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Pete’s Cafe Nairobi: Coffee Review

This article offers an evaluation and review of Pete’s Cafe located in Nairobi’s  CBD, specifically situated along Koinange Street. 

Pete's Cafe

Although the café boasts an expansive menu, this review will primarily focus on its coffee offerings. It’s a common sentiment to advise against ordering food at any coffee shop, including Pete’s, as it tends to be underwhelming or not as fresh.

Pete’s Cafe Outlets

  1. Pete’s Cafe-Koinange Street (
  1.  Nairobi (CBD)
  2. Pete’s Cafe-Moonvalley (Kileleshwa)
  3. Pete’s Cafe- Bishop Magua (Ngong Rd)
  4. Pete’s Cafe- The Arch Place (Kilimani)
  5. Pete’s Cafe- Thika

Double Latte Review

Pete's Cafe
Pete’s Cafe

Let’s talk coffee. Coffee is normally tricky to perfect.  At Pete’s Cafe, they’ve almost mastered the art of the double latte. 

Unlike other establishments where coffee can often taste bitter (we’re looking at you, Java House), Pete’s serves up a creamy,  rich latte that will delight your taste buds. 

While the coffee intensity might not knock your socks off, (it’s actually underwhelming); this latte’s milky goodness is unparalleled. But again I feel like anyone who orders a latte wouldn’t care more about the intensity

It’s perfect for those who prefer a milder brew. Plus, the generous serving size and quality mug elevate the experience to new heights. 

Double Latte | Pete’s Cafe

Bottom line I wouldn’t say this double latte is the best, it just shines in specific aspects like milkiness, creaminess, and frothiness but again lacks in the coffee intensity and aroma departments


Pete's Cafe Nairobi CBD

Step into Pete’s Cafe, and you’ll immediately notice the difference.  Unlike the crowded chaos of mainstream cafes like

 Java House and  Artcaffe, Pete’s offers a tranquil oasis where you can enjoy your coffee in peace. 

The lack of noise and murmurs makes it an ideal spot for meetings or simply unwinding with a good book. 

However, beware of the uncomfortable seating, especially the cursed metal backrests that will hurt your back in seconds. 

The general ambiance is just average the only thing that is not the low effort is the ceiling lights, they stand out

Koinange Street
Koinange Street

Again, the location more than makes up for it, with plenty of seating options and stunning views of Koinange Street.


Service at Pete’s Cafe is average for a coffee shop. 

While it may not reach the heights of Artcaffe, it certainly outshines the

 Java House experience. 

With attentive staff and a laid-back atmosphere, you’ll feel right at home when you walk in, just casual the way I like it.

Plus, since Pete’s is often less busy than other cafes, you can expect prompt service without the long waits.

Thoughts on Pete’s Cafe?

With its reasonably priced beverages, okay service, and casual atmosphere, Pete’s Cafe earns a solid 3.5-star rating in my book. 

It falls somewhere in the middle—not exceptional, but not disappointing either. It’s decent enough to warrant a return visit, I’d say.

Although Pete’s may not surpass Artcaffe in terms of service quality, it certainly shines where it matters most – in the coffee itself. 

So, the next time you find yourself in

 Nairobi, bypass the usual chains and opt for Pete’s Cafe instead. Not only will you enjoy a unique coffee experience, but you’ll also be supporting an upcoming small business.

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