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Java House 2024 Menu+Prices, Review, and Photos

This is a review of Java House which is a chain of cafes throughout Nairobi and other major cities. It is by far the most mainstream and established coffee shop. At least every neighborhood and mall has a location.

Java is not just a cafe, but a restaurant cafe; as it also offers a diverse menu for everything from breakfast, brunch, and lunch to dinner. This makes it more relevant and it is always packed at all times

 Java House [Facebook: @javahouseafrica]

A Summary of Java House Ratings

All aspects of Java House will be rated individually and a final score will be the average of everything.

Ambiance Score: ★★★☆☆(3)

Value Rating: ★★★★★(5)

Food Rating:  ★★★★☆(4)                              

Service Score: ★☆☆☆☆(1)

📍Java House Locations

Nairobi CBD: ●Mama Ngina,  ●Uniafric, ●Kimathi Street,  ●Standard Street,  ●Monrovia Street, ●Embassy House,  ●Phoenix,  

Malls: ●Two Rivers, ●TRM,  ●Garden City, ●Green Span,  ●South Field, ●Airport View, ●Capital  Centre,  ●ABC Place,  ●Ciata, ●Galleria, ●Junction Mall, ●Prestige  Plaza,  ●Rosslyn Riviera, ●Westlands Square, ●Highway Mall,  

Places & Neighborhoods: ●JKIA,  ●South C,  ●Lunga Lunga,  ●Mbaghathi Way, ●Waiyaki Way,  ●Agha Khan Dr,  ●Adams Arcade,  ●Yaya Centre,  ●Parklands Rd, ●Gigiri, ●Hurlingham,  ●Karen, ●Reinsurance Plaza, ●KMA, ●Lavington,  ●Lenana Rd,  ●Valley  Arcade,  ●Nairobi Hospital, ●MP Shah,  ●Shell Kilimani,  ●Gertrudes  Muthaiga,  ●Kileleshwa, ●Orbit Place

Pricing & Value

Rating: ★★★★★(5)

Pricing: $-$$, Affordable.

You can have a decent meal and get full with a budget of under KSh 1,000, which is a good value seriously, I couldn’t find one overpriced thing, thus the 5-star here

Food quality is okay and so are the portions. Don’t get me wrong portions are not by far the most generous, but they are decent to at least make you feel like you ingested something.

Menu & Dishes

Rating: ★★★★☆(4)

Check Java House Menu (PDF)

Java House Menu | Beverages
Java House Menu
Java House Menu
Java House Menu
Java House Menu

 Java House food game is just good enough and better than most average cafes of its class. Their food is consistent at different times and branches, like you know what to expect and the flavor profiles are balanced.

Now coffee is the main reason why Java exists, I’m not a coffee snob but I find it good enough; it tastes like coffee. This didn’t stop me from making a post on 10+ Common Types of Coffee Drinks: Know Your Coffee

Americano | Java House TRM
Americano | Java House TRM

You will get most of the coffee drinks discussed in that post at  Java House and get even more customization. Lemme stop talking about coffee before I embarrass myself further

The breakfast menu is good and big enough with decent options from bakery to hot beverages and any sides you would like

Drinks are good and I would recommend most milkshakes, especially salted caramel, and fruit juices tho are not that good.

Burgers are well done; you don’t get the luxury of choosing the doneness level if you care for that

Java House Samosa
 Java House Samosa

Their giant samosas are pretty average and probably one of the iconic things about Java House. You choose between beef and chicken.

On the giant samosas, yes they are big but they are hyped for the size, they don’t taste that outstanding, just okay; they are however kickier upon a squeeze of a lemon wedge.

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Loaded Fries | Java House Garden City
Loaded Fries | Java House

Their to-go ice creams are okay and the cookies are excellent, so good almost as good as the Subway ones.

Java House Cookies | Chocolate Chip
 Java House Cookies | Chocolate Chip
Java House Ruby Berry Cake
Java House Ruby Berry Cake

Cake slices are good, but they lack variety, good thing they are on sale most of the time; buy one get one free type of thing. 

They are creamy and moist, probably better than any cake slices you will ever get from a supermarket bakery section

Cinnamon Roll | Java House
Cinnamon Roll

Ambiance & Atmosphere

Rating: ★★★☆☆(3)

The atmosphere is lacking and almost non-existent, particularly in the older branches located in the Nairobi CBD. They are just beat up and have seen better days.

On the other hand, the newer branches boast a contemporary and appealing design. However, there’s a consistent overcrowding which takes away from the overall ambiance.

The furniture quality is just average and outdated. While it’s suitable for gatherings, the seating arrangements feel cramped and the entire vibe is just overhearing other people’s conversation especially since overcrowding is inevitable.


Rating: ★☆☆☆☆(1)

Probably one of the worst services every time, regardless of the branch. Starting with the insane wait time, and waitresses with a touch of attitude,  Java House is really nailing it in subpar service offerings and disappointments.

Expect average service at bestif fate smiles on you). I can sum it up as get a seat and you will wait up to 10 minutes before a waitress ” notices” your existence and approaches you to take your order, and you will have to wait up to 30 minutes to have your order ready.  Java House is the last place you should visit if you’re really starving

Also, they have preferential treatment; since some people( especially whites ) will come later and get attended to while you wait there patiently like a dog. 

Maybe it is just company policy to profile customers or just a waitress’ thing because foreigners are accustomed to tipping them so I understand why that is so

Wi-Fi is available at most branches but kind of unusable especially at peak hours and charging outlets are limited, but seriously why would you use public WiFi?

In conclusion, I would say  Java House service is really wanting, crippled infact. Probably one of the worst in modern civilization, from everything moving at a pace slower than a sloth, garnished with waitresses who act like they are doing you a favor by serving you.

UPDATE: ( Feb, 24)  Java House service has slightly improved over the past months, still wait time is unreasonable, but at least they care to collect feedback, and the waitresses insist on it, (meaning you will be served better prior so that you give a good feedback) which is so unlike the classic Java House experience.

I’ll be back to update the rating when I truly feel like they have improved

Receipt | Java House Kimathi Street

Final Thoughts

Rating: ★★★☆☆(3)

The final score fates  Java House as an average restaurant cafe. Just like all restaurants, there isn’t a perfect one, it is normally a pull between the good and the bad

Summing up the experience, the food is average to okay, the value leaves wallet content, and the menu has a wide variety. 

The ambiance, however, seems to have missed a step, residing in the realm of ‘just  okay.’ Now, when it comes to service, well, let’s just say it deserves an encore in improvement and serious help

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