Instagram Worthy Avocado Rose: Step-by-Step Guide

17 April 2023|Global Cuisine

Best time to plant avocado tree was years ago, the second best time is today. Lets talk Avocado Rose! 

Avocado rose also avocado flower, or avocado twist is thinly sliced ripe avocado slices that are then curled to resemble a rose flower. Mostly used for decoration purposes and topping avocado toast,or salads. Also, if you want to make your plain avocado pretty, this is the way.

Lets get into it,kindly note it takes practice to master this art if you end up making guacamole its perfectly fine tbh lol

Avocado Rose,Avocado Flower

What is required

A chopping board or a flat surface

A sharp knife

Ripe avocado(s)

Soft Spatula

Vinegar or lemon juice

Optional: salt, pepper, and garnishes


  1. Wash your avocado with running water and dry it with a kitchen towel
  2. Cut it into halves,lengthwise and remove the pit 
  3. Lay your slices with the cut surface facing down.Using a knife slice the skin on the middle part off( careful not to slice the flesh with it). Once successful  remove the remaining skin layer with your hands.
  4. With avocado in the same position as before, cut off the curved ends.
  5. Slice through thinly whilst pressing the avocado gently against the knife.This helps with even cuts and sticking 
  6. Extend the thinly cut avocado slices using your palm and fingers of the other hand to form a continuous rope like 
  7. One step 6 is achieved, use the start end and curl it to a circle (inwards) and proceed till the entire length is curled onto itself.
  8. Now fan out the ‘petals’ and done, salt and pepper it if desired.Garnishes of your choice are welcome too!


(a) Perfect Avocado Ripeness: The hardest part of this entire task is finding the sweet spot ripeness. Found the good level to be where the avocado is squishy and dents when pressed. Refrigerate further to prevent over ripening for like 2 to 3 days before use.

Over-ripe avocados are hard to slice and curl as they are mushy and disintegrate, meanwhile under ripe avocados will be difficult to peel and curl as they are extra firm and plasticky. A medium ripe avocado is the perfect balance and your knife will go easy!

If you realize your avocado is too ripe,just make guacamole instead lol. If your avocado is under ripe just brush the exposed flesh with fresh lemon juice or vinegar to prevent oxidation,then twist back together wrap it and place it in a warm place. Check after a day or two.

(b) Peeling: Choice of avocado ripeness relates to ease of peeling. Careful peeling required so as not to disintegrate the flesh

(c) Slicing: Always use a sharp knife to achieve thin and even slices. A chef’s knife or a pairing knife does it good, just don’t use a serrated knife for this

(d) Curling: The slices should be stacked together like dominos,but on the side, spread out but continuous to prevent the falling out.

(e) Placement: Place on your salad or toast.Add a dash of lemon juice or vinegar to prevent the browning out(oxidation). Use a spatula to scoop your avocado rose from beneath, or hold it firmly but gently by the sides.

You can do the same for other fruits like mangoes, strawberries and even cucumber

Avocado Rose on Salad
Avocado Rose on Salad
Avocado Rose on Toast
Avocado Rose on Toast

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