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Grocery Guide: The 4 Best Sorghum (Wimbi) Flour Brands in Kenya

Sorghum, or wimbi as it’s known in Kenya, is a nutritious and versatile grain that has been a staple in Kenyan kitchens for generations. Packed with protein, fiber, and essential minerals, it’s a healthy option for various dishes. Long before maize was introduced to East Africa in the 16th century, wimbi was the go-to grain for many. Whether you’re making porridge or ugali, the following are brands you should consider ranked as the best

4. Blue Band

Price: KSh 310

Blue Band Pure Wimbi
Blue Band Pure Wimbi

Before you ask, no, it doesn’t contain Blue Band margarine. Historically, margarine, especially Blue Band, has been the preferred topping for any cup of porridge. Pair that with substituting milk for a portion of water and squeezing a fresh lemon on top, and you have the best-tasting uji around.

So if Blue Band margarine makes porridge better, why are they at the bottom of the list? First, they don’t produce the flour themselves—it’s just branded for them. While that shouldn’t be an issue, the problem is that their flour results in porridge that is dark and unappealing in color doesn’t taste that rich, and is overpriced for what it is (costs double the average price)

Their selling point is probably the high amount of fortifications added to their flour compared to others, boasting 10 vitamins and 5 minerals. Still, this doesn’t sell it for me. Unlike other flours on the list, this is not pure wimbi but a composite flour, meaning it contains sorghum, millet, and maize all milled together.

Blue Band wimbi flour isn’t bad by any means; it’s just that there are better options for the money.

3. Famila

Famila Pure Wimbi
Famila Pure Wimbi

Price: KSh 160

Famila is undoubtedly the most popular brand of wimbi flour in Kenya, produced by Unga Limited, the makers of Jogoo, EXE, and Hostess brands.

The flour comes in three variations: Pure Wimbi, Ujimix (Sour), and Infant Porridge (for babies around 6 months old).

Famila is decent, but it has consistency issues, so you’ll often get varying textures. The price is reasonable for what it is, and if you’re lucky enough to get a good batch, you’ll love it, but there are better options on the list for even less money.

2. Pembe

Pembe Pure Wimbi
Pembe Pure Wimbi

Price: KSh 144

Pembe is like an upgraded version of Famila but at a lower price. It also offers a sour version if that’s your preference. The texture is good, and the resulting uji is quite decent.

The only downside to Pembe wimbi flour is that it’s not commonly available in many regions. So, if you happen to spot it, be sure to give it a try!

1. Soko

Soko Pure Wimbi
Famila Pure Wimbi

Price: KSh 140

Soko is hands down the best porridge/uji flour brand in Kenya, known for its consistency and rich wimbi taste.

This wholesome porridge is perfect for the whole family, offering an original flavor that’s both delicious and nutritious. It is rich in calcium for bone and teeth development and packed with essential nutrients, including 7 vitamins, 2 minerals, and calcium.

Made from 100% traditional finger millet, Soko is also the most affordable option on the list. They offer a sour version as well, which blends maize and sorghum with a souring agent.

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