenyan? I hate to be the bearer of bad news- it’s not. Delmonte originated from California United States in the 1880s. But obviously, Delmonte Kenya is.

While we might know Delmonte here for fruit juices, elsewhere it specializes in a variety of canned food products especially fruits and vegetables, condiments, canned tuna, and sauces too.

Let’s talk fruit juices. Delmonte is probably the biggest and most renowned brand in Kenya, it offers various juices and blends too in 250ml and 1L boxes. The major juices include; 

Pure Juices

● Mango ●Tropical ●Apple ●Pineapple ●Mixed Berries ●Orange ●Passion ●Peach 

Juice Blends

●Pineapple & Mango ●Passion & Pineapple ●Orange & Pineapple 

Premium Juices

These versions have a yellowish-brown package and are priced slightly higher than the regular they include:

● Gold Pineapple ●Cranberry Apple ●Litchi ●Red Grape


Delmonte Kenya is a subsidiary of the Original Delmonte Pacific and it runs extensive agricultural activities in Kenya and most notably, pineapple plantations in Thika

Still, they have the biggest market share as consumers know Delmonte is a name of quality. Delmonte is everywhere from supermarkets, retail shops, and most notably the juice brand of choice at any club or pub.

The difference between the Gold Pineapple from the regular pineapple is that; the gold pineapple is made from 100% pineapple juice and not from concentrates or fruit pulps

The juice quality kinda tanked over the past few years in my opinion. “They don’t make em like they used to” Considering the price increase, the value offered to the consumer is compromised. 

2. Orchid Valley

Orchid Valley Apple
Orchid Valley Apple

Rating 7.5 of 10

Price per L: KSh 260 and KSh 190

 I mean Orchid Valley is a cool name, I love it. It is a brand by Premier Foods Limited the makers of the famous Peptang sauces and Pep juice cordials

Orchid Valley has two tiers, Premium, and Delight. Premium is more rich and thick while Delight is like a watered-down version of the premium and cheaper

Orchid Valley Premium:

● Mango ● Tropical ●Passion ●Apple ●Orange

Orchid Valley Delight:

● Guava ● Mango ● Tropical ● Orange ● Passion ● Apple

I love Orchid Valley juices but they are so sugary, like why is the Tropical juice so sweet;  sweeter than sugar itself? If you love sugary juices with the diabetes amount, Mango and Tropical got you. 

If you fancy lower sugar, then Apple and Passion are your go-to’s. However, note that Passion gets overwhelmingly acidic from my experience, it might even rip off your tongue if you have a sensitive one

3. Pick N Peel

Pick N Peel Apple
Pick N Peel Apple

Rating: 9.0 of 10

Price per L: KSh 230

Pick N Peel is a Kenyan brand by Kevian Foods, the same manufacturer of the popular Afia fruit juices


● Apple ● Mango ● Tropical Mix ● Orange ● Mango ●White Grape ● Red Grape ● Pineapple ● Passion


Pick N Peel has the best grape flavors I have ever tried especially White Grape, it just hits the spot when chilled. It is mild in flavor and just smooth. Passion is good and so is Orange. I have tried all their fruit juices and they all have been satisfactory this is my go-to brand for the best value.

 It is cheaper than the famous Delmonte and tastes much better and is more accurate to the constituent fruit in my opinion. This is the brand that I would personally recommend.

4. Ceres

Ceres 100% Red Grape
Ceres 100% Red Grape

Rating: 8.5 of 10

Cost per L: KSh 345 or KSh 235

The perfect balance of everything, this would be my favorite and I would prefer it over my mentioned choice Pick N Peel. The only downside is that Ceres is expensive. Makes sense since it is a premium brand, and imported from South Africa.

 100% Fruit Juice

●Cranberry & Kiwi, ● Orange ● Litchi ● Medly of Fruits● Hanepoot White Grape ● Mango ● Seasons Treasures ● Orange


● Mango ● Apple ● Orange ● Apple & Black Currant ●Tropical ● Orange Mango 

Ceres just like Orchid Valley offers two tiers, a premium 100% juice (with no added sugar) and a Delight version that is cheaper and more watered down. 

Available in 1L and 250ml juice boxes, 250ml is limited in fruit variety offering

5. Ocean Spray

Ocean Spray Cranberry Classic
Ocean Spray Cranberry Classic

Rating: 8 of 10

Cost per L: KSh 470

My first impression is why is it ridiculously priced? Well, it is a cranberry juice box; it has a lot of use cases and health benefits. Use it to make supreme cocktails or chug it down your throat to refresh, or drink it to help relieve menstrual cramps for the queens. 

It doesn’t like vanish cramps instantly like poof LMAO, no because cranberries have magnesium, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties, it eases the intensity of cramps over time when consumed regularly, it also helps with managing UTIs by promoting healthy Urinary Track

This Ocean Spray has added sugars, and there is  100% cranberry juice which would be even more expensive, the kicker is; it is even not sold in Kenyan markets.

Taste wise it tastes like what I imagine cranberries would taste like, slightly sweet, tarty, and tangy. Overall it is a refreshing taste with a subtle hint of sourness.

Ocean Spray is an American Brand and is a cooperative society of cranberry growers producing exclusively cranberry products, not limited to juices but extend to sauces and dried berries since 1930

6. Ribena

Ribena Black Currant & Strawberry
Ribena Black Currant & Strawberry

Rating: 7.5 of 10

Cost per L: KSh 250

While Ocean Spray is specializing in cranberries in the US, Ribena is specializing in blackcurrants in the UK. Ribena has the same flavor profile as Ocean Spray, tarty taste with sweet notes; except that Ribena is black currant based and slightly acidic 

Ribena just doesn’t stop at blackcurrants, it also makes blends with the blackcurrant such as; blackcurrant & apple, blackcurrant & peach, and blackcurrant & strawberry. The original Ribena is plain blackcurrant.

Apart from the 3 flavors, it comes in 3 variations; concentrate for diluting with water, ready-to-drink PET, and a ready-to-drink TetraPak. 

I don’t know why sick people are brought Ribena and Lucozade and at this point, I’m too afraid to ask. Well at least for Lucozade it is obvious for an energy boost since it is a glucose drink, but for Ribena?

Well, Ribena is vitamin C rich and tastes better than water for hydrating say sick kids who may find it pleasant. And it is better than caffeinated carbonated fizzy drinks that dehydrate you instead.

7. Just Juicy

Just Juicy Mixed Berries
Just Juicy Mixed Berries

Rating: 6.0 of 10

Cost per L:  KSh 160

This is probably the newest addition to the list, it is a sub-brand of Delmonte Kenya. Judging by examination, I can say it was launched to cater to the budget-conscious consumer or compete with other budget juice boxes.

I would say it is okay-ish for the price, just have reasonable expectations for any 1L box of juice under KSh 200. At least it tastes almost like the fruit(s) drawn on the box. Not a very accurate taste but close enough. Get it in 1L or 250ml boxes

Flavors Include: Mango Mixed Berries Apple Orange and Cocktail

8. Gofrut

Gofrut Juices
Gofrut Juices

Rating: 5.0 of 10

Cost per L: KSh 120

This is the juice box on every campus mini-fridge and for a good reason, very affordable, infact cheap!

In my opinion, It is not juice, it just tastes like juice,( sounds harsh but hear me out) mojito tastes more like toothpaste than a mint drink with a weird aftertaste. Orange tastes like juice cola back in the day if not a de-carbonated Fanta orange. You simply get what you pay for, and keep your expectations at bay.

But seriously, it is okay for most flavors like Apple, Tropical. Also, have you seen the price? Costs less than half of your typical juice box say Delmonte

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