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Review: 5 Best Premium (Expensive) Chocolate Brands in Kenya

Here are the top five premium chocolate brands that I suggest and recommend, and you can consistently find them all in  Kenya.

While taste is subjective, premium chocolates use premium ingredients and better processing technology resulting in products that are rich, punchy, creamy, and consistent. The purpose of premium chocolates is to taste, not to eat.

Premium  chocolate bars are something else; the cheaper ones don’t stack up by any means. In my experience, a premium chocolate experience starts at just over KSh 700 for a bar; anything below that would be underwhelming for this category.

5. Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher
Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher is so good but pricey. They are the kind of chocolates you get someone as a gift but can’t afford to buy for yourself( if only I had someone to buy for).

Well, I have had the pleasure to treat myself, I just obliterated an entire packet of 16 in one sitting and that moment felt so expensive, as I was supposed to save them and stretch them for as long as possible.

They come wrapped in gold foil because ordinary wrapping simply won’t cut it for us sophisticated folks; they are offered in different pack sizes depending on the number of rochers. Prices in  Kenya are as follows

3 Rocher Pack (T3): KSh 435

16 Rocher Pack(T16): KSh 2,085

24 Rocher Pack(T24): KSh 3,680

30 Rocher Pack(T30):  KSh 3,740

These are the best prices you can find on these, and as always, Carrefour has the best prices

You can tell a single ball costs over 150 KES, which is insanely expensive. While Ferrero Rocher is good, I feel like they are overpriced for the quality, and I prefer the  Lindt  Lindor ones up next.

4. Lindt Lindor

Lindt Lindor Chocolate Balls
 Lindt  Lindor Chocolate Balls

Price: KSh 1,780 (200g) 

Lindt Lindor chocolate is amazing. Just let it melt in your mouth, the entire ball fits in the mouth, and the shell melts, letting the insides ooze out, exploding with flavors! My personal favorites are the dark ones.

Whatever sorcery they make this chocolate with is just plain addictive; you can’t stop eating them. Someone has to stop you. Attempting to save them for later is literally an extreme sport. 

Two minutes later, you’ll be back to grab a ball or two again until you are left with wrappers, an empty box, and an empty feeling.

 Chocolate balls aside,  Lindt also has chocolate bars with different percentages of cocoa content to choose from. The bars are primarily dark chocolates, which according to me are the real chocolates that should exist.

However, there is a white version and a milk version as well, but the dark ones are the ones with different varieties. These bars are 100g and cost around KSh 750 in Carrefour.

Availability for  Lindt  Lindor is good, as they are in almost every Carrefour branch within Nairobi for the lowest price. 

You can find them too at gift shops like Monty’s, but those guys are so expensive, so I wouldn’t recommend them.

3. Toblerone

Toblerone Milk Chocolate
 Toblerone Milk  Chocolate

Price: KSh 480 (100g)

 Toblerone is the chocolate brand that I swear by. It is from Switzerland by Mondelez International. 

This brand has been in existence since 1908, and it has an iconic triangular shape. It is beloved worldwide and in Kenya it is no exception; actually, everyone I asked likes it.

The chocolate has almonds, honey, and nougat, it tastes right and you will love it even if you don’t fancy chocolates with nuts. The milk chocolate is smooth and tasty and the almonds just add the crunch and texture

Since it looks like a weapon and you wondering how to eat it; Push the pieces towards one another to snap them off individually. Or just swallow it whole like a pelican, to inflict mouth damage since you love pain

Unlike most premium brands in this list that are hard to come by,  Toblerone is available in many outlets in the country: Artcaffe Market, Naivas, Nairobi Flowers, and Monty’s  Kenya Toblerone is so good that I will only buy it when truly feeling I deserve it.

2. Greens & Blacks

Green & Blacks Chocolates
Green & Blacks Chocolates

Price: KSh 690 (90g)

This brand has its commitment to using the finest organic ingredients. With a diverse range of flavors, each bar is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. It was founded by a couple in 1991 London, UK.

Taste-wise, Greens & Blacks is intense and richer due to the higher cocoa content and a bitter but enjoyable taste.

It is a chocolate option if you fancy the strong and intense taste. Still, the intensity can be chosen as cocoa content is offered in different percentages, up to 85%

In  Kenya, you can buy Greens & Blacks from Monty’s in Sarit or Emart.

1. Tony’s Chocolonely

Tone's Chocolonely Flavors
Tone’s  Chocolonely

Price: KSh 1,400 (180g)

Tony’s  Chocolonely is not just about great taste; it’s also about morals and responsibility. In short, Tony’s chocolate is slavery and child-labor-free regarding its cocoa production. It is probably the only bar you can enjoy guilt-free.

Tony’s chocolate is unique in a  good way the milk one is my favorite, and it is smoother and silkier than any milk chocolate. The dark chocolate salted pretzel has sea salt crystals, giving a unique flavor.

You will be paying extra for the quality because cocoa farmers are compensated fairly. Personally, I enjoy the taste, but for the price, I expect better quality, but again I understand.

Whether you choose their dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or any of their unique flavor combinations, you’re not only treating yourself but also contributing to a just and sustainable cocoa industry.

 Tony Chocolonely Chocolonely in  Kenya is available at Monty’s Sarit and  Vegan Kenya  

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