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Review: 5 Main Monster Energy Drink Flavors Globally

One crazy thing about  Monster Energy drinks is their larger serving sizes compared to many other energy drink brands. Their whooping 500ml cans are indeed double the volume of the standard 250ml cans of other energy drinks. 

Monster Energy Variants
 Monster Energy Variants

The extra volume can make you feel quite full, almost like having a small meal due to the sheer amount of liquid you’re downing.

The sweetness and clean taste in Monster Energy drinks often appeal to most, and no doubt that Monster has one of the best flavor profiles in an energy drink; That actually doesn’t taste like medicine.

Powered by high caffeine content and added energy-boosting ingredients also contribute to their popularity among individuals seeking an energy boost.

While  Monster has almost 50 flavors, with the majority being seasonal and limited-time offerings, these 5 are the popular ones that are also consistently available.

1. Monster Energy (Original)

Monster Original Energy
 Monster Original Energy

The best Monster drink, in my opinion, is the Original. It’s super sweet, which is okay because it makes it easier to drink for someone new to the energy drink universe, this would be the perfect choice.

It looks pale green and smells fruity. When you sip it, you first taste the sweetness, and then you feel the bubbles. It’s not thick like Red Bull, which can make your tongue and teeth feel sticky.

It has stuff like taurine, ginseng, guarana, l-carnitine, and caffeine. For a big 500ml can, it’s got 240 calories and a lot of sugar – 55.2g in total. The whole can have as much caffeine as 160g, so they say don’t have more than two cans a day.

This  Monster has a bit of fizz, but it’s not crazy like Red Bull. The taste is awesome, kind of like  Mountain Dew but more interesting.

It’s my favorite  Monster drink, and I’d totally recommend it.

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2. Monster Energy Ultra

Monster Ultra
Monster Ultra

When the Original Monster isn’t available, the sugar-free Monster becomes a top pick for many, including myself.

What I really appreciate about the white Monster Ultra is its lesser sweetness compared to the Original. It’s quite similar to the original version but dialed down on the sweetness, which tastes better.

The taste is similar to  Sprite, and I absolutely enjoy it. But here’s the catch – it’s only great when it’s super cold. At room temperature, it seriously tastes like a lemon-scented cleaning solution.

Its shiny silver appearance gives it a premium feel with embossed and textured details. The key ingredients are zero sugar, L-Carnitine, and Taurine.

The scent is subtle, and the drink has a mild level of carbonation. It looks clear but has a slightly cloudy appearance.

Initially sweet, it leaves quite an intense sweet aftertaste since sweeteners are used and not actual sugar

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3. Monster Mule

Monster Mule
 Monster Mule

The Brown  Monster Mule smells pungent like you would expect from a ginger brew, it’s clear but frosty and tastes exactly like Stoney, (A Ginger Soda), and so does the smell, and also like ginger ale to some degree.

The main ingredients are Taurine, Ginger, L-Carnitine, and B Vitamins

It is carbonated, not overwhelmingly and not overwhelmingly either, it has a sweet aftertaste which is not too distracting

The ginger flavor in this is mild, and the Stoney soda is twice the intensity.

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4. Monster Mango Loco

Monster Mango Loco
 Monster Mango Loco

Once you get used to drinking juiced Monsters, there’s no going back. Mango Loco stands out among  Monster’s non-carbonated and juiced selections, proving to be a highly successful flavor and a fan favorite.

It’s like a caffeinated and a little carbonated mango juice although the mango juice flavor is so light, but it is there. The fizz is normally underwhelming for these kinds of juiced Monsters, to capture that juicy aspect.

Overall it just tastes tropical and a little flat as carbonation is almost non-existent here.

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5. Monster The Doctor

Monster The Doctor
 Monster The Doctor

I really dig  The Doctor Monster Monster drink. It’s like an upgraded Fanta without the weird aftertaste, more like a better version of it. 

It’s definitely got a citrus vibe, though I can’t quite pin down the exact flavor. If you are feeling nostalgic about Fanta Citrus, this is the closest thing

The packaging is super cool, but the taste doesn’t completely win me over, although it’s not bad either. I’m into its citrusy style, and it’s not as overpowering as some other juice flavors, which I like.


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