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Purple “What The Fanta” Review

This post is an overview of the limited edition Purple Mystery  Fanta in Kenya. It’s got Halloween vibes and an aura, but does it live up to the hype? 

Well, let’s just say, it doesn’t. I despise it’s existence and I’m not sorry, and so does every sensible person I’ve heard opinions from.

Greetings, my fellow cool human, you’re not a robot, are you? Are you? Today I was curious and decided to see the latest concoction from  Fanta, which looks like Eridium, the cocktail from Borderlands 3.

This purple mystery flavor is under #WhatTheFanta. I decided I would dust off my detective skills and get into this.

Initial Expectations

What’s up with this Purple Mystery  Fanta? It’s all Halloween-themed, and you’d expect it to be as mysterious as a witch’s brew, right? Well, my excitement went “poof” pun intended when I first opened the bottle.

Before that, I was pretty sure it was going to be straightforward. I mean, the mystery flavor had to be grape, right? 

We all know  Fanta is all about fruity soda. And what’s the first purple fruit that comes to mind? Well, it can’t be blackcurrant because  Fanta already has a permanent blackcurrant flavor, so if I were betting, I’d put all my chips on grapes.

Reality Hits

What The Fanta

Now cracking open the cap, the aroma is subtle, more artificial than fruity – a bit like bubblegum. The carbonation is on the down-low, and sweetness is in short  supply. If you’re expecting something on the sweet side, you’re in for a  bit of a shock.

My first whiff and brought back memories of the American grape  Fanta. I thought, “Ah, this should be interesting.” But boy, was I in for a surprise.

It doesn’t quite fit the definition of a fizzy soda, nor does it go full-on flat. It’s like it couldn’t decide if it wanted to be the life of the party or just stand in the corner.

Taste & Flavor

Mystery Fanta Purple Kenya

Let’s talk about the taste. According to me, its like someone liquefied those  Big Daddy lollipops, but with a toned-down flavor and sugar.

To be honest, it tastes so mysterious that it’s as if it’s from a parallel universe.  It’s not the grape or blueberry fruity flavor you expect from a purple drink.

If you’ve ever had cream soda, imagine that, but with all the excitement drained out of it. Some taste notes are like a cough syrup, with hints of vanilla.

Yes, it’s bubblegum, alright! I’m sipping on it as I write this, and the aftertaste is just there, lurking in the background.

The aftertaste is so bad and it doesn’t fade away,  In the end, this purple  Fanta tastes like; everything and nothing much at the same time.

Surprisingly, this Purple Mystery  Fanta is a ‘zero sugar’ deal, although  that’s not explicitly mentioned. It relies on artificial sweeteners,  packs a mere 2kcal per glass (with this 500ml bottle giving you two  glasses). 

It’s probably one of the lowest-calorie drinks I’ve ever seen, but it’s also one of the least exciting.


Honestly, this limited-edition Purple Mystery Fanta isn’t the taste bud revelation we were hoping for. It looks great on the color intensity and  appearance, but there’s not much flavor or taste there. 

According to me it’s terrible. I knew it was that bad when I couldn’t bring myself to finish it. Mind you I normally down a 1.25L by myself in one sitting, well, couldn’t do that for this mere 500ml.

In fact  it makes the initial mystery flavor the one; that was blue in color ( that was also terrible) last year taste better.

Purple Fanta Kenya

This soda is just there, its not exciting as it looks to be, its like that 10/10 crush that doesn’t have personality or a sense of humor.

Its just mild in all aspects, I appreciate the almost zero sugar, but the flavor itself is underwhelming, not punchy at all, tastes almost flat.

Now that I’ve told you it tastes like bubblegum, you can’t un-taste that when you finally get your bottle. The aftertaste is even worse than the flavor itself, you’ll need like mouthwash to clear it off, since it sticks on your mouth for hours.

There’s no way anyone I enjoyed this new  Fanta even on a single aspect, but only one way to find out is to grab yourself a bottle.


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