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Pizza Mojo Menu, Restaurant Review and Locations

This is a restaurant review of Pizza Mojo chains, discover the experience you are about to get beforehand,  and the quality of the pizza before deciding if you should really spend your money here.

Pizza Mojo operates inside Big Square restaurants, essentially serving as the pizza arm of the establishment. Customers can seamlessly order items from both eateries and receive a single bill. 

Pizza Mojo
Pizza Mojo


Pizza Mojo is available at every Big Square restaurant across  9 branches in Nairobi, 1 in Eldoret, and 1 in Mombasa including:

  1. CBD – Moi Avenue
  2. CBD – Standard Street
  3. Mombasa Road
  4. Waiyaki Way
  5. Junction Mall
  6. Two Rivers Mall
  7. Wilson Airport
  8. Adlife Plaza
  9. Garden City Mall
  10. Mombasa – Nyali Cinemax
  11. Eldoret – Rupa’s Mall


Rating:  ★★★☆☆(3) (Average)

Pizza Mojo, Garden City

 Pizza Mojo Kitchen

The atmosphere is sensible, leaning towards the positive side. The restaurants feature transparent glass walls, offering ample lighting and views, yet compromising privacy. 

The white-finished tabletops are a nice touch, and the seating is passably comfortable. The furniture arrangement is adequate but not optimal, occasionally leading to cramped spaces, especially since tables are closely positioned in certain areas.  

Given that it’s not a high-end establishment, such aspects are somewhat expected.


Rating: ★★★★☆(4)  (Good)

Waiters and waitresses are okay for the most part, I have visited here multiple times which is why I can say that food doesn’t take painfully long, and if it does you will be told before to expect a slight delay and estimated wait time.

Visiting on a Sunday will make it all chaotic, and you won’t get the same experience as other days, this is because everyone eats out on Sundays so the higher volume of customers degrades the experience.

You will even get a dirty table with food stains on and such a thing, needless to say, the workers are overwhelmed and can’t blame them.


Rating:  ★★★☆☆(3) (Average)

Value generally is all over the place, there are good value menu items some terrible ones, and some normal ones.

Starting with pizza I think it’s a good value for the quality and price, I got two medium ones for KSh 1,900 which translates to KSh 950 each, but you have to order as doubles and choose from different flavors, pizza is good value I would say.

Other things like french fries, onion rings, and ribs are ripoffs and if you really care about your money I wouldn’t advise ordering those. 

The reason is;  fries and onion rings have a bad quality, like bottom barrel quality that is why I don’t recommend those but for the ribs, it’s a price issue as quality is actually good, but not good enough for the money.

Items Ordered: Total KSh 4,840

  •  2x Medium Pizzas
  •  2x Fruit Juices
  •  1x Pork Ribs
  •  1x Onion Rings

Pizza Review

Rating:  ★★★☆☆(3) (Average)

Pizza Mojo
Pizza Mojo

I love the presentation and serving, it comes in a wooden board. The crust is chewy and dense and boring, and toppings are okay I would say surprisingly they are not stingy on cheese, they really put a good amount in there and it glues everything together homogeneously and layers don’t separate on each bite like they would from Pizza Inn pizzas.

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Again, Pizza Mojo has toppings evenly distributed upon the edges, so you just don’t get leftover dough rims with every slice.

The disappointing thing about Pizza Mojo is the dough and crust, it is dense and chewy which is not appreciated, thick and airy is okay as fluffiness is good, if you like a pizza crust that is dense and airy then I’d recommend you check out Papa John’s in Westlands.

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If you favor light and airy crusts then you will be good with Mambo Italia linked just two paragraphs below.

 Pizza Mojo crust is dense and chewy probably because I saw them use a pizza dough press, places with better pizza will favor hand-tossing, plus it adds air bubbles to the crust which are pleasant, again Mambo Italia is a good example of this.

As expected, this is not an artisan pizza establishment, thus the choice of oven. It is an electrical one with a conveyor belt, pizza enters one end and comes off the other fully cooked.

Pizza Oven
Pizza Oven

Artisan pizza places like Pomodoro in Village Market, 360 Degrees, and Mambo Italia use a wood-fired oven which is why their pizzas have a char, which is the traditional Italian way of preparing pizza, unlike the fast food chain way.

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Pork Ribs

Rating: ★★★★☆(4)  (Good)

Pricing: $$$(Expensive) KSh 2,200

Pork Ribs
Pork Ribs

Paying over 2,000 for just 4 pieces of ribs feels like a ripoff to me. The sight of just two leaves as garnish is almost comical, though I  appreciate the gesture. 

Overall, the ribs are decent but grossly overpriced, offering poor value for money. For better quality and value, I’d recommend going to a local Pork Centre instead. 

While Big Square’s ribs boast good flavor, their spongy texture doesn’t quite hit the mark for me. I prefer ribs with a crispy exterior, and these simply don’t deliver. 

Frankly, they don’t feel particularly special, merely slathered with a generic BBQ sauce. In fact, I overheard a nearby customer expressing disappointment to the waiter about the ribs, even leaving them unfinished. 

Opting for beef ribs didn’t seem to improve the experience either. For a superior and more satisfying option, consider heading to a Choma Zone, where you’ll likely get more for your money and tastier ribs.

Onion Rings

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆(1)  (Mediocre)

Pricing: $-$$(KSh 370)

Onion Rings
Onion Rings

In my previous review, I criticized the fries for being a monstrosity, so in this review, I opted for something similar to see if Big Square could redeem itself. 

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However, it seems Big Square shot itself in the foot again but this time with its onion rings.

These onion rings are dreadful in every conceivable aspect. Even at first glance, I could tell they were a disappointment. The batter appeared to be falling off, which was a clear warning sign. 

Upon taking a bite, it became evident that the crust was too delicate, causing the coating to come off with each piece. In terms of taste and texture, they leave much to be desired. If forced to choose the worst aspect, it would undoubtedly be the texture. 

The remaining coating is crunchy, tasteless, and hard, creating a stark contrast with the soft and soggy insides of the onion.

Spending 390 bob on these onion rings, that is money  I will never get back. They are a complete failure and perhaps should be given out for free. 

Big Square should consider emulating Burger King, as they undoubtedly offer the best onion rings I’ve ever had. In fact, they’re the reason I stop by a Burger King location.

With both the fries and now the onion rings being disappointing, it’s clear that Big Square’s frying division needs a major overhaul. This aspect significantly impacts the overall reputation of the restaurant. 

In case there’s any executive from Big Square reading this, please do something.

Fruit Juice

Rating:  ★★★☆☆(3) (Average)

Passion Juice | Big Square
Passion Juice | Big Square

I opted for the passion juice, a personal favorite of mine. While the juice was decent overall, it didn’t quite have the punchy acidity characteristic of true passion fruit juice. It seemed somewhat muted in flavor for some reason. 

Nonetheless, priced at under KSh 400 for a generous serving, I found it to be a reasonable deal. Additionally, the menu offers various other fruit juices to choose from.

 Pizza Mojo Menu & Prices

Pizza Mojo Menu
Pizza Mojo Menu
Pizza Mojo Menu, Prices, Types
Pizza Mojo Menu

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